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  1. Sal_the_man

    Coast to Coast - Winter Edition

    What do you mean all the best? Let's meet up!
  2. "I'm here so I won't be fined"

  3. Sal_the_man

    Coast to Coast - Winter Edition

    I've got time and a motorcycle on hand. So let's give this a shot...again... Riding from Maryland to California - winter edition Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/edit?mid=1zqnGHu3Cv0i9nMHQubW5ecTuRPB3qCxr&ll=40.32356185185785%2C-123.55027891558854&z=8 Itinerary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1xHiklts9siJZZXYMm7zW5uWbC-uR6O08_I1G4A3gf5c/edit#gid=0 Steed - Ducati 748S. Undoubtedly, the best touring bike of all time: Tips and suggestions are welcome. Just need to check the valves and slap on new tires. Then I'm on the road. Originally I was going to start from Maryland but the entire Blue Ridge Parkway is closed leading me to think the ride down will blow. So have booked an auto train ticket from Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida. Will start from there! Let me know if I'll be crossing paths with you. I'm game to link up over some chai. Free housing is always appreciated too lol Shoot me a PM
  4. Sal_the_man

    MMers who meet!

    So when we meeting up y'all
  5. Sal_the_man

    Hello again

    Dang so y'all are STILL active, nice!
  6. Sal_the_man

    Hello again

    I am bald
  7. Sal_the_man

    Hello again

    So the herd continues to thin...
  8. Sal_the_man

    What do you want out of a lecture/lecturer?

    I want candy. Lots of candy
  9. Sal_the_man

    Hello again

    So...what have I missed?
  10. Sal_the_man

    I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    You still slower than me shaver
  11. Sal_the_man

    I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    You slow shaver
  12. Happy birthday Sal!!

  13. Sal_the_man

    I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    Jesus, that's ridiculously overpriced
  14. Sal_the_man

    I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    Shaver did you own a Ducati at one point? I'm thinking of picking up an old 996/916/748. They require more scheduled maintenance but are iconic machines.
  15. Sal_the_man

    I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    Lookin good my man!