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  1. salaam brothers and sisters I was wondering if anyone can point me to a online resource to perfect my salah in arabic
  2. chantstradford


    Salam brothers and sisters, I have a question about the hadith because i haven't gotten far into reading them. Everytime im approach by someone and i tell them my religion they ask about 72virgins i always reply its lost in translation and its actually 72 dat palm fruit am i right? Help please thanks
  3. To Those who believe in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. salaam everyone, It get's no better than this no matter what your accepted. no believing in no man just god, Islam the true religion of forgiveness
  4. yeah i seen the message, and a lot of the BBC doc's, i think i only seen one Bollywood film, but whatever you guys can dig up will be greatly appreciated
  5. can everybody compile a list of the best Islamic or foregin films for me
  6. yeah it's more to it than that, i feel the same way, look it up though check wikipedia
  7. well the Moorish science temple has been around longer the nation of Islam. It started in 1913 by a man by the name of noble drew Ali, born in north Carolina to a Moroccan father and Cherokee Indian mother. and the 5 percent nation , was started by Clarence 13x a former student of Malcolm X, there Philosophy is that 85% of the people are deaf and blind and through the teaches from lessons of Allah they can make the deaf hear and the blind see "hypothetically". and that's what the 5percent are here for. and the 10 percent are knowing but refuse to show or help the dumb or the blind. and use it to there advantage. with moor science and the 5percenters its similar to mainstream Islam with having to be knowledgeable and taken things within reasoning and challenging misconceptions
  8. yea sure no problem, read mark 12:29 Jesus(pbuh) himself says"the first of all the commandments is hear, O Israel: the lord our god is one lord. also (I Cornithians 8:4) also (I timothy 2:5) they also said Jesus was God because he had the holy spirit but he wasn't the only one in the bible read: (Acts 11:24, Acts:5:32 Acts6:5, peter 1:21, II timothy 1:14. then Jesus wasn't the only baby born with the holy spirit also john the baptist in (luke 1:13-15) he wasn't the only one to perform miracle's Elisha and Elijah (II kings6:17 and 6:20) II kings 4:44, II kings:4:7. also my brother, the son ship of Jesus he's not only one called Son or begotten son in the bible, (psalm 2:7) also read Luke 4:41, 9:20-21 , Matthew 19:13-17 note this when you read the bible it is edited so much one section they call Jesus prophet then god read john6:14. 7:40 just to name a few but in the old testament there is a Challenge to Prophethood Deuteronomy 13:1-6. this is all I got for you today but there is plenty more. this is out of the king James version, but get 2 other bible's lots of times you will get different versions. salaam
  9. yeah , but the bible clearly shows were Jesus ask not to be worshiped, the bible is a manipulated by man. it's plenty of evidence within the bible that contradicts the worship of Jesus
  10. Rafiki it wasn't all bad it was just too much. extra oh yeah baptist
  11. yes my father is , I'm orthodox . But my father studied Moorish science temple and the 5%percent nation off shoots of Islam in America
  12. As-Salamu_Alaykum to my MM brothers and sisters, Today was a sad day it was my grandfather's funeral (my mother’s father) I ran into family members that I haven't seen in years, Yada yada long story short I’m in a Christian church so you pretty much know where I’m going with this one, first my father with his turban on so we were already getting funny looks from that. But that was minor to everything else that went on, my great grandmother came a sat beside me and said “boy you sure look good in that suit when are you coming to church" I grinned and awkwardly said I don't know grandma. I think she would have a heart attack and die that very second if I told her I got to the mosque and not the church. She’s a devout Christian and would never ever pick up any literature about any other religion. Well service started and then we had, the EXTRA EXTRA! Preacher man awwwww amen this amen that. I feel if these words are this powerful all the extra dramatics is not needed. Then everybody was a screaming contradiction, Jesus this Jesus that (pbuh) I was saying to myself no one is thanking GOD! Something is wrong here, me and my dad were constantly glancing at each other my dad’s famous words Jesus didn't die for my sins maybe yours. and what really broke the straw on the camel’s back for me is when they were quoting scriptures out the bible saying remain steadfast in prayer and live righteous if you want to dwell in the house of my father. Than I just shook my head I just wanted to scream in a Tourette’s fit so why are you praying to Jesus if his "father" is the key to heaven.
  13. Last Friday I was out just hanging with a couple friends, and somehow a conversation about religion came up as a topic, everybody shared and then it was my turn to share. (Mind you I’m in a room full of Christians) I started by saying well first off I’m a Muslim. Gasp, shriek and a girl screamed "you’re a Muslim “and I replied yeah, but you’re black. I said yeah it's a lot of black Muslims, now showing she was a sheltered girl only seeing Muslims on Cnn. I gave them the spill about Islam and why I reverted. They went on to say if you don't take Christ as your savior you will go to hell. I enlighten them with there on words (Bible) I calmly explained I also believe in Jesus just not as my god but as a prophet in which evidence clearly states in some of your Bible's (lol) one person said do you believe Jesus (pbuh) died for your sins. I stated no if so what would be the point of judgment day where god's judges you on your sins. No reply then they made a joke about pork and them loving it. I popped open the Bible and showed them in deutoronemey where pork is forbidden, they challenged me with the new testament stating it was fine to eat and I said "Do you think god would make a mistake why would god say one thing and then say another. To me it challenges his divinity. I got Nothing everyone was silenced. And being biased. I asked did most of you find Christianity on your own or did you just do what your family showed you. In which most said yeah there family showed them. Then one guy went on to say Muslims want everyone one to be like them. I smiled and gave them an example how many Muslims have walked up to you or knocked on your door professing accept “our religion or go to hell” I explained to him in Islam we believe there is no compulsion in religion you are free to choose. And I went on to say but how many Christians, Mormons, are Jehovah’s witnesses has knocked on your door he shook he’s head and how many Muslims knock on yours he replied none and I said thank you. I don't want to bore you anymore I was just letting you know how my Friday went thanks for reading.
  14. ok I know im not so new but I never got a chance to intro myself. all i want to say is how much i truly love mm, a place were "it just feel's right to be amongst my people" and to all my brothers' and sisters insha allah if i can help in any way i will. if you want my contact info just ask. if your ever in my town just give me a call or email me.
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