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  1. No it's not Minnesota, it's Maine. It was quite a fight. Very exhilarating. I love snowmobiling too. My boyfriend has one already, we plan on getting me one by next winter.
  2. Any of you maniacs go fishing? It's fun af. Here's me proudly displaying a 36" pike I caught while ice fishing a couple of weeks ago. *snip*
  3. I have really strong opinions about tipping. I know that it was mentioned that in the US, servers are paid only $2-$3/hr and depend on tips to make a living. IMO people in the US who don't tip are practically stealing because it's assumed that they will tip. I agree with most of what was said in the OP. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out. Exceptions are obviously made for ♥♥♥♥ty service but no one should ever walk into a restaurant expecting to not tip the staff. 18% is minimum, 22% is average, 25%+ is for exceptional service.
  4. Some crunchy hippy lady posted about it on another forum I used to be on when I was pregnant for my daughter and I was like that's cool. Around the same time I started hearing all this stuff about phthalates and got freaked out, so yeah.
  5. Yeah, like 1/2 and 1/2 baking soda and water (like a paste) and a couple tablespoons of vinegar to a bottle of cold water.
  6. It took a couple weeks to get used to it, but yeah. Incredibly clean. I use the baking soda and vinegar about once a week. Every other time I just use hot water then rinse in cold. It doesn't get greasy at all, in fact I often use a small amount of coconut oil on it to encourage strong follicles and a healthy scalp. I didn't read the whole thread and I don't want to repeat stuff that was probably already but greasy or dry hair is caused by commercial shampoos and conditioners and your scalp gets confused and either over or underproduces your natural, healthy oils. Once you get a good alkaline/acid balance, (couple weeks max) your scalp gets used to doing its job and you'll find yourself with lovely, manageable, independent of chemicals locks.
  7. I've been no poo for years. Baking soda and cold vinegar rinse ftw.
  8. If you don't like being called "brother" or "sister", just roll down to Philly. You'll suddenly be "Aakee/Aak" or "Ooktee"
  9. I hate that Escada fragrances are limited editions. They've made some really good ones in the past that I would love to get my hands on.
  10. Wow, I didn't realize there were so many relationship experts on MM.
  11. It's a sacred city. The origin place of al Isra2 wal Mir3aj. It used to be our qiblah. We should feel a connection to it. It's mentioned in the Qur'an..
  12. She is awesome, mashaAllah. I wish she would start doing more 'ethnic' recipes again like she used to a few years ago, though. But I understand a lot of work goes into them, and then photographing and having to write it out. I believe she's an ultrasound technician if I'm not mistaken, so I'm sure she's very busy. Maybe one day we'll see her on one of those Food Network shows.
  13. Fatour meal is cooked for tonight alhamdolilah. I love finishing early. Red lamb stew (recipe from Mimi's blog, a fellow MMer) Lentil soup Pulled chicken with tomato, eggplant and potato Bourek (beef and cream cheese spring rolls) Rice Salad (Romaine lettuce, mini-cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper, and cilantro with a lemon juice/olive oil/salt/pepper dressing) Tzatziki It should last a couple days.
  14. people are dull.

    1. M-C


      I actually think people in general can be awesome. We have the potential to not be dull... here's some lonely island

    2. Enigma


      Ants are cooler.

    3. respecta


      i whip my hair back and forth

  15. It could be yes. And I saw the link you posted and it doesn't really go onto details about what can be considered agreed upon. It could be that it's agreed upon as in they both sign the contract. But as far as a man specifically asking a woman he agreed to marry to reduce her mahr is, as far as I've been told, unfair to her. There are too many guys out there that try to make girls feel guilty about having a respectable mahr. I don't think it's fair for a woman to demand a mahr that is beyond the means of her intended, either though. I believe the sunnah mahr is modern day $400. Realistically though that's not enough to even pay 1 month in rent.
  16. I don't know. The way I had it explained to me is that since it's a right of the bride, she sets the amount and he doesn't have the right to encourage her to reduce it. He could tell her for example, "I can't go through with this marriage because your mahr is more than I can afford." And she could take the decision to reduce it on her own if she wants him badly enough. Or if she hasn't yet set a mahr for herself he could suggest one to her and she can choose to accept. But for him to ask her to reduce it is unfair and may make her feel pressured to forego her right. Especially when she's got her love-goggles on. Of course I don't have any evidence for any of what I'm saying.
  17. From my understanding a man cannot ask his bride to change her mahr. If he doesn't agree to it, he doesn't marry her. @thread I just want to remind everyone that mahr is not dowry. A dowry is a price/gift/estate a bride('s family) gives to the groom('s family). Dowry is only given from the woman's side to the man's side. There's no English equivalent for the word mahr.
  18. You shouldn't concern yourself with what others are wearing. Clothing isn't an appropriate measure of piety.
  19. Mahr was made an Islamic right to the woman for a reason. This is a mercy and a liberation that Allah swt gave to us. I agree with Dee and Astera. It should be taken seriously and have a lot of thought put into it. We can all fawn all over how "sweet" and "romantic" it is to have your mahr set as a hardcover Qur'an but realistically it's better to have something set aside for yourself. Whether it's gold or cash savings or a house, etc. Best case scenario you have something to give to your future son's bride to be, like a heavy gold bracelet. Or cash toward pursuing a hobby, craft, business endeavor, whathaveyou. I won't even say worst case scenarios. I just think it's extremely unwise for a woman to enter into a marriage with nothing. Be it a job, savings, an education or ideally all three.
  20. Creepy ass dudes yo. It took me a minute to see them. When I did, I shat bricks.
  21. I like traveling but I haven't gotten the opportunity to really travel overseas unfortunately. I pick destinations based on places I've heard about from people or seen on TV or in movies. Or where I know people. And that's affordable for me. I prefer driving over flying NOW but before I preferred flying. It was easier and faster. But now driving is more convenient simply cuz my daughter has been too old to sleep through it and too young to be patient. I also don't like to be that lady with the annoying kid that ruined the flight for everyone lol. She's at an age now that I wouldn't mind flying with her, but for most of the 2-3s we traveled by car. Almost always rental. I like just winging it when I go somewhere. I hate being touristy. I'll usually just dive right in to the local area and stay away from the expensive tourist traps. Unless there's something in particular I want to see, then I will plan for it. Otherwise I'll just walk or drive around, go in to little shops and hang out, meet people and look for the closest beach lol. I pack appropriately but on the light side. Enough clothes to last the trip, toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant, phone charger, just the essentials pretty much. I'm notorious for leaving stuff behind so for this reason I only take what's necessary. But always take a hookah with me lol. Even for day trips. I'm a boring traveler lol. Edit: I take food with me for long car trips. Cuz fast food is gross and I don't want to have to stop at a restaurant along the way unless necessary cuz I'm frugal and impatient. For entertainment I bring CDs to listen to and always a tablet for my daughter to play games on.
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