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  1. Telling your mom something you think is funny and ending up getting yelled at...

  2. Put your hand up if you think I am crazy… then think again… i mean who is the one sticking their hand up at a computer screen?

  3. Awkward moment, When you`re in the car, & you look at the people in the car next to you, & they`re already looking at you... o_O

    1. FATTII


      Oh just wave! (:

    2. Faerie


      Awkward for them since they were staring!

  4. Old people at weddings always poke me and say "you're next". So i started doing the samething at funerals!! XD

  5. Staring at a message for fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to respond...=/

  6. Hardest thing ever? Controlling your laughter at serious times...

  7. 9 year olds these days have iPhones, an iPad, and a Facebook. When I was 9, I felt cool with my new markers..

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      That's cause you were cool with your markers. Kids now days just aren't as cool

    2. Haku
  8. That frustrating moment when someone says " gosh you've gone tall" and you look down at your heels/wedges/stilettoes and think ' well duh!'

  9. I love it how 1 pack of gum = instant popularity :)

    1. Summer.Haze


      Yes, that is a good way to get popular. xD

    2. FATTII


      it's like dealing drugs at my school... My sister's the dealer

    3. Enigma


      doo doo bref magnet

  10. That awkward moment when you shout the wrong answer out in the class with confidence....

    1. Summer.Haze


      lol! Been there, done that. Also, *almost* calling your professor mom. :/

    2. Messtress Stranga

      Messtress Stranga

      yehh lool

      what about calling the "Sir" a Miss by accident in front of the whole class??

    3. Summer.Haze


      ^^lol Hasn't happened yet. xD

  11. When life gives you ORANGES, stand on top of a tall building, and throw them at people. It`s fun :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Enigma


      I'd rather keep the oranges and throw the peel at people. Peeling oranges is therapeutic.

    3. Summer.Haze


      Oranges can kill yo. I'd rather eat them. :yummy:

    4. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      You are one bad monkey

  12. Officer: How high are you? Me: No officer, it's 'Hi, how are you?'

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      You are high, how?

  13. Like/Comment if you can’t think of a clever status either

  14. Messtress Stranga

    Last film you watched?

    Frozen watched it three times and understood it the last time....
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