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  1. Some drowning in oceans on leaving their country, others drowning in continuous bombs by staying in their country. Seems there's no escape for them except by death..?

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      It's horrible. The only people that will be left are the killers. I saw a child, dead. A little girl. People just walking by, normalcy in horror.

  2. Fasting from people is nice ^_^

  3. I see a hint of Meryl Streep in my nan, or a hint of nan in Meryl.. However it goes..!

  4. (FATTII misses MM though hardly anyone knows who the heck she is lool I miss stalking through the forums with only the mods aware of where I am - Want to make a comeback and stay active but college is demanding (for me anyway) so yeah bye.. again.)
  5. Still havent broken my procrastination habit )'= This may carry on through to uni if I don't stop. Someone throw me off a cliff.

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    2. cubster


      procrastination is not always a bad thing you know

    3. Hazera


      Aaah the life of a studen, them days....

    4. Eternalbreeze


      nope. I had serious procrastination problems. I'm still ok

  6. How would you dress up for WW1 day..? FATTY NEEDS IDEAS. Soldier, nurse etc.

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    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      She could just be one side with ladder, rotting corpses in side, rats along bottom, trench foot and a whistle?

    3. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      I hope I didn't insult you.

    4. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      My better half thinks I did.

  7. Memorising depressing WWI poems for English, life's great!

    1. Haku


      one of the best WW1 poems:

      boom boom boom boom,

      I want to be with you,

      to spend the life together,

      From now until forever

      boom boom boom,

      bombs keeps us away,

      but I will not sway,

      for my life may end today.

    2. Olivejar


      Ah I don't envy you..sounds bad but I cant emphathise with the war poems

    3. Tallboy


      i think its fun :P

  8. 17 is an ugly age.

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    2. Faerie


      17 was my favourite age! Not a kid but not quite an adult.

    3. M-C


      Every age is beautiful , it's up to you to think and feel that way. But obviously being/staying young has its advantages. but so does old age. I cant differentiate my teen years much tbh.

    4. Haku


      Listen to the Granny-Zim, Fattii

  9. RESULTS DAY TOMORROW >_< aslfkhglskalaklakjshshskmajsksnsnsm!!!!!

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    2. cherry*tomato


      Good luck for tomorrow. Please do share your results with us.

    3. Enigma


      All the best! InshaAllah you get what you hoped for. c:

    4. FATTII


      Thank you guys <3

  10. 21st August. . . Oh my )'=

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    2. Keena


      You'll be fine Fatti!! I will bring you some cinnabon to celebrate results :D x

    3. respecta


      Just find a shundor bhaisaab at the end of the day. Problems solved

    4. FATTII


      OMG please do!! @Keena ('= -- @respecta No fetla. Just no.

  11. Does anyone else think about Final Destination when at theme parks whilst waiting in line for rides? (:

  12. May I be the first to say ramadan kareem please... RAMADAAN KAREEM MANIACS ^_^

    1. Hijab



  13. "Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably." - CS. Lewis

  14. FATTII


    We, or just you? I'm not one to talk anyway
  15. Hello (= And welcome! Sad you don't usually see much of this anymore.
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