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  1. blackjack is haram astaghfirallah
  2. Sal


    i scared him away good riddance
  3. does anyone else notice the disproportionate gender ratio in this thread
  4. hey Manal, i'm Alhamdulillah

    What's new with you?

  5. haha is that why you didn't accept any of my game invites? come on whoever plays on ps3 add me: motombo187 it gets boring kicking random peoples asses
  6. lol i played it last night, he says you have to account for variable humidity and windspeed along the bullet's flight path wtf is that ahahaha
  7. How dare you delete any of my posts! Ever since you changed your snowman hijab pic you've become a different person...
  8. Well, for starters you can lose some weight.
  9. Based on past experiences, I'm gonna guess no...
  10. haha yeah and the guy's talking about accounting for variable windspeed along the bullet path and the coreolis effect silly blokes
  11. 'hm' indeed, *******
  12. You're right, all the boycotting in the world really isn't gonna change a thing. Whatever method corporations find to be the most profitable that's what they're gonna implement, and if they have to exploit, murder and lie about it then so be it. Capitalism has always been the root of the problem and eradicating it is the only solution - to everything. People who think they're gonna change the world for the better by not eating chocolate really don't understand the reality of the situation. With that being said, taking on the apathetic stance of 'omg boycotting makes no difference anyways' isn't quite the right path to follow either. For one reason and one reason alone. Regardless of the outcome of a collective effort, you are still accountable for your actions as an individual. If Islam says you can't buy something that was attained by haram means then you have to find a halal alternative. In this case the outcome of your actions are completely irrelevant, the only thing that matters is whether what you are doing is halal or haram. I'm not going to generalize, cause I don't think you really can. There are a lot of factors and I think you would have to look at each company on a case by case basis. For example if Nike has a horrendous human rights history then why can't you just buy a different brand? As Muslims the fashion statement you're trying to make to hide your insecurities shouldn't be more important than following your religious values. And if every shoe company in the world is sweatshopped then go with the least worse one (if you consider shoes necessary to life). Or make your own, or don't wear shoes. You might be suprised to find how many alternatives there are if you look around, but yes that does mean putting in some effort. Boycotts can be effective to raise awareness to others about the potential haramness of a certain product, and it can also be a wonderful test to see whether Islam or corporate whoredom is more important to you. You gotta be willing to make sacrifices no matter how brainwashed you are into thinking materialism will somehow make you happy. So the only question to ask is, is the product halal or haram? That's the only criteria to base your decision on.
  13. Yeah it does, but the airport washrooms have automatic soap dispensers!
  14. Dude the first half of the Chernobyl mission is absolutely killer, after clearing an area I used to throw a grenade at myself so I could go back and kill them again and again First time I played it it must have taken me like 3 hours to beat the level lol
  15. Sal

    Physics Help

    Well using conservation of energy: gravitational, elastic and kinetic energy have to always add to zero. The reason gravitational is on the other side is because x is technically negative because it's being measured downwards. Vmax is found when acceleration is 0 so draw a free body diagram under this condition and you'll have gravity pulling down and elastic pulling up, and with no acceleration these two values must equal each other to cancel each other out.
  16. Hah ok Get an account Lewis, we'll settle this in the game
  17. Sal

    Physics Help

    do you still need help with this?
  18. I think being marred by the blood, sweat and tears of an underpaid, exploited family struggling to survive is what gives chocolate the taste that keeps me coming back for more.
  19. Let's bash Extempers and his total lack of thread creation etiquette.
  20. I'm still curious about the whole n***** pandemic thing that everyone but me seems to see.
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