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  1. lol, I'm guessing u meant the email notifying u about these comments. Boy am I slow.

  2. I'm confused. What email are u talking about? Aww, I miss u too! :D Hope u had an awesome day. :D

  3. thank you !!! i got an e mail from mm and i was wondering what it was for ahah.. aww but thanks a lot ! =D

  4. thank you sweetie ! i was wondering what the e mail i got from mm meant =P

    i miss you, thanks so much ! <3

  5. Happy Birthday :)))

  6. I'm on chapter 3... I'm scared to know what happens! =( This story is longggg
  7. AHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHA Woww. Talk about the opposite of what I was expecting
  8. Umm.. theres this one guy in my school... who does.. well somewhat something like that.. But he wears Uggs, has a TNA jacket, puts on nailpolish.......... This is a conversation my friend and him had once: Him: Omgg, I can't fit into the Abercrombie & Fitch shirts anymore! Friend: Why not? Him: I think my shoulders are too big... Friend: Well, what section were you shopping in? Him: The girls' Yeah.. dot dot dot. MAYBE THATS WHY IT DOESN'T FIT YOUR SHOULDERS! *My friend walks into Aritzia to go shopping.* -------> If you don't know, Aritzia is an all-girls store where the clothes are just for girls *Walks into the girls change room. Sees him coming out of the change room* Friend: ....................Double- You Tee Eff. What are you doing here?! Gahh.. How disturbing............... =(
  9. Mira

    Analyzing MMers

    LOL!! This made me laugh. Yeah Freelancer scares everyone, eh? I think he aims to be the "scary, mysterious dude on MM" Pfftt nice try little Freelancey I may be the only one NOT scared of him? muahahahahah
  10. I have nooooooo idea what you're talking about.. Nothing of the sort happens for me =/ And when you say "scary white lady", is she literally scary? Like.. a pop-up of that girl from The Ring, or is she just "scary" cuz she's not letting you come onto the MM website? double =/
  11. I haven't seen it in soooooo long... I saw teh first episode it was so funny.. then it started to get weird.. and I stopped. But I heard its really funny again. The main guy was my career teacher's cousin LOL
  12. ^Aww jaano, how do you survive that?!!? =P And I thought pregnant ladies craved chocolate...?
  13. Ahhhh I'm so sad =( I really liked him he was such an amazing actor! He was my Casanova....... =( LOL kidding, but still.. gahh MEHREENI HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW HE EXISTED?!?!?! =O
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