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  1. First Sem - Data Managment - Calc & Vectors - Spare - Spare - Food Nutrition, and Science Second - Bio - Spare - Spare - Sociology, Anthropology - Chemistry
  2. lol, you're only going to find a handful of Muslims in highschool anyway. Atleast mine. We have quite a few Muslims but only 4-5 that are practicing. Finding Prayer space shouldnt be that difficult. I pray in the office. I talked to my Religion teacher about actually setting up a room, however i doubt that will happen. . My ups for next year- - I know almost everyone in my classes - I have lunch with some friends (new shwarama place just opened next to the school) - Awsome sched Downs - I have morning classes - My laptop battery is dead, i'll be running on my ipad most of the year which will suck. - Muslim friends are socially incapable - Grade 12, no more slacking
  3. ...Ive never seen a fat Japan-ize person...ever.
  4. Any hardcore-nutritionists here? I dont wanna pay like 50 bucks for a nutritionist I need help gaining making a diet that will help me gain mass.. Im currently at 155 pounds, i want to gain 30 pounds of mass by summer. I can lift decent amount of weight heres a sample of my main Bench 5 reps of 135 Dead Lift 6 Reps of 205 Curl 5 reps of 35 squat 6 reps of 135 Tricep pull down 5 reps of 140 My only problem is next semester i have Co-Op in the morning at the hospital, and i leave home around 6:00 to catch the city bus so i will barely have time for breakfast (not a morning person, at all). I have a good workout structure already planned, its just that when it comes to diet.....I suck. Im willing to buy supplements (already have whey protein) and such. Need help.. Help a muslim brother out...Cmonn.
  5. 13 minutes ago

    Salam. السلام عليكم


    Happy B'Day!


    Ramadan Mubarak !مبارك عليكم الشهر

  6. i dunno its in my blood to hate them
  7. Salaam. Over the past months I've started to have problems focusing during prayer, whether it would be me thinking of what i will do after prayer, or thinking about up and coming events (ect. ect.) I constantly loose focus during Tarawee. I need advice on how to help me focus during prayer.
  8. Oz-man


    I agree fedor all the way.
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