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  1. Currently playing...

    I was playing Batman Arkham Origins but finished that and now I'm playing AC4BF! I got both on pre-order but AC4 arrived a day later but still enjoying it. Online is pretty good on Batman for never having it before
  2. The Legend of Korra

    Everything with the film is terrible and probably wrong but in the cartoon they just bend fire like they do with the other elements.
  3. The Legend of Korra

    I've been watching TLOK lately as it has came on in the UK and I find it amazing!! Just as amazing as The Legend of Aang. Anyway found this meme and it seemed funny. Anyone else watch it? Note that the picture this episode is from is EP.9
  4. Eurogamer

    I will go next year inshallah!!
  5. Phones

    My network told me this
  6. Phones

    Apparently Huawei Ascend P2 isn't being manufactured in the UK, is this true?
  7. Currently playing...

    Currently playing Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped and The Last of Us MP Don't get Crash 3, its not even fun at all
  8. E3 2013 [UPDATED]

    Infamous Second Son, epic game!!
  9. Phones

    This one seems really good though
  10. Phones

    Huawei's battery life lasts a day and the specs are really good
  11. Phones

    I've checked reviews and it seems like a good phone
  12. Phones

    I need advice on a phone that I like called Huawei Ascend P2, is it a good phone?
  13. Currently playing...

    Currently playing The Last Of Us! Such an epic, intense and scary game. The combat is so brutal as well
  14. E3 2013 [UPDATED]

    PS4 is the best!! Xbox has lost this battle
  15. Currently playing...

    The Joker!!