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  1. I see I'll have a go and follow the backup instructions first and see where I get up too. Thanks for the help :-)
  2. Hi guys this is gonna sound real dumb but I don't know much about IT and hope some of you might be able to help. I've looked online and checked if someone wanted remote access to my laptop they would just go to control panel and tick the RA box. I've had a look and nothings been enabled. When I rang a it support company they just told I should format it. But I've made no backup of my programs from when I first bought it so wouldn't that just do nothing if I backed up now and reinstalled? They offered to wipe it at a cost but I thought I could just do that. Other question why would a laptop startup manual be needed? The culprit in question took this from me. It was just a few pages with specs and stuff. I only just suspected this because they use RA for work and once id listed a ebay item they somehow knew about. I was busy looking for something when I found the manual. By the time I came back for it they'd taken it. This person has all my life harassed me so I cannot just ask them. I realise I sound paranoid but its bothering me. I'm sorry I am the maniac muslim here.
  3. I hope this Ramadan is easy for all of us and accepted.

  4. I believe you on that, there's a channel that shows all these random psycho kills out there. See I don't know about the black men being killed. But as a black man himself from what he said its like I took his word for it.
  5. that is what I thought specially if youre in a group an stuff but he just gave the impression like it was a crazy idea. Sat nav really helps too!
  6. I think you guys know your stuff, all of this goes over my head so can't comment on the analogy..but I wonder if the very people who think they have control of the world with technology, internet being part of it want to be the master of this world. Just the other day I was thinking google knows more about me then any family/friend probably. But then what a weak system constantly in fear of the the next 12yr old hacker and all the lies and misinformation shared just backfires.
  7. Inshallah some volunteering for any charity id like to do..I saw lots of brothers and sisters at the hospital last year just helping out. I pretty much feel exhausted on normal days just at work so ramadan is super hard but a couple of hours even in the weekend would be better than nothing.
  8. Aw u guys get to do that your lucky..I once told a student I met from Dallas that a roadtrip on route 66 looks cool like the films. But I said I know its dangerous for women to be out on the road..he was like hell no, I'm a man and black its danger for me! ..anyhow guys youl be near disneyland and famous places not outback so its cool.
  9. so does dexter get any better,? cos after doakes dying I'm well annoyed

    1. Summer.Haze


      Yay another Dexter fan! Join the club! Well some parts of the show are pretty slow butttttt it definitely gets crazier and better! Love this show!

    2. Olivejar


      I see so I guess I'll keep watching..just doakes is like super marine and expected him to take dexter down in the finale or something but they killed him off did not expect that.

    3. Faerie


      Its too early to be annoyed! Stick with it.

  10. Interesting question..I thought the same thing, I asked my mum, basically she said for bengalis they were one group who were a key important part of spreading the knowledge of islam in bangladesh. The original syedi family have kept that tradition in teaching supporting madrasas etc..So they are considered a pious group of people, revered etc..I guess this is where one syedi will choose to marry only another syedi for fear of well, who knows what. .its ironic that as they taught us from being hindu before that islam condemns all the caste tribalism stuff they are all about it. Heck most desis are so obsessed with it and as I hear in other muslim communities too..However alhamdulilah things are slowly changing.
  11. wow first time ever no birthday notices

    1. Haku


      Happy Birthday GR

  12. All my plans have failed so I'm just trying a new one now..like it sounds sad but knowing myself is one. That way I can make realistic goals. Also I really want to go japan on my own.
  13. Just a hands up..anyone tried chinese herbs?
  14. Ive tried hijama and want to try chinese medicine, in fact I really want to know what the chinese diet really is like, because they know what foods to balance what herbs work well. The way I see it medical journals are not the be all of everything, so im not so rigid in needing their backing for holisitic treatments..I think there's nothing to worry about if you just try things out .. a lot of natural websites are dodgy I agree but who really falls for that..oh wait I bought £9 vitamins which is a lot for me, from a physio clinic that didnt work I had a feeling they were too good to be true but wanted to believe it, so bought it.That whole placebo thing didnt work for me
  15. fentimans cola 0.5%Alcoholic was it just me that didn't know

  16. Olivejar


    Watta gwan welcome man!
    1. Rua


      There is a fair amount of islamaphobia present in Turkey. It's become a trend to blame and attack the government for almost every crime happening. It's funny how western media refer to Erdogan with "Islamist roots" lol.

      Happy holidays everyone :)

    2. Eternalbreeze
    3. Mufasa


      I don't think Erdogan's particularly bad for women. They didn't give much evidence to make their case. Stats on violence has gone up because it's being reported more.

  17. the data analyst dint know what fiduciary meant. I did thanks to desperate housewives,my team just looked at me, I told em I learnt something from drama

  18. I agree with cub I like the sound of a small private wedding on tbe beach but not what a muslim family will like. There is a growing trend of muslims wanting to do the whole vows thing like a white wedding without family as they've already done the muslim wedding, it might work in that case. You can pitch it to rich saudis theyl love it
  19. is it just me or everyone else shocked about the 3 school girls gone to syria

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    2. Eternalbreeze
    3. Eternalbreeze


      Ugh >.< just read an article about it. Disturbing

    4. Olivejar


      I'm shocked because they're so young I could understand what would motivate a woman to go over, but school girls I can't see the reason. I just fear there are so many rebel groups how can they possibly know what ranks theyre joining..I pray they're found safe and get home

  20. You go glen coco! Shes right bros when you can't go next level guys be spitting their dummy/pacifier .. as a woman its nice to have that company of a male friend but it is usually obvious when a guy wants more. I would say in my experience most guys can't just be friends with a girl. But a girl can. Theres a video by nouman ali khan about it.
  21. Senna was a good film. You might like Drive too. I just watched Django..don't bother watching as my wasted 3 hours is still bothering me..honestly the N words were too many but it was more the other stuff that bothered me. I now get why after pulp fiction he really does like blaxpoitation films not for the cool value though.
  22. No way they put it in fruit cocktails bleurgh... I just thought coconut water/juice =fruit lol.. note i like pineapple and coconut juice
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