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  1. 3 types of people in this world: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those who don't know what's happening.

  2. So I decided to give coconut water a 2nd chance and I still don't like it D;

  3. One study is not conclusive. I want a collection of studies that shows tiny amounts doing damage immediately. It seems you do not understand the nature of sugar. How can honey be an alternative to sugar if it is sugar itself? Honey does provide some nutrients you don’t find in refined sugar, such as B vitamins, but in very small amounts so you shouldn't think of it as an alternative It's got nothing to do with it being natural or unnatural. THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING because of their molecules. Refined sugar just reaches the liver quicker and the EXCESS fructose is turned into FAT quicker if the ENERGY is not used hence it accumulates and leads to obesity etc overtime. Quite a few people don't have a problem with this because they are really active and their bodies use the sugar. Like Haku said please look up about fructose and other sugars and it's interaction with diet and exercise and calories
  4. lol where do I fit in this coffee section to claim that you're over thinking? I came in sugar part I don't think anyone is attacking you, just pointing you to the right direction on where to look I'm sorry if you feel that way so forgive me As I said before all of the studies I've read regarding sugar were about the long term effects of excess sugar which is obesity, diabetes and liver damage. I don't think there are even collective non isolated studies of sugar negatively impacting your body when taken in small of amounts. If there is can you show me please? If you think about it, if sugar really did have an immediate affect after eating a tiny amount then that must mean there was excess sugar inside your body to begin with P.S talking refined sugar
  5. It's not about how quick, it's about let's look at the facts and the information we have at hand and not to over look them. My definition of over thinking is when someone thinks so hard they miss a few details, it's got nothing to do with inability of anything, just look a bit closer at all info and put it all together. There are guidelines in Islam, we look at what makes something Halal and what makes something Haram for anything we come across, we look if it fits in either description if you're not entirely sure then avoid it since it has become a grey area for you
  6. Where you can not think clearly like you would without the substance in your system. You do know write that there were views of 'Umar where Allah revealed revelations right? and his view on Khamr was a part of it. Not to come to prayer mind-boggled - Surah Nisa, verse 43 Prohibition of wine - Surah Baqarah, verse 219
  7. It's the befogging the mind statement of not thinking clearly when he said "khamr is that which befogs the mind"
  8. The problem doesn't lie in definitions, 'Umar ibn Al Khattab gave us the definition of khamr since he wanted it to be haram in the first place!. You can't compare confirmed definitions with unconfirmed definitions. The problem lies when people over think things.
  9. Since this stemmed from smoking I would just like to clarify that food and smoking are not the same/comparable because generally food is permissible. So long as food has benefits or pleasure without it being harmful to the body or mind it's permissible. Can that be said about smoking? Nope. So I don't even know how you can not see a difference Doesn't matter what you call it, blue sugar, purple sugar ALL sugar be it fruit or refined are made up of either fructose, sucrose or glucose. So for you to say it's not part of food/consumption doesn't really make any sense. One of the purpose of sugar is to give energy. So it's consumed. Only difference between refined and natural sugar is that refined hasn't got no fiber or vitamins etc but they both do the same thing!!! As for the statement glucose, fructose and sucrose is not haram to us in small quantities. I think you're getting the alcohol Hadith mixed up then re wording it to a whole different meaning coz no statement like that exists in any Hadith or Quran unless you could point it out to me where. This is the original - "What intoxicates in large quantities, a little of it is haram." All of the studies I've read talk about the long term effects of excess sugar which is obesity, diabetes and liver damage. Can you show me collective non isolated studies of sugar negatively impacting your body when taken in small of amounts? If sugar has an immediate affect that must mean you had excess sugar inside your body to begin with! You can't have a sugar free diet ever since it's a carbohydrate and the bulk of a human beings meal should be carbohydrates. The Prophet Muhammed (Salallahu 3alayhi Wa Sallam) liked sweets and honey.... You are over thinking. Don't be like those who were asked to sacrifice a cow and then asked in return what cow. Like I said before so long as food has benefits or pleasure without it being harmful to the body or mind it's permissible but many times in the Qu'ran and Hadith we're are told TO EAT AND DRINK but not in excess Anyways this is trivial so won't be commenting any further, the guidelines are clear in Islam just don't misunderstand it
  10. I didn't say our I mean it being edible, isn't it in large quantities that it can be harmful to your body? Like a burger for example, if eaten in large quantities it can do damage to your body, like with food it becomes harmful in excess if that makes sense
  11. Since it's part of consumption isn't it only in excess that it's harmful? or are you talking something more deeper?
  12. Yeah venomystic 100%, it's been said that our body has rights over us and that we look after it and maintain it. Whatever leads to haram, becomes haram in and of itself. In the famous Hadith in Nawawi #32 The Prophet (Salallahu 3alayhi Wa Sallam) said "There is no harm or causing of harm".
  13. Found this Bleach guide because it got annoying with pointless episodes Guide to watching Bleach without the pointless filler: Main Arc 1: Soul Society Arc Watch episodes 1-32 Skip 33 Pick up at 34-49 Skip 50 Pick up at 51-63 Skip Bount Filler Arc Main Arc 2: Hueco Mundo Arc Pick up at 110-127 Skip 128-137 Pick up at 138-167 Skip Captain Shūsuke Amagai Filler Arc Pick up at 190-203 Skip 204 & 205 Pick at up 206-212 Skip 213 & 214 Main Arc 3: Fake Karakura Town arc Pick up at 215-226 Skip 227- Skip Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tales Filler Arcs Pick up at 267-286 Skip 287 Pick up at 288-297 Skip 298-299 Pick up at 300-302 Skip 303-305 Pick up 306-310 Skip 311-341? Main Arc 4: Substitute Soul Reaper Disappearance Pick up at 342-354 Skip 355 Pick up at 356 FINISH THE SERIES AT 366 For those who want to switch to the manga after this Manga Switch - Chapter 480-???
  14. Has worst fillers than Naruto, got people confused
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