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  1. winnipeg jets inshAllah, i make du'a for them
  2. so who is all jumping on the bandwagon?
  3. see i hate to tell all of u guys but i told you so HAHAHA GO SENS GO
  4. zak morris did an apperance nice.
  5. LOL, nasr nice.... imam zaid nice................. i wish i was there
  6. hey pundit rajwala.. wassap?

  7. Man Insane game tonite, its all good though Senators can come back they still have home ice advantage now. since game six will be in Ottawa.
  8. As well Pape Sow of the Toronto Raptors is muslim. I know of some people that have met him teh masjid. I actually saw pictures on MM before. Mehmet Okur is Turkish, (Utah Jazz)he prolly is Muslim but might not show it perhaps. but yea so who cares if Shaq is muslim or not, Allah (swt) judges, we shouldn't.
  9. ^I think the one team that can beat Buffalo in the East in Ottawa. Seriously even thogh I am abig fan of Ottawa. Do u remember the huge fight, now that would be an amazing series.
  10. Sam should have played Mo pete instead of Graham, he sucks. One of the main reasons why Bryant got 81 ponts was because of Graham.
  11. I am not one of those dumb fools that jump on badwagons when the playoffs come. I have awlays loved the Senators and yes they are Canadian, it not the only reason I am a huge fan. They have an amazing roster. Just because they are Canadian doesnt make sense, I can say what ever team you like is only because they are American or Canadian. Heck if this was soccer I would say you like Aresnal only because they are british. Seriously if you want to try to argue my love of the Senators come with a better excuse, because the one you brought is terrible.
  12. What can i say ..... OTTAWA RULES
  13. Furqan

    Toronto Raptors

    So word around teh league is that Sam Mitchell will get an extension. I think thats awesome stuff. I always liked Sam even when the Raptors were losing, he grromed Bosh into an amazing player.
  14. the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Al Hajj Malik Shabazz
  15. My bubble wil burst once the Sens are out, which is never goign to happen.
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