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  1. ~Nadz~

    Iftaris of the world, Unite!

    ooooh I love haleem, especially my moms.
  2. ~Nadz~

    Ramadan 2013 - let the prep begin

    Ive also started fasting and I had a massive headache for half of my first fast, but the few after that get easier on the body I think. along with fasting, we need to make the most out of our fasts, like reading extra quran during the day, longer sujood and duas etc. our worship should ideally increase this month and be higher in quality, but I run out of steam by the afternoon, especially if Im extra busy in the morning. Any suggestions for getting the most out of a day of fasting?
  3. ~Nadz~

    Some Muslims are so...

    People like that forget that character is a big part of our deen.
  4. Help! Please link for me any online hijab stores you have purchased from that you like. I need a quick running list if possible, thanks!

    1. Somnambulism


      Austere Attire. Don't ask.

    2. Coach



  5. ~Nadz~


    Texas Dawah Convention is back this year! (in a slightly different form) http://convention.mashouston.org/
  6. Haha okay, just curious. :)

  7. I couldn't help myself! There was a great deal of happiness that had to be expressed!

  8. What's the second hooray for??

  9. Hooray! Happy Birthday!

  10. I usually confide in people who are very close to me, like family and maybe one or two friends. If I've ever regretted it, it's because I thought of an implication of confiding in that person later. But it's an afterthought and more of a "what if" than an actual regret I think.
  11. I'm feeling better now, alhumdulillah, thanks. :) Fortunately, to put it in the least graphic way, the offending agent was out in 6 hrs. :P

  12. ~Nadz~


    Haha yeah, Texans are apparently divided on Dallas.