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  1. Fayth

    I need a smart friend..

    Oh dear... That was someone else posting under my name... Honestly. Also clearly has bad taste in men.
  2. I know of a couple who are currently going through divorce for this reason exactly. I initially thought the husband was homosexual from some of the things he's said, but I'm now starting to think it's sexual desires that he repressed his whole life, that at the back of his mind he continues to view sex as something immoral and doesn't seem to have any desires towards men or women. Whether it's a growing problem or just reported more, it definitely needs to be addressed.
  3. When you start seeing results from exercising, you feel pleased at what you're achieving and have achieved. Or at least I do. The only thing I struggle with is eating healthy consistently. I love food too much and have a huge appetite too, I can spend an entire day munching on snacks, plus 4 full meals too. I just need to sort out my eating habits :/
  4. I often think about adoption. Me and the Mr have decided that insha Allah if we do have kids, our first option will be to adopt. I know that it's wonderful having your own but there are so many babies out there who don't have families or homes. I also don't feel too confident or comfortable with the idea of being pregnant. Of course I may change my mind when the time actually comes but this is definitely an option for me. I'd be interested to know the Islamic perspective on adoption.
  5. Ginger tea has been my best friend for the past three months :-) not flu but a very weakened immune system means I've been nothing but ill and exhausted since last year November.
  6. I often tip if I have had good service, but someone demanding it would give me every reason to not tip. I don't work in a food environment but I have been (generously) tipped on a few occasions and it's really nice. But I would never expect someone to tip me even if I gave great service, because the reason I work full time is to earn money. If you feel like you're having to live off tips, then maybe consider getting another job more suitable for you so that you don't have to rely on People's tips who are already paying for what they are there for. It's a nice gesture, but that's all it should be. A good will gesture for your service and nothing more.
  7. That's untrue. Marital law in England isn't in favour of women. In most cases, it's the man that earns more than the woman, hence with its a split of 50/50 wealth between the man and the woman. If the woman was the wealthy one in the marrisge, then it would be her wealth/assets which would be split between her and her (ex) husband. In terms of feminism, however. As a Muslim woman, I certainly think there is a need for feminism amongst the Muslim population. Eg, Pakistan; a group of women got raped, they are the ones who ended up in prison on the basis that they shouldn't have been travelling without mahrems. I'll elaborate more when I get the chance insha allah.
  8. Don't live in a non- Muslim country, use their money and just live if you genuinely believe they are out to get you in some way. I will never understand this logic. There is only a handful of idiots where ever you go, the majority aren't out to convert us to another belief or religion. Also the country that you live in is far better than any Muslim country. I often wonder why that is too; violence, dictators and so on. I'm perfectly happy amongst the "non-belivers", or people who want to choose their own ways. Alhamdulillah.
  9. I can't be shy because I wouldn't be able to work where I work if I was a shy person. However, because of my job, when I'm not working I tend not to talk much or interact too much with others.
  10. That is the funniest look ever. Why do girls do that?? Anyhow. I got 17.
  11. I would hate to be told what my role is as a woman or a wife. I'm pretty laid back, can't cook to save my life but will happily clean. But if Mr. Fayth cooks or helps me clean, I wouldn't moan. Nor would I ever expect him to do anything for the simple reason that he's a man, the way I don't expect him to tell me what to do because im a woman..
  12. Fayth


    I got the Samsung Galaxy note 3 and gear. Amazing phone.
  13. I don't think I said it was a wedding dress? I'd change the bottom half a little but it would definately look amazing as a wedding dress.
  14. So beautiful and elegant, I'd love a wedding dress like that!
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