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  1. Catfishing in the Bobby

    Hello thur That's awesome... hmm, something to complain about... what about them [sports team], eh? Thanks I am rather chuffed with my self
  2. Catfishing in the Bobby

    In the words of Louis Xiv, "cors luv"
  3. Fishing!

    I really want to go fishing! It looks so relaxing... maybe one day.
  4. global warming

    Global warming is a lie started by the weather illuminati.
  5. First Track Day: N2 at Summit Point

    The speed triple is a beautiful bike! Good choice! I really want a Triumph Thruxton, but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon
  6. Catfishing in the Bobby

    That's an awesome outlook, alhumdulillah. Oh the usual adventures one has while travelling through life. Completed the first part of my postgrad and I'm on a sabbatical now, just working. How about yourself? What exciting things have you been up to?
  7. First Track Day: N2 at Summit Point

    That looks awesome! BTW is that a speed triple?
  8. Catfishing in the Bobby

    That's sick, which mountain? No. Alhumdulillah compadre, how have you been? Well I hope
  9. Catfishing in the Bobby

    Mad tingz fam. Wagwaan for you though?
  10. Catfishing in the Bobby

    I have returned from my travels... ... for the time being anyway
  11. One-day seminar on Islamic Finance | Dr M Akram Nadwi

    Sh. Akram is a pretty cool cat. This should be good
  12. Mama Mufasa has a question

    In mother Russia, we wash clothes together with Baby and Turnips.
  13. Harper Lee Writes Again

    I knew your true calling was as a librarian Lady M.
  14. Harper Lee Writes Again

    I found the original book was not very instructive. After reading it I was non-the-wiser about how to kill a mocking bird.