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  1. blubbles


    Because, inshallah, I want to go abroad for a while to the UAE Thanks everyone for the replies
  2. blubbles


    Hello all! It's been ages since I've posted anything! Hope you all are well Insha'Allah I've wanted to learn Arabic for absolutely ages, but finally have time to come round to it and start talking it seriously. Thing is, there are so many dialects bla bla that it's super confusing! I know two girls (one Egyptian and one from the UAE) and I'm sure that their way of speaking differs loads?! So, my question is: 1. Where/ how is the best place to learn 2. Would I be learning a specific dialect I am a beginner by the way.... Thanks!!
  3. I hate my job. I want to get a job abroad. Somewhere in the middle east.
  4. Its usually pretty chilled out at ours, come from a small family, so there's no huge family 'get together' or anything. But it's still fun.
  5. I absolutely HATE my job. Should I quit before finding another one? I can't STAND the role atm and I feel sick at the thought of carrying on there :(

    1. M-C


      nope find another job first and update your resume too. what do you hate about your job?

    2. iLikeToast
    3. cubster


      what M-C said.

  6. WOOOO!! Just bought my first ever car!!!

  7. Salams all. Pllleeaassee can i ask that you guys keep me in your duas. Life is really difficult at the moment...

    1. Pow


      only if you keep me in yours

    2. Professional Human

      Professional Human

      may Allah make things easy for you

  8. LOL i always think the same too. I used to be a right makeup junkie, but I love the natural look now. Even on my wedding, i'd keep it natural looking (insha'Allah).... Seriously though, been to weddings where women have gone overboard. Like soo much blush that it looks like the woman's cheeks are bleeding....
  9. Think i'm suffering from post uni depression. What? It's a real thing. Google it.

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    2. Simmi


      lol would doing my school work make you feel any better?

    3. x_cmz_x


      easily fixed by going back to uni :)

    4. Dee


      alot of graduates get it, time to find a job inshaAllah

  10. ^hope the meeting goes well, insha'Allah. But that is harsh, it's not your fault you weren't told...
  11. Wooo passed my theory and my dissertation. Haha sorry to disappoint el presidente!

  12. My theory test today :o. Hope i pass, insha'Allah. Will be embarassing if i don't. Lol.

    1. Yaya


      yea 2 fails in 2 days won't look good

    2. cubster
  13. Uni results are out, and I can't access my uni account. Grrrr.

    1. Yaya


      they might of deleted it because you failed

    2. Venomystic


      ^Hopefully not! Bubbles inshallah you've done great!

    3. blubbles


      ^Aw insha'Allah, Jzk.

      @ El presidente thanks for the confidence boost!

  14. I was wondering if anyone knows the reference of this; When asked to our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), which Ibadah is the best in virtue, He (pbuh) replied “to pray Salah on time”. Abdul Malik Bin Abu Mahzure explains he heard the following from Rasulullah (saw), “A person will gain Allah’s blessing if he prays Salah in the very beginning of its time slot, he will gain Allah’s mercy if he prays in the middle of the time period, and will only gain Allah’s forgiv...

    1. blubbles


      ...forgiveness if he prays at the end of the time slot” Much appreciated :)


  15. Anyone got any advice on giving good presentations?

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    2. Mowgli


      Make sure you slides are easy to read from a distance, don't read off your slides, talk around it, maintain eye contact and speak clearly, ummm I don't know what else

    3. Simmi


      Simplify your language and avoid technical terms that may confuse your audience.

    4. blubbles


      Jzk for all the advice :)


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