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  1. Salaam all, My wife and her friend have started a new line for sisters who want to dress modestly without having to look like their clothes were made in Ethiopia. You can view their products on the facebook store here: http://www.facebook....zuhraandzikreen Like the page! If you order now within Canada it'll ship just in time for Eid iA. ================================================= Zuhra & Zikreen was founded by two young designers who saw the need for Muslim women to go high-end. Our aim is for women to see that trendy fashion does not need to mean a compromise of values. Deen is at the core of Z&Z’s values, we strive to create a fashionably halal environment for sisters to immerse themselves in. The company was inspired and pushed by the great multi-cultural Muslim community which we were brought up in, a vibrantly beautiful mixture of colours, textures and patterns. We decided to take that vibrant beauty and modernize it. Zuhra & Zikreen is a representation of our Somali and Palestinian heritage and its influence on fashion. We have infused both cultures into our designs and concepts to bring our customers a new take on Muslim apparel. Allow us to introduce ethnic modernity. ================================================ Scarves Accessories Promotions
  2. Sal

    Qari in Awlaki's lecture

    You win! Someone give this guy 3 internets.
  3. Sal

    Qari in Awlaki's lecture

    Nope, Said al Ghamdi, same ayah: 8:38 owned
  4. Anyone know the qari at 3:13?
  5. Sal

    Sal vs. the world

    Well gosh, you don't have to be so mean about it!
  6. Sal

    Sal vs. the world

    Why is nobody talking smack? wth happened to this place..
  7. Sal

    Sal vs. the world

    That's right, your eyes do not deceive you. Talk some smack and let's get started!
  8. I call Sugarcore by her MM name, she really appreciates it.
  9. loll stop making it sound like this whole thing was my idea, I was merely a follower
  10. LOL Ok so just to elaborate on that... Jiddawi here and certain members of his Cambridge crew kept us up til 2:30 on Friday night wrestling and banging on the walls lol.. and then decide to follow it up by going swimming at Fajr. Our windows open up to the Skydome so in the morning Uthman has this wonderful idea of checking out Disney on Ice which was happening on the opposite side. So we climb out the window and jump down to the upper level then walk around to the other side and watch some Disney on Ice. I won't lie, it was pretty sick. We were unfortunately interrupted by security waving their flashlights across the seats (which were completely deserted at this level) walking towards us from the direction of our room so we ran the hell outta there from one of the exits, and took the ramp to main level while we could here them following behind us. So we get outside and walk ALL the way around back to the hotel, go to our room and lock the window and close the curtains... lol.. then got changed and headed out to RIS. Needless to say I stayed at another friend's place the next night.
  11. Yes it is, now shut the hell up Dakku. Gramsci where do you live?
  12. You're damn right I do! Put Sal down for the conference!
  13. \_ Saleem _/ says: what time is fajr there? Safalafadafah says: 5 \_ Saleem _/ says: do you know what time it is here? Safalafadafah says: wait where are you? Safalafadafah says: arent you in waterloo \_ Saleem _/ says: cambridge Safalafadafah says: oh Safalafadafah says: is it now? \_ Saleem _/ says: fajr Safalafadafah says: fajr - is it now? \_ Saleem _/ says: what are you asking me ? Safalafadafah says: what time is fajr there \_ Saleem _/ says: that's what i was asking you ? Safalafadafah says: ya \_ Saleem _/ says: oh \_ Saleem _/ says: you were clarifying what my question was ? Safalafadafah says: yea Safalafadafah says: something like that \_ Saleem _/ says: so \_ Saleem _/ says: are you gonna answer it then \_ Saleem _/ says: or are you gonna non chalantly change the subject Safalafadafah says: what? Safalafadafah says: I said fajr here is at 5 AM \_ Saleem _/ says: no, here tho \_ Saleem _/ says: it's different \_ Saleem _/ says: since we're in the same time zone but much different longitude \_ Saleem _/ says: sunrise will be at a different time Safalafadafah says: yes I know that Safalafadafah says: its differnt in Kingston also Safalafadafah says: its earlier there \_ Saleem _/ says: umm \_ Saleem _/ says: ok nvm \_ Saleem _/ says: i'll figure it out myself Safalafadafah says: oh youre asking me Safalafadafah says: what time fajr is in cambridge \_ Saleem _/ says: lol \_ Saleem _/ says: yes! \_ Saleem _/ says: congrats \_ Saleem _/ says: mabrook Safalafadafah says: gimi your zipcode Safalafadafah says: i mean pstal code \_ Saleem _/ says: are you gonna find out where i live from it Safalafadafah says: nvm Safalafadafah says: http://www.islamicfinder.org/prayerDetail....ion=&athan= Safalafadafah says: 5;12 Safalafadafah says: book mark the annual or something \_ Saleem _/ says: ahh another 40 min \_ Saleem _/ says: what will i ever do Safalafadafah says: hahah that was a huge misunderstanding Safalafadafah says: dude thats hilarious Safalafadafah says: Gotta put it in the whacked up convos topic, Im so tired man \_ Saleem _/ says: yeah, that's obviously the source of the problem
  14. exams and stuff guy, i should be at jumaa next friday i'm done now

  15. Shut the hell up Dakku! I'll be there tomorrow iA
  16. i know! i'm sick like that

  17. You guys are just lucky I wasn't here yesterday.
  18. It's my last day of work! I got my evaluation yesterday so basically anything goes now. I'm gonna try to duck outta here at 11 so now I gotta go explain to my supervisor why the ONE project I was given three and a half months ago isn't complete yet haha. OWNED
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