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  1. Sal

    G-had vs Sal

    yo dude i have to ask, why do you wanna battle me so bad?
  2. Sal

    G-had vs tuluva

    sarcasm has strange effects on the uneducated i'll vote again for tuluva tuluva - 3 g-had - 0
  3. Sal

    G-had vs tuluva

    i vote for tuluva since this fool actually thought he wanted to battle me *seriously like OMG*
  4. Where's the justice in a United foundation that failed its Nations Where Monetary taxation Funds International starvation Public privatization valued over children’s education The interests of millions eclipsed by the shady Administration Forgetting the values of the Independently signed Declaration Human rights are Watched, but no longer upheld by obligation The world's largest and most brutal military force uncontested Capable of defending against threats foreign, but not domestic? Synthetic terror attacks redefining psychological warfare Frontline protesters hopelessly striving to make perpetual war fair A red fountain of liberty drowning a sea of civilizations Innocence thirsting for resolution to their undue dehydration Freedom will never be delivered in the form of debt relief Global elite using hate-filled media to propagate their beliefs Evil manifested covertly into the privileged class of dictators Speak the true word overtly and be concurrently labeled a traitor Fascism carefully hidden under a thin veil of democracy Forgetting that terrorism is a tactic and not an ideology Nowhere to turn in a system designed to remain unrevised Where the proposed solutions are merely the problems disguised Try to take away from an entity whose sole goal is to attain Promoting the pain of 9/11 like they did in Madrid with a train We are with nothing to lose, but have every loss to regain So who’s to make the first advance against the established grain?
  5. Sal

    G-had vs tuluva

    don't try to turn this around you took the first shot, star
  6. i dunno how that chart can work for both males and females
  7. if writing like mems will get me first place, then I'll come last any day
  8. hmm so mems talks about places?lets explore this topic a little further and the rebuttal/truth: why the hell would my eyes be narrowing? anyways, along with should stop any further asian references coming from you this line had potential, unfortunately it doesn't make sense probably one of your best lines, so it earned the right to get its own verse in reply also any idiot can allude to events or names or movies, ie. however read the lines above and below and you'll discover it has absolutely nothing to do with them and was just thrown in there arbitrarilyif you take a look at all of mems work, it's all baseless random crap thrown together and rhymed very few things that he writes actually make sense so clearly if you've bothered to take the time to read what i've written, you'd shut your mouth and not make stupid comments like the one stated above got anything else to say? if not then keep the votes coming because it's just a matter of time before a number of intelligent people read this forum who can actually distinguish between good and bad
  9. nah just vote in here, why bother complicating things half the people in here barely know how to post anyways i'm dying to know who zan is gonna vote for
  10. I really don't believe this man up and admit it when you know you've lost, there's no dishonour in that you bring in random subjects with no logic or order please don't again make me have to analyze and explain to you the metaphors and references I used first try counting the number of times I've alluded to other articles or other themes or how many times I've refuted every legible statement coming from you on a lighter note, i vote for hamzah and his unparalleled one liners how has he not been signed yet??
  11. hmm I see… I can’t understand how you manage to write so much yet say so little most of your lines don’t even make sense you’re just forcing down words to rhyme destroy what? your dignity? and enough with the history lessons why don’t you expand on what you’re trying to imply with freeman?weak can’t begin to describe this seriously where the hell did he come from does anyone else see the correlation? me neither sorry I don’t rely on luck, only skill so you started playing the investigative journalist againthis, was referring to: not needing to restate it implies that if you were smart you would have figure out you had poor english the first timeand yet you still misinterpreted it :| or maybe he’s in it? why do you set yourself up like this umm you? ie. they’re intimidated? please do yourself a favour and don’t speak too soon I could go on all day but I’ve said more than enough personally I’m not gonna dignify this with a response because it comes nowhere near touching my last flow and I’d just be wasting my breath cause none of this seems to be sinking in you’re about 10 feet down so I suggest you stop digging yourself this early grave but don’t take my word for it, we’ll just let everyone vote for themselves
  12. Keep the 10 cents you’ll need it, this time I’ll let you listen for free Waiving your fee covers my Zakat, it’s like giving charity You’re getting too comfortable up in your elevated seat But your highchair is unstable due to your hastened retreat I'll write these words elementarily, to give you a chance to compete It’s only fair to give you hope, before you’re crushed into defeat Terminology that melts you, 1000 degrees not including humidity No one left to defend you, so you try to question my validity These words can and will bend you, yet you strive to test my rigidity Two votes counted against you, you need more e-respect and less e-stupidity Blast you so hard you won’t have another chance to cop a plea The debris knocking three generations out of your family tree Planning to see you, but no luck for mems’ number one groupie fan moalz5 all chinky-eyed scanning the neighboring lands The end is in site for all the unheeded bragging Cause you ain’t coming back til the year of the dragon Tell me to pick up the slack then you use similes about cereal? We better duck down while mems unleashes his grade A material I’d let you keep score but your judicial skills just got revoked It’s like a joke, you trying to provoke, but on your broken words you choke Eyes cloaked, blind to the light like you’ve never awoke I shouldn’t have to say it, it need not be restated in quote Your English is worse than an illiterate immigrant Spic who’s still on the boat You’re up **** creak without a compass, paddle, or canoe After all if the maniac said it, there’s no doubt that it’s obviously true It’s no secret in fact, your failures are considered public knowledge When admissions finds out, you won’t be getting into your dream community college Got dreams of blowing up? Well here’s a solemn reminder How you gonna do that lacking the ignition, fuel and primer? Stick to your armchair recliner and those puzzling word finders Cause the sobering truth is you that got destroyed by a part timer You got it wrong this ain’t my job, we're just here to clear up the clutter How could you consider this fun, a nine iron versus a shot putter? Make your points clearer, learn how to state valid thoughts and not mutter Impending victory like a ginsu stabbing through hot butter We're sending infantry so you better go lock your block shutters Cause the only flight attending done was with the use of bloody box cutters So please come to Waterloo, it’s been too long overdue Bring you’re cheerleading crew, I’m cordially inviting all of you moalz, one man, and zan pretending they don’t know who We'll work out our differences, separate my truth from your skewed view Put your anti-Nazi beliefs under review; not a Syed? That’s no excuse to act like a jew Don’t be seen by more than a few, don’t start risking a pursuit debut See yourself on the news, remember from part 2, you’re still on the run Try to smack me but how the **** you gonna find a John Done? You took my criticism to heart, so how could you possibly be on my level? Talk to me when you’re done watching YTV’s after-school special Behind the frontlines I’m acting calm, it’s stated in ink Boycotting worse punchlines than at the prom waiting for drinks You can’t counter half my material, so just pretend you never heard it And you’re about as controversial as Abdullah’s dinnertime pasta verdict I accept your apology, soon you'll find leisure in asserting me It’s funny how it’s now blasphemy, thinking of ever subverting me While just a week ago you and your friends had never heard of me Front again, and we’ll leave you six feet deep, measured vertically
  13. The masses will believe whatever they're told. The widespread acceptance of the official explanation propagated by the media is that Muslim terrorists orchestrated the 9/11 attack. Whether or not we deem them to be extremists is irrelevant, the belief of the people is that it was done by Muslims. Even if Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance (which it is), the acknowledgement that some could interpret its teachings in such a manner as to justify the killing of thousands of innocent people jeopardizes the integrity of the religion as a whole. It implies that any Muslim could misinterpret Islam and create acts of terror such as 9/11, the consequences being the singling out of every Muslim as a potential threat to our society. The solution is not to try to segregate ourselves from the terrorists as peaceful Muslims, but to have a strong dividing line between Islam and terrorism and to stress the fact that no Muslims were behind the attack whatsoever . Any attempts to tackle this problem with the former method would be solely in vain. It simply would not be taking care of the crucial underlying ramifications. The reparation of our religion's image has to be done in the right way, without using common false beliefs as the context. If you don't know the facts, then learn before undertaking Dawah. Trying to teach something that you yourself don't know about is just setting yourself up for failure. The type of people who are unwilling to have an open mind about 9/11 and 'conspiracy theories' are equally as unwilling to keep an open mind about Islam. To break free of the system you have to redefine what was so carefully engrained into their minds. Until the fraudulent manipulation of the corporate media is exposed, trying to apply a bandaid cleanup to this distorted backdrop of reality is only creating a temporary smokescreen which is by no means a permanent solution. As time moves on the incriminations against Muslims will only get worst because this religion was specifically chosen as a target. The bottom line is that because of the numerous obstacles forced on us today, traditional methods of Dawah are no longer the best choice. While they may have worked on a few open minded individuals, the fact is it could never work on a larger scale and could never change our new found global hate image. To overcome a great problem you need an even greater solution. And to come up with that solution you need some great minds.
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