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  1. Quran is perfect in all aspects; it is a methodology, and way of life. Quran is the base of faith and cure for all aliments. It is the truly straight path and delight of the people of the wisdom. Quran is the truth that was certainly revealed to us. The person rewarded who spend his live according to its dictations. The people’s status Allah almighty raises or lower based on their devotion to it. On the Day of Judgment, the Quran will plead on the behalf of those who recited it. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “The one who reads a single letter from the book of Allah will be rewarded with one good deed. A good deed is multiplied ten times over. I do not say Alif laam meem is one letter Laam is one letter meem is one letter.” (At tirmithi). The book of Allah is guidance to all humankind’s and the one who does not act according to the Quran Laws and abandon its recitation is in a state of spiritual death. Quran is a healing to the body and the person without Quran is like the person without the medicine, air and water. Allah almighty says “And we send down of the Quran that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss.” (Quran 6:122) For the soul or body, Quran is a healing and Quran brighten the way of complicated life. When you are in need and feel powerless, Quran will be a defender and Muslim will feel matchless calm in his heart when he read the Quran. Some people only concerned with their voice how they sound without listening to what is being ordered and forbidden. Reciting the Quran and trying to figure out its meaning is more valuable to a Muslim in his life. Quran is a book that is revealed from the above seven heavens and not just to be recited but it could be revealed to be implemented. In short, implement the Quran in your lives and recite it during the day and nights not just recite but understand its true meaning.
  2. Description Today it is difficult to find specific teacher for teaching your kids Islamic education at home but we have solved your problem by developing an Islamic learning application for kids to learn the step by step procedure of performing wudhu/ablution. You have to just download this application free of cost on your android devices and get benefit of learning how to perform wudu. FREE DOWNLOAD KIDS WUDU SERIES FOR ANDROID FEATURES Step by step representation of complete sequence of wudhu procedure with English subtitle description makes it easier to learn the wudhu procedure. If you are not familiar with the significance of wudu then read complete information regarding wudu with detailed hadith and Sunnah/Sunat defining the importance of wudu in Islam. For the interest of kids wudu game is included in the application to teach them wudhu steps while arranging the sequential order of wudu in right direction. If you have any misconceptions about wudhu in your mind then read the tips and warning section to eradicate any kind of rumors spread about sanctity of wudu. You can share this Islamic application with others on social sharing sites like Facebook and Google Plus. We welcome criticism and appreciate your concerns about the application. Review and the application and provide us feedback.
  3. Every Muslim tries to learn Quran correctly in his life to gain blessings of Allah. Quran Now Cellular applications create easiness for one to get benefit of Quran learning in a proper way from this technological invention. Features: Complete 114 Surahs: As it is clear from the feature above that full Quran is available in this application in proper order. Keeping in mind the user easiness specific Surah Search is also available. Arabic verses Translation in English: If you are not able to understand the meanings of arabic surahs do not take tension english translation is also available side by side. Recitation of Holy Quran: Recitation in pleasant voices of Different Qari’s is available. In addition to this one is also able to download Mp3 Audio of recitation, to set reminder for recitation in spare time and bookmark the specific Surah or verse so that he don’t find any difficulty in searching where he stops increases the significance of this application. Theme Customization: Eye attracting visuals with 3 Arabic Fonts add stars to this application. With that user is free to choose from one of these fonts and adjust Visual settings. Transliteration: Arabic to English Conversion of verses is available for one who doesn’t understand how to read Arabic. Click Here to Download Quran Now Application
  4. Taking in the Six kalmas is never simple previously yet with Kids kalma application it is not a major ordeal now. Youngsters and additionally grown-ups can learn and remember these six kalmas of Islam with a special and intuitive way. This application could be impart to companions and other relatives keeping in mind the end goal to improve their learning capacities and to build their affection and friendship with our religion Islam. islamic kalmas for android | islamic kalams for iPhone Features · All the kalma verses are set with two detach adaptations of perusing, set in two separate tabs for a easy ingress. · Transliteration, interpretation and audio for individual word furthermore for full kalma is additionally particular in the application. · User , also fit to adjust the application screen the way they needs to.
  5. 4 qul of quran word by word for android and iPhone 4 Qul is an unadulterated instructive application intended for children and recently changed over muslims. 4 Qul application could be utilized as a fledgling thingamajig for Quran learning and remembrance. 4 Quls are most brief Surahs of Quran and could be learn rapidly and effectively. although that one can discuss these short surahs in every day salat. download 4 qul of quran for android | download 4 qul of quran for iPhone Features Recitation: Word by Word recitation of 4 Qul is specified in the application to assist teenagers eavesdrop and take behind the reciter to scrutinize every particular word flawlessly. Translation: Each word from Surah is selected and indicated separately with its translation in english and transliteration. Transliteration: An extensive alteration of every surah of 4 Qul is additionally given recitation perceptive and transliteration.
  6. 4 Qul for Kids is an intrinsic smartphone application for adolescents to influence them in taking in the 4 Qul of Quran word by word these four surahs give out the point behind securing us from grouped sorts of evils and debacles around us. Benefits 4 Qul for Kids is an staggeringly application for youngsters who are inauguration to understand and inclination to peruse Quran with right oratory and essentialness. Every avowal is given with its transliteration so the kids can recollect 4 Qul without difficulty with translation and augment their Quran recitation aptitude. Features Recitation: Word by Word recitation of 4 Qul is given in the application to help youngsters listen and take after the reciter to scrutinize every single word faultlessly. Translation: Each word from Surah is chosen and indicated separately with its translation in english and transliteration. Transliteration: A comprehensive alteration of every surah of 4 Qul is moreover given recitation perceptive and transliteration. Themes: User can re-try the setting to peruse elite of interpretation, and translatration of entire 4 Qul's. User can besides amend content style shade, and look over changed application topics. 4 quls for kids word by word for iPhone 4 quls for kids word by word for Android
  7. Free Surah Yaseen App for Smartphones Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. Everyone should be especially vigilant in comprehension Surah Yaseen.Surah yaseen is most crucial surah of quran the people who like to peruse surah yaseen on general premise this application is phenomenal gift for them. Importance Examining Surah Yaseen at the begin of the day causes Allah to fulfill everything your requirements for that day. Recitation of Surah Yaseen is equal to comprehend the whole Quran 10 times. It order the care of Allah to clear your transgressions. features Translation: Word by word interpretation of Surah Yaseen is offered in this application. It permits the addict to handle while exhibiting. The interpretation could be turned on or off relying upon addict necessity. Themes: reader can select a theme for audit Surah on their cell phones. They can pick between contrasting sizes,colors and substance according to their prerequisites Recitation this application comes with audio feature . The user is given a decision to select among their most valued reciters Blessing : The most imperative preference of recounting Surah Yaseen are tied the user with Islamic learning. Surah Yaseen For iPhone Surah Yaseen For Android
  8. Source - http://www.quranreading.com/blog/daily-duas-supplications-for-30-days-of-ramadan/
  9. May Allah reward you for putting up all attempts in creating this thread and putting up us all here to do Duas Since this is my first post in this thread, i would like to mention an android app which is regarding Ramadan Duas You can have it installed in your smartphone and recite these Duas at the specific time Here is the Developers official post on it including links to download: http://www.quranreading.com/blog/ramadan-duas-app-supplications-for-the-month-of-ramadan/
  10. Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. Everyone should be especially attentive in impressing Surah Yaseen. surah yaseen is most essential surah of quran those who like to recite surah yaseen on daily basis this app is great gift for them. Why This Application is So Important Reading Surah Yaseen at the begin of the day causes Allah to fulfill everything your requirements for that day. Recitation of Surah Yaseen is analogous to examining the whole Quran 10 times. Features Translation: Word by word rendition of Surah Yaseen is offered in this application. The translation could be turned on or off depending on user requirement. Themes: user can pick a theme for review Surah on their smartphones. They can choose between differing sizes,colors and content. Recitation: Audio of Surah Yaseen recitation may be listened on the application. Blessing: The most important benefit of reciting Surah Yaseen are incorporated the user with Islamic learning. Learn Surah Yaseen by Heart in Ramadan Download App For Android Learn Surah Yaseen by Heart in Ramadan Download App For iPhone
  11. wudu app that helps the Muslims to find the right method for performing Wudu. With the support of this app muslims can easily learn the proper mehtods of wudu. Importance of wudu application The app depict each step of the Wudu with the help of pictures for better understanding identifying with performing of every one steps . Features of wudu application Supplications :The wudu app have supplications that are to be said at the start and end of Wudu. Images:Wudu application conatin pictures against each one stage of the Wudu user can now see the pictures to recognize how the steps are performed. Imperative instructions:Wudu application likewise hold instructions about the correct procedure for wudu that user must remember while preforming wud. Download Free Step by Step Wudu App For Android Download Free Step by Step Wudu App For iPhone
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  13. The Ninety nine Names are the great Names of Almighty Allah. Each Name representing a certain Attribute of Allah. According to the Hadith "Allah has ninety nine names, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise." (Sahih Bukhari 3:894) It means memorizing the Names of Allah correctly will enable us to enter Jannat (paradise). So don’t waste your time further and let’s make an effort to learn them easily through different Islamic apps available on Internet. 99 Names is also one of the best Islamic app for Android and iPhone in which all Names of the Allah and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) are presented with English meanings, Translation, details and Arabic text with audio voice. This app is a good option for Muslims to remember Allah and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) with His glorious Names. Stay connected with Islam. Some other features are listed below. Download 99 Names for Android | Download 99 Names for iPhone App Features: 1. Beautiful Graphic with blue color background. 2. Details are given for all Names 3. Share with anyone through Internet 4. Each Name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) are given description and meanings in English. 5. Attractive Animation of Arabic text Audio voice option provided for Each Names Provid
  14. Step By Step Salat - Teaches you Salat in detail method The Salat(Prayer) is the key to paradise and religious worship that believers (Muslim) are commanded to offer it five times daily in their whole life. As mentioned in the Holy Quran that “I am Allah. There is no god, but Me, so worship Me and establish salat to remember Me.” (Surah Ta Ha, 14). So it is obligatory for every Muslim to perform Salat in right way as described by the Quran and Sunnah. Step by step Salat is an excellent smart phone application created by the Quranreading. Which teaches you the right method of Salat with complete details on your mobile screen.By using this app Muslim can easily understand and know the true meaning of Salat anywhere in the world. Besides these some key features of this app are given below. Download Step by Step Salat for Android | DownloadStep by Step Salat for Iphone Salient features Arabic text with audio option This option provided with audio sound and text in Arabic. So with the help of this option user may easily listen the correct pronunciation of each step in Salat. Prayer Reminder This option provides you the setting of alarm for prayer times.So you can set correct time for each prayer as Alarm. Global Prayer Timer In this option you may enter your desire current location to know the correct time of each prayer anywhere in the world. Rakat Table This option contains the total number of Rakat for each Salat. Step-by-step This option will take you to all the steps of Salat i.e Qayyam, Ruku Qaummah,,takbir, Sajdah , salam, Tashahud and jalsa etc. English translation It means that all steps of Prayer are defined with complete details in English.
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