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    Timbuktu..! :-)
  1. Disssertation Has Started...Third Year should be "fun"

  2. ooo..Not Used MM in a while...!!

  3. "..Sometimes It Just Gets Too Much..I Feel That I've Lost Touch..I know The Road Is Long...Make Me Strong..! ♥

  4. The Craziness Just Doesn't Seem To End...

  5. advent child ..i totally agree with your first post on the thread!! i rejoined after nearly 5 years as well...
  6. Ramadhan Mubarak :-)

    1. Simmi


      You too Sadz.. and welcome back :D

    2. Sadz123


      Heyy!! I knoww!! its been ages since I have been on!! things have been just tooo crazy!!! hope your well!

    3. white-rose


      Ramadhan Mubarak to you too!

  7. ...Say you wanna intervene and wana protect the person. But that person doesnt want your help, but they seriously need it..what to do then?
  8. Smile..Smile..Smile...

    1. Messtress Stranga

      Messtress Stranga

      smile its sunnah!


    2. M-C
    3. Sadz123


      Thats the way..!! Keep Smiling People..! :-)

  9. There are a few members on here that are like not very inviting, majority are mashAllah very welcoming. I was begining to get used to the forum but i have been a little busy with "real life" so not been at the computer..!
  10. Whilst Chatting On MM Chat, I Forgot I Had Cake in The Oven...Im Sure You Can Guess What Happened...! (-_-)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Sadz123


      I know rocher, i cant blame cubby.! It was my silly mistake..! first time in the history of "Mizz B's Cupcakes" I have burnt a cake..!

    3. ferrero rocher

      ferrero rocher

      Cubbay, because there is noone else to blame that why :P Hey Sadz, theres always a first for everything :P

    4. Sadz123


      I guess so.! :-) first and probz last inshAllah..! :-)

  11. This year they are more in each others face than fun..! I enjoy watching "your-fired" more than the actual programme..! I think Michael deserved to go..he was just a waste of space. Last week, Maria I can't believe she fell asleep on the task..! she was way to firey for Alan Sugars sake..!!
  12. i was part of the hijabi one, and they made like animated signature things..!
  13. This Time Last Year I was mashAllah Packing To Go Saudi, Now Im Packing To Go London..!! Sad Times....

    1. Dee
    2. Sadz123


      Lol!! Not as exciting ey...!

  14. ^ cats do like doing what they want, when they want..my neighbours cat thinks she lives at my house. she will sit on my door step (Imprisoning my brother in my home- yes he is scared of them, LOL i know) sit under our car. saying that, the other neighbours dog walked into my house as if I invited him for tea. My mum wasnt pleased.
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