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  1. ^Yeah reminds me too much of those youtube videos of troops shooting civillians Anyways whoever plays on PS3, add me: motombo187 I OWN at headquarters and team tactical, but hardcore death match is by far the best
  2. ^ And they're all available free online: http://www.islamhouse.com/p/5086 Sal approves
  3. Sal

    Nike email?

  4. Is that the Shariah ruling regarding non-Muslims under the Caliphate? That they have to wear hijab? I've never heard that before. Regardless you're taking one tiny aspect and blowing it completely out of proportion. [2:256] "There is no compulsion in religion" refers to the non-Muslims. Everyone is allowed to practise their religion under the Islamic State. The Kuffar have more rights and there is more justice for them under the Caliphate. Otherwise why on earth would the Jews and Christians have ASKED the Muslims to rule over them? There are obviously exceptions, like you can't do anything blatantly haram out in the streets so if they consider this oppression, then so be it. Are we here to try to please everyone or to uphold divine rulings? The cost of not being able to openly advocate your sins compared to the true security, prosperity and justice under the Caliphate is a pretty small tradeoff. The religious intolerance, racism, classism and oppression that EVERYONE (not just Muslims) face under Capitalism is absolutely nothing compared to our restrictions on non-Muslims (which are for their own good). And at the end of the day if they don't like it they can simply leave. We, on the other hand, can't just up and leave the Kufr countries because we'd have nowhere to live. If they want us out so bad maybe they shouldn't have spent centuries destroying our state.
  5. I don't know what your getting at. Just because people are given the choice to believe in whatever standard they want, it doesn't make it right and you don't have to 'respect' their decision. Islam teaches us how to deal with Kufr so we follow the rulings with regards to them.
  6. Hmm ok... Oppression is oppression, we can't be selective about the ones we like/dislike based on how worse one is than another. Minarets not being allowed and women not being able to drive are both something to be 'sad' about and we should all be opposed to both. It's only a problem if the person defends Saudi Arabia's laws or is indifferent to them. Islam is the only standard to go by, so making judgements based on anything else is the only double standard we need to worry about.
  7. No, but it is a 'double' standard. And please don't insult the Caliphate by claiming Saudi Arabia is an Islamic State. An Islamic State doesn't exist today. Every so-called Muslim country is a mix of Shariah with secular law. None of them represent Islam.
  8. You are so lucky I can't upload pics from my phone while my laptop's gone, so enjoy it while it lasts.
  9. Sal

    prog help

    Your signature. Go watch the video, you'll understand.
  10. Haha yeah that was over my head too, the guy doesn't even define the arabic transliterated words he uses. I was completely lost.
  11. What does that mean? The permissibility would only depend on the type of alcohol used, nothing else. If it's ethyl alcohol then it's haram no matter what. If it's another type of alcohol that isn't an intoxicant then it's fine. That which intoxicates in large amounts is still haram in small amounts. How come Walkers doesn't state which type it uses?
  12. Uhh excuse me? Let's not jump the gun here
  13. Sal

    Science of Gel

    It's primary purpose is to help you get a fob wife.
  14. Sal

    Physics Help

    Uhh... in general P1 and P2 can be absolute or relative pressures at states 1 and 2 respectively. The reason it can be either is because you're just adding or subtracting a constant to both sides of the equation depending on which one you go with. h1 and h2 are distances relative to whatever reference point you choose. You can't use cause and effect like that. Basically if you have a flow through a pipe and you increase the cross sectional area, the pressure will decrease or the velocity will decrease or both. Assuming just the pressure decreases, you cannot then apply Bernoulli's equation to it (for example, by saying that the velocity should increase) because the pressure drop is the effect of increasing the area and hence cannot be the cause for another relationship. If however after the pressure drops, it drops again unrelated to the area, then the velocity would increase. The conservation of energy is achieved after using only one formula when a variable has changed. Area increases, Pressure decreases At this point everything is balanced, if you try to reuse the pressure drop to find an increase in velocity, then you would also have to reuse the area increase to find a decrease in velocity, and the two would cancel each other out and you'd get the same answer.
  15. Sal

    prog help

    You do realize what Kelis is actually referring to when she says 'milkshake', right?
  16. You are a disgrace, and yet you make me proud.
  17. I lived in Coventry for a year when I was really young, I went to Pearl Hyde I think. There was this forest near the Tescos where me and my friend started so many fires hahhaha... oh the good old days.
  18. Sal

    nicehat vs. Sal

    Yeah I'm boycotting this thread til it's brought back up to my standards.
  19. Sal

    Body Image

    I think you're just angry cause guys don't ask you out. Try throwing up more often.
  20. WITH the gays so there's no fitnah
  21. And that's the precise reason why you're stupid.
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