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    Anyone interested in studying Japanese? Someone? ... Anyone??
  2. Soma1Ummah

    Revert or Born Muslim?

    Question just popped in my head so I thought I'd just pop it in a thread
  3. I think they would arrest all the men who profess Islam but still watch belly dancers and drink alcohol and before they know it they missed Isha and then they would get their arses whooped
  4. Soma1Ummah

    what's your top 10???

    Omg almost everyone put Japan! Right on!! I find I was treated millions of times better as a hijabi over there than in the West. Ok heres' mine: 1. Jannah 2. Japan(Oshima or Kyushu!!)Just cus its beautiful n thats where i became crazy bout Islam!!! 3. Makkah (hajj.. ) 4. Ireland (to see me heritage n drink tea) 5. Central Africa (cus of the forests, mangoes, and rain!) 6. Macchu Picchu (enchanting and spiritual) 7. Indonesia (cus of the Muslims) 8. India (dunno y) 9. South Korea (to see if all korean guys r weird or if its just the ones in vancouver hehe) 10. Wherever Jihad is so I can kick his/her arse ok bout that geezer puttin 'killing Jews' and something bout hitler... come here I'll knock ur arse back to the CIA headquarters where u prolly came from. hmmph...ppl puttin ignorance in our Ummah these days!
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    would you move if you could?

    JAPANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIISUKI DA YOOOOOO!!! I find it ironic, but pleasant, that I'm treated a gazzilion times better as a Muslim in Japan than I am in Canada. (but a gazzilion times better as a Muslim in Canada than I was in Uk hehe) It was so COOL! The only thing. Is that Japanese guys seem to like the hijab. I mean thats' cool and all, but lower ur gazzzzzzzzze hehe. Argh..wat to do...I went hijabless the first part of my trip n got no attention but when I started wearing hijab...rrr...dilemma or what!!! Anyway it's such a beautiful country mashAllah, so much nature, so clean, the ppl are absolutely lovely. AND THE FOOD. gegegeeggggg Oiiiiishiii jan!!
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    ^where in the world is KSA??
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    ^aha Baka Princess, Nihon e isshoni ikou? (shall we go to Japan together!?) mwahahah! Japan rules man! You should so try to learn it, it's so worth it! Where do you live? Is there lots of Japanese ppl where u live? You can also download japanese tv dramas from http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/torrents.ph...drama&sort=name I used to watch anime but..ppl dont really talk like that hahaha..so maybe better to learn from dramas! I recommend Ringu..and wat else...err 'Files of Kindaichi' an ..im gonna have to remember some good ones(i just like Ringu cus Nagase Tomoyas in it haha) Ja!
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    Osama bin ladens niece poses for GQ

    ^awrah alert on ur photo too hehe.. *runs away quickly*
  9. Soma1Ummah

    Listening to...

    ^Mawlaya is an awesome nasheed man!! MashAllah! Wat I listen to these days, 'Dice' by Hide, Tonight by Luna Sea, general Japanese rock(dunno wats gone one with me and my music selection lately to be honest) sometimes Bach..
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    eh? Victoly? hahah!! Oh today I learned new words. moeeee - (said with a dumb, slow creepy voice) what otaku say to pretty girls(eww!) and if u dont kno wat otaku is, its a guy with a belly, glasses and a combover who resides in Akihabara! dasaaaa! - young peoples word..(normally 'dasai!') wat u say wen u see someone who's tryin to hard, or has bad style. you can say this when you see an otaku. Ok maybe those are a little mean.. hows about: tabi o tabitabi tabema****a. i think it means i often ate socks(the kind with two toes) haha. How useful!
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    hehe! where is here? who am I? Sort of a Japanese version of 'where am I? who am I?' hehe... btw SHINE WE ARE .... LMAO!!! Gotta love Nihongrish! Altho it's from a Korean singer no? hheheh! o u gotta check out www.engrish.com or u can check out my blog(im not advertisin here guys) cus my latest entry is about engrish. Gotta love it. inu is doggy:) oshiete what is ur dream ...oshiete is like 'tell me' ok thats all I know man I gotta study so hard I forgot most of everything eeerrr... Ja mata!
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    ah, naruhodo ne. on a side note, isnt it just fabulous that everything we say is censored lol. maybe we should use casual japanese so instead of ikima****a, itta. hehhee...oh mm..
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    Who u callin BAKA weebee!? hahaha Tuluva, naze nihongo no benkyou yamema****a ka? (why did u stop studyin japanese?)
  14. Soma1Ummah


    btw Jonas, that's a very interesting observation you made! hahaha
  15. Soma1Ummah

    final fantasy?

    I so agree! I used to be sooo obsessed with FF7!!!! There was def the most 'soul' in that..there was a lot of things in the storyline I felt I could relate too..not just 'fight scenes' every 2 seconds like in Advent Children lol. I mustve seen that movie about 6 times in the past 4 days! Maybe 7, zotto! (lemme just adjust the tape on my glasses hehe...I feel like such a geek right now but it makes me feel YOUNG AGAIN!!!) Oboeru zottoooooooooooo!! Aw recapturing my youth. Ha, Saintz I knew there was somethin bout ur sig that I liked..didn't kno it was Sephiroth tho I keep askin my bro to borrow FF7 off one of his friends so I can play it till the wee hours of the morn too.
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    Eek! Whoa that's creepy dude! I mean how did he know all that stuff? Do you by any chance have a little brother? Little brothers would give out a lot of information for a fiver and a few candies hehe. But seriously it's creepy to think that he took the time to find out all that stuff about you...what did you do? He still bugging ya? And Omar, where did Bert go?
  17. Soma1Ummah

    Living in the Arab World?

    ^YES I got looked down upon so much from Desis man!!! (I'm a white revert) I mean not all, but theres this place...blackburn , uk. If you live in England you know what Im talking about hehe..shameful. In London I didn't have troubles though:)
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    Thats very interesting Friendship, can you share your conversion story with us?
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    I was stalked for 2 months once! He tried to break into my apt twice...and went to jail overnight twice cus of his stalkerish behaviour(was back at my apt tho at 6 am as soon as he was let out! EEKS!) I actually fled the country cus of him...made my life unbearable. Had to stop work cus it was getting ridiculous and I was scared.. I went to Tim Hortons across the street from work one day..I'm in the lineup and there he comes. And he's CRYING. And he says (get this) "Paro....Paro..." YES PARO FROM DEVDAS. I'm not even Indian. And I don't look like Aishwarya Rai. But wtj. And he's asking me to come away with him to Calgary (he seemed to be obsessed with Hum Tum which was filmed there) and he will pay me thousands of dollars to be his wife etc etc hahah...so...since the police couldn't get him off my back(they told me he's the son of a Pakistani politician..and I figure he mustve bribed them cus Montreal police r so corrupt!) I decided that I'm gonna take things into my own hands. So I tell him I'm Sikh. LMAO(this is before I came to Islam btw k) I'm like 'I believe in reincarnation and I worship Hindu gods' haha(btw I now kno Sikhs rnt supposed to do that but my Sikh friends at the time did so I thought it was the norm) He stopped stalking me for a month but then started again and that's when I moved overseas. Incedentally the day he started stalking me, was right when I was watching Hum Tum(for the first and last time..that movie sucks!) I got all paranoid thinking he had somehow bugged my apt. The END!
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    Thanks friendship for taking the time to explain Christianity to us! I've read the first 3 posts, inshaAllah I'll read more tonight after work
  21. Soma1Ummah

    Why do women cry?

    Twice I cried in public 4 years ago, when I was surrounded by Suburbia(I went downtown in the 'richer' part, and the mall) at the time I was i*ahem*egal *ahem* in the US living in the projects in N'awlins. And when I saw all the people with the kushi lives, house, car, family, but NO gratitude, so much shallowness, I just cried. I just cried thinking 'you b@stards, you don't know what you have!' haha... musta been somethin in the water down there. Besides that, don't cry in public...not in front of anyone...I can't cry in front of my family cus if I do they'll worry about me and never leave me alone with 'are you ok?'s
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    Aww Shygirl, I feel like giving you a hug! MashAllah you seem like such a down-to-earth and pure Sister. I wish I couldve met some Christians who really truly try to emulate the ways of Jesus(pbuh) I'm not one of these people who just wants everyone to be Muslim or else I won't give em the time of day hehe...I think it's refreshing to see people who try to be the best Muslim/ Christian / Jew/ Sikh/ Whatever that they can be. Alhamdulillah Sis you came to the path of Islam, I'm looking forward to your reversion story, also about the reaction in the Bible Belt amongst those that you knew, must've been difficult eh?
  23. Soma1Ummah

    What kind of world do YOU live in?

    Something my best friend asked me yesterday really made me wonder. "What the is wrong with us?" Cus weird things happen all the time and YES its like we're living in another world! BUT it's kind of cool though, surreal. Who says you need drugs or alcohol to escape into another world? Usually it's just weird stuff like 'weird feelings' and jinn type stuff happening, though not as much recently. I think it's better than being normal anyway. Oh, in the documentary 'What the Bleep do we Know?" one of the points they made was that the reality we perceive comes from inside our brains, and the world inside our brains are 'bigger' and more complex than outside. Makes ya wonder. Maybe it's the minds eye ..
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    Yayy, it's good we have a Christian on MM who can answer some of our questions inshaAllah. Where did Evangelion go anyway?
  25. Soma1Ummah

    Merry Christmas beloved brothers and sisters!

    ^I think we should make a Barnabas thread On Wikipedia there's some info on it, I think it seems a bit dodgy and most people think the scripture is a fake. But there's no point taking their word or anyone else's, let's read it for ourselves and do the research, inshaAllah! Friendship, I'd like to know how do you spend your Christmas day? While growing up, my family always celebrated Christmas with the tree, a feast, presents, crackers, and all the usual traditions, but my family has no religion(not since my grandparents came to Canada from England in the 60s) So I always wanted to know how a real practicing Christian celebrates Christmas!!