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  1. I just take fruit cuz it's easier to get my '5 a day' shabang done.
  2. What would be the reasoning for this? I would assumed it would count under 'sadaqa' if you're intention is do something good for someone else for the sake of Allah taala?
  3. Well who's part of the global conspiracy that keeps making me fall asleep? Fix them and I'll let go of ya precious tea. (For there is no flavour, lol it is just hot water or luke warm.)
  4. Tbf the main purpose of drinking tea is the caffeine, not summat I actually enjoy. That's why I tend to drink it when it's cold so I can down it in one.
  5. See for me tea is such a simple thing, it makes no difference how you make it. I add the tea bag and milk at the same time, wait for the kettle to boil chuck that in and i'm on my merry way.
  6. Fasbir


    First it's 72 fruits, now it's gay virgins...
  7. ^ That's not a RCQ. How does someone develop road sense/increase their knowledge on how a car works? (or is going through the manual the best way).
  8. Nah on CV resume you don't go into that much detail nor do you prep competency based questions +answers.
  9. Now I get it, I guess i've not really known much about this cuz I've never really used any of those services. Sometimes I feel like I like under a rock cuz most things are news to me. Thank you for explaining this.
  10. I would, but cubster doesn't like us taking guns out.
  11. Nah as in what's the amount you're supposed to give, and when do you give it? Is it at restaurants or places where you sit down and eat? At hairdressers? I remember reading a post where Musa tipped the lady who did his laundary, so I just wanted to know all the different times/places where people are supposed to do this.
  12. Wasn't that Leicester? Or do you make a habit of being around elbow lickin' wierdos?
  13. Some of it is so so so nasty, esp The Merchants Tale. It's written in Middle English.
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