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    hot n' fly desi chicks, cars, n basketball...o ye and BHANGRA!BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!
  1. lol.... pujabi prince... who made U the prince then??

  2. omg i forgot to change tht, i made this profile when i was in gr 8, gimme a break...thnx a lot, i thought i cud share ma feelings with u ppl, only some ppl i guess.
  3. jus lookin for a place to right...if u dun mind ----------------------------------------------------------- here i am typing away, trying to find out feelings in the form of something i can say, it's like romeo and juliet, but even shakespeare cant right this play, ma heart is too difficult to understand, its as elasticky as a rubber band, yet as soft as the whitest sand, and as powerful as an iron man, and yet, when a step of her is taken, ma heart fails and comes back, when i'm not with her, ma nerves cant reach the bones in ma back, i don't know why, ma body is messed, energy is what i lack, it's like a thousand arrows are being targetted at me as the attack, and i stand there thinking im dodging these sticks, trying to look for the right one, so many but a few special picks, thinking i've found the one, looking at it realizing i'm done, cause the stick was not what it had seemed to be, it was just like the rest of the water drops in the sea, this whole time i was struggling to grab this chance, thinking with it, ma life will change, it will inhance, and when i will get it, it can save myself from the devil's dance, but it's deception has lead me into a mesmerizing trance, and while i was concentrated on the arrow, i was free, to any other problem coming straight at me, in the form of another arrow, leading me to this great sorrow, looking for light's guidance, now will you lend me some that i can borrow? i need a hug! ...gurls are mean!
  4. wow, mashallah, well done brother
  5. zan da man

    Sal vs. rzmdy

    i rap...and i can do it on the spot, u can ask mems, y u want a challenge?
  6. rubba man, spit already guy,....this is so lame,...ur pissin me off.!
  7. lol true brotha, thas where u can tell the difference between true thugs...jk...but when i feel intelectually inspired i speak with a different tone...lol
  8. lol no i definitely know what ur talking bout B, jus that u dun have to worry bout momo having flow...dis kid and me freestyle all day...he went for 20 min today lol...ain tht righ momo......but jus do it for fun...freestyles r getting boring again...
  9. zan da man

    Sal vs. rzmdy

    wowrzmdy, stop suckering out on the challenge...who cares about your dignity...its on a frickin website...what dignity do you have...not a lot of people know you anyways...i think your scared...stop being a fun-sucker...Sal is jus trying to spice the freestyles up...like old days...ppl like you ruin fun...
  10. text it...screw dis audio touch...audio is all u can do rubba..i wanna c some gud lines not gud flow....
  11. sal, gimme a break, u knw momo has done crazy b4, dun forget the battle u had wit him...and look at what happens when he came back, more excitement now...lol...
  12. ahaha, ight... ayo, speaking bout Ali Baba, never, feeling a lot stronger then ever, staggin up somethin clever, leave ma people in aww... except mems cant pick up his jaw, like he jus saw pam anderson w/out a bra, cause this paki thinks that ma pimpin is breaking the law, then hell man, i know gurls, like you know connections in LAN, not jus brown, but white, black, yellow and tanned, coming to me for advice, singin Nas, "i know i can" me denying you, you going emo, and bombing Iran, you and your terrorist ways, endangering how this playa plays, come apologizing and says,"Ali Baba you have outnumbered ma days" reaching for a high five down low,me slipping back sayin u still to slow, now stop ruining ma show, so get back to work as Halton's hoe... momo, u knw i did this one fast, i wanna keep this forum alive, even if i have tocreate gay rhymes...lol...bounce back homie
  13. haven't scratched the surface of this website, it's like i got this ultimate freezer bite, not visiting the good people who have crazy things to write, well i am sorry i was gone but i have torched my light, and as i rise i defend what is true in dis world, learning that it consists more then jus my gurl, well i am a bird in flight, checkin the sight, becoming unpredictable with deeds like a kite, praying i can be right there on the side of sal, paying a visit to my devastating red beastly pal, reaching for a sword but instead catching the to-do list, crunching it in my hand with a mighty fist, saying damn sal, didn't you already learn, didnt you already feel the pain from the first burn? sal agreein and giving me the staff which is as white as a fern, i look at sal hit him, and tell him "sorry bud, but it's my turn" turn around while he stay laying, and the rest of the people praying, lookin at the world for what it is displaying, think about warning from New York to Jordan, singin like bob sinclair, world hold on...
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