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    Sing Me A Song About Goodbyes

    Venomystic, It's so great to receive positive feedback! Thank you. It definitely encourages me to post more of my stuff! Mufasa, Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it! I'm not that new here. I just don't come here too often. Maybe it's time it changed! I'll check the introductions, if I didn't introduce myself last year when I registered, I'll be more than happy to introduce myself now!
  2. I'mWriting

    Sing Me A Song About Goodbyes

    thanks for the comment summer haze. hope you enjoyed it! and yeah, i wrote it
  3. I'mWriting

    Sing Me A Song About Goodbyes

    I can stand here forever and watch the trees shed their leaves. How captivating it is to see them fall softly on the ground in complete surrender. It is one of the very few moments that truly make me feel as though time stands still. Outside magical moments like this, Time seems so restless. It spins so fast making me lose control as I try to catch up. But when leaves fall ever so gently and with such a rare delicacy, I can feel Time standing right next to me, amazed at the sight of them dancing hand in hand with their fate, in pure submission.
  4. Dear Sleep, will you be a good friend of mine? For tears can't escape from closed eyes and an open mind, and I don't want to cry tonight.

  5. I'mWriting

    Creations Nature

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it.
  6. I am what I am, and that's what I am. I'm Popeye, the sailor man! Toot toot!

    1. Haku


      you are bored.

    2. '_SkyWalker_'
    3. I'mWriting


      bored? pfff.. this is not something you do as an act of boredom. you do this when you wish to reconnect to your inner self. 'bored' he says, ha!


      and olive.. well, it kinda didnt work out in the end and she decided she needed a break. *sniff. sniff*

  7. I'mWriting

    Creations Nature

    nothing is something that doesnt exist, therefore it cant be important. however, anything other than nothing has the potential of being something important.
  8. I'mWriting


    soon, insh'Allah
  9. I'mWriting

    What RAJ means

    lol at the image
  10. Why do I have to click on "I Agree" buttom EVERY TIME I enter the chat room? Is it equivalent to saying 'Bismi Allah Rahmani Rahim" when entering a room or something?

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    2. I'mWriting


      I say- it's time for REVOLUTION!Who's with me?!:D


    3. Faerie
    4. cherry*tomato


      Nice to hear you love cherry tomatoes. They are an acquired taste! Ah Revolution that old chestnut! Good luck with that :P

  11. I'mWriting

    Creations Nature

    It is. But is it ever something important?
  12. I'mWriting

    What RAJ means

    After going through everything, I'm not sure whether I'm more or less confused than I was before. Which is confusing in it of it self. ((ohhhh... a never ending circle of confusion!))
  13. I'mWriting


    Thanks, cubster!
  14. I'mWriting

    What RAJ means

    I'm so confused...