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  1. I hate the disney store. Just sayin'.

  2. I had a burger and it was tasty!

    1. idle_
    2. AminaTutenkaMoon


      ... - you should get some !!! Tasty burgers are tasty :)


      Idle_ - you're missing out, I'm telling yah. Seriously.

  3. Tea with Rice Krispies is just the besttttttt :D

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    2. idle_


      ^you eat that too?

    3. Haku


      Tea Krispies with riceeee.... oh yeah...

    4. AminaTutenkaMoon


      IDLE. It's the cereal Rice Krispies added to teaa (instead of milk). TIS LUSH.


      Hazera, lets have a tea and Rice Krispies party <3


      Haku, rice and milk. OMNOM. Add some mangos. EVEN BETTER.

  4. Not that this is relevant or anything, but are you married? Do you have kids? And as mentioned in previous posts, there are many circumstances and situations in someone's life that won't be apparent because perhaps the person hasn't shared their entire experience. Why did you get so angry with the woman; she clearly wants her husband to get along with her daughter. I assume (for obvious reasons) that it makes for a better dynamic in the household just as I'm sure if my mother remarried, she'd want her new husband to get along with me. As for why women seem to have kids more easily than being able to walk away from an abusive marriage, again, so many reasons. Being in a Western society doesn't veil you away from the ongoing patriarchy within marriages of all cultural backgrounds. In addition, if there's children involved, I would believe it's more difficult. So you'll ask why are they able to have more kids? Well intimacy between a couple tells me that some children are unplanned, that sexual activities can arise from a mere conversation and a lack of contraception would be the most obvious reason. Having kids are just easier than leaving one's husband, maybe. Unless you've been in this situation, speaking from an interpretivist's perspective, you couldn't really comprehend the reasons why a woman has a specific need in her relationship. Quite frankly, if you had illustrated your manner in other ways, more politely, calmly and without sounding so harsh, then perhaps the women wouldn't have come at you like they did.
  5. Some people are so stingy. They won't even donate a smile. .:(

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    2. Haku


      grumpy cat says NO!

    3. AminaTutenkaMoon


      But but smiles are contagious :( and pretty and lovely and they're FREE so just so it :D

    4. idle_
  6. Waalaikum Assalaam! Welcome welcome. Hope you enjoy being here. Look forward to speaking with you more in the future.
  7. YOU HAVE CAT TO BE KITTEN ME!!!! He ate the cat ROFL.
  8. I quite like sea monkeys, They're sort of like monkeys, But they're in the sea, And more of a shrimp, Which monkeys are not, Particularly because A monkey has a longer tail.
  9. I know, right?!! When I first heard it, I fell in love instantly.
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