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  1. I don't know how to get a job. Someone help. I got one (as an editor) but she just won't pay me?? Even though she's the one who offered to pay me, I was just volunteering?????
  2. plz pray for my econ exam plz plz plz

  3. Stuff like this makes me question the claim that we are given "reasons" for ANYthing in Islam. I wonder how many of those reasons are created for fiqh purposes. It's not even a criticism. If God felt the need for a final prophet, surely He intended for some level of fallible human interpretation? But what example is there - really - of a "good" reason for doing something Islamically, the likes of which one would want for gender roles? The only reason, it seems to me, is to be closer to God. But the specific mechanics of ultimately trivial decisions and rules and roles - I can't think of a reason given. Some satisfy, but satisfaction varies.
  4. I love this thread!!!! @oxy, Do you agree that societies were primarily patriarchal prior to Islam? Do you think humans are ahistorical? Is there socialization outside of - and despite - Islam? And to what extent do you think Islam exists to create culture, to modify it, or to accommodate to it?
  5. I don't even understand how though. 99% of the convos are barely religious. I guess it's good though bc thats the way it is for a lot of born-Muslims - we don't think about religion, it's just kinda there in references and stuff I guess.
  6. I like MM because ppl are funny and immature like me. And I like a lot of the personalities on here.
  7. B/c they didn't want us to consider it a big deal and were afraid I'd become snobby. Pretty sure we are cuz we have a family tree (my granddad had it before he left India). Ya I don't really understand how we are Syeds tbh if he didn't have sons.
  8. I'm a Syeddah ! I didn't know it was a big deal till I was 16. My parents never talked about it and seemed angry that I had found out tbh.
  9. La Passe! It was good! Subtitles obviously.
  10. I had no idea MM was still kickin'! Hi everybodyyy

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      Hey, yes we still exist. Thx for making your comeback by liking all my posts

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  11. My OrgChem prof is hilarious omg
  12. I pray that everyone's family in Pakistan is well.

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Holy crap, this is awful, just awful

  13. lilypad

    AL URDU!

    I translated the poem and knew most of the words so...
  14. lilypad

    AL URDU!

    Um quite a few but not a lot lot
  15. lilypad

    AL URDU!

    Umm...??? Sorry I dont understand
  16. lilypad

    AL URDU!

    Allama Iqbal: لا پھر اک بار وہی بادہ و جام اے ساقی ہاتھ آ جائے مجھے ميرا مقام اے ساقی Bring that cup and wine once more, O Saqi (wine bearer) So that my station may once again be in my grasp, O Saqi تين سو سال سے ہيں ہند کے ميخانے بند اب مناسب ہے ترا فيض ہو عام اے ساقی For 300 years, the wine-shops of Hind have been closed It is now appropriate that your generosity become widespread, O Saqi مری مينائے غزل ميں تھی ذرا سی باقی شيخ کہتا ہے کہ ہے يہ بھی حرام اے ساقی In my tumbler of poetry, there were a few drops left The shaykh has declared even these to be haram, O Saqi شير مردوں سے ہوا بيشۂ تحقيق تہی رہ گئے صوفی و ملا کے غلام اے ساقی The forests of truth have become empty of the lion-hearted There remain only slaves of the Sufi and Mullah, O Saqi عشق کی تيغ جگردار اڑا لی کس نے علم کے ہاتھ ميں خالی ہے نيام اے ساقی Who has removed the valiant sword of love? In knowledge's hand remains an empty scabbard, O Saqi سينہ روشن ہو تو ہے سوز سخن عين حيات ہو نہ روشن ، تو سخن مرگ دوام اے ساقی When the chest is enlightened, verses make the heart burn If there is no light, then verses are eternal death, O Saqi تو مری رات کو مہتاب سے محروم نہ رکھ ترے پيمانے ميں ہے ماہ تمام اے ساق Do not deprive my night of moonlight In your goblet I see a full moon, O Saqi
  17. What the hell is on your mind: tl;dr: Trivial aspects of Musa and Oxy's lives
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