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  1. access it from its directory then
  2. this is gay i take you all on with this: http://free.hostdepartment.com/d/documenta...nal/poetry3.jpg
  3. C-0 J-0 let round 2 begin
  4. Brother, please do not bring 'logic' or 'rationality' into this
  5. you're a funny guy Hamzah... a funny guy
  6. Sal

    Faceinside VS. Jinx

    since when were these battles about name calling and low blows? i don't care if your flow and rhymes are garbage, but that was just disappointing to read
  7. what the hell was that i'm beginning to think the article outsourcing is a better idea
  8. Post edited for borderline questionable material
  9. why do you guys insist on butchering anything constructive on here
  10. that's the most retarded thing i've ever heard in my life do you guys actually find half the stuff on here funny?
  11. this is Hamzah's site? OWNED
  12. Eid Mubarak n stuff to everyone
  13. i didn't think you actually thought that deserved a reply but anyways... It’s ironic calling me brainless, you can't f*** with me Cause it don't take intellect to wash stainless and rinse cutlery Take yourself off repeat, the talking smack mixed with b****ing And since you can't take the heat, get the f*** back in the kitchen Maybe you understood wrong, cause a reply was never requested Your rhymes wouldn't be s*** after being chewed up and digested I never realized I'd have to explain what I tried to imply But you're wrong thinking no need for you to hide or to cry Grabbed a mic and an axe and I became the preaching miner Cause I don't stop striking until your grave reaches China Unleashing priceless armada against each who oppose Forget actions, I speak louder with every speech I compose Consider it a favour that I let you keep two of those I'm done rhyming, next time I'll just beat you in prose
  14. Pick yourself a topic if that’s what you be wanting But do learn how to write before you start fronting Here’s to true knowledge, I overrule and revoke the toast You might have done fine but you had to go and quote my post You can’t compose a full sentence yet try to mentor me I’ve never seen such brutal abuse of the Enter key Iman remains static cause people are too stuck in their ways Collectively hopeless like fiends stuck with nothing to blaze This is the ‘new rap tourment’ thread, whatever that means But I’m pretty sure it’s not asking for a criticism routine Not poetic, not complete incoherent, you’re just somewhere in between Embark on an endless journey because intelligence is relative It’s gonna be hard though, you’re IQ test came back negative Open a book and you might learn something, but no guarantee You can make freestyling useful by leaving it to real emcees Oh… and it’s actually spelled ‘me’ not ‘mee’
  15. i sure know how to kill a thread
  16. hahaha if i've gone soft what would that make you, lyrically choked? i drop more two liners than both your parents sniffing coke
  17. ahh you're too young, i wouldn't feel right dissing the hell outta you despite popular opinion, i DO have somewhat of a conscience
  18. i'm unstoppable everyone should know that by now, ESPECIALLY hamzah (please don't ban me )
  19. that's it, you're next on my freestyle hit list
  20. perhaps let's just open this thread up for spam
  21. my name is Saleem and singing is haram during Ramadan astagfirallah
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