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  1. Oh. There was another one in Life of Pi. They pray SOOOO quick. Like what the heck? Whenever prayer pops up on TV, I make sure to tell my friends how it is. Also, when I see characters kissing in the midst of a sunset I always say... "Oh, they missed maghrib".
  2. They cant be BAD. I need GOALS. Maybe I should have said GOALS? Yeah...GOALS for the future? :]
  3. Are our faces out in the open at funerals? I thought we were wrapped up....
  4. I enjoyed this. Also reminds me to use my artistic talents for good.
  5. Inshallah: Plans For The Future First Year of College (Half Over) Integrate religious teachings within my daily life - check Start a blog that documents my life as a med student - check Increase in art skills by sketching - check Find a summer or weekend job to pay for summer tuition- umm… Join Global Medicine Club or GlobeMed - check Join Muslim Association Group - check Workout and lose five pounds - I gained… Volunteer at a mosque Have a Tea Party for Muslim Ladies - Check ( It was a halaqa) Finish my fasting days - 18 more left Help Abdul ( My bro) with his business 2013-2014 Enter six year medical program Lookout for possible life partner….(I might change that). Find summer job again. Life Goals Hajj! Take care of my parents Advocate against Female Genital Mutilation Practice medicine internationally Build a mosque Build a hospital- integrate natural healing and art therapy centers Start an international non-profit based on medicine and education that caters to impoverished areas Build a school Get married… What are your plans? Of course, we have no say what the future holds for us at all. I could be gone tomorrow, who knows?
  6. Stars You remind me of hidden things. Lost things. Secrets. And if I were to find you, I would find me. Jaded jewels left behind. I was not one of your kind. You pined for a nonexistent heart of gold. Who knew that you would have sold yours too? Diamond tears Glisten in an ocean of darkness. Stars. --- Feeling I’m feeling like some poetry. Like wild ink on white meadows. I am feeling like the curves of o’s , a’s and p’s and blank. A dangerous fear of a nothingness to be understood. A fear of forgetting what my heart wants to tell this world. Poetry is the craving on a woman’s tongue. Umami of life. I am feeling like some poetry. Elegance strewed across the paper, the quietness of a soul. Not fully known to me at all. -Samira Ali ------
  7. I'm in college now. :D WOW. Long time no see.

  8. Ramadhan Mubarak

    1. white-rose
    2. M-C


      And Ramadaan Mubaraak to you too, SamikinSkyWalker!

  9. Does anyone speak Chinese and want to do a language exchange? :D

    1. Mufasa
    2. SamikinSkywalker


      Um. Like, for reals. :) Im doing a language exchange on Skype. ^_^

  10. I might be a bit late but CHAT WORKS! :D

    1. Sheik Homestar

      Sheik Homestar

      Better late than never lol

  11. First few days of college... :]

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