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Found 2 results

  1. lilypad

    iPhone stuff

    Hi everyone!!!! So I'm sorry if this thread already exists somewhere in the deep caverns of MM, but the search option didn't help. So anyways, some ppl here seem really knowledgeable about phones and things SO I decided to post this. So my brother in law just gave me his old iPhone for Eid and I was like ZOMG but then I realised I have no idea how to operate an iPhone, having a Nokia meself, so I have questions if anybody'd be kind enough to answer. And nobody tell me to google I tried. Okay soo: 1. Can Nokias and iPhones sync with Bluetooth? I tried but it wasn't working :/ so I dunno if that's just me or what. I ask cuz I want to put my photos from my Nokia in the iPhone, and uploading them etc etc is really a big hassle and kinda ugh. 2. What are REALLY GOOD APPS for the iPhone? Cuz Ovi kinda sucks, so I intend to take full advantage of the marketplace for iPhones. And can they be free plz cuz I don't have a credit card? So far I got: - iBooks (and I finished reading 4 books, LOL!!! Pollyanna is sooooooooooooo cute!) - Viber - IM+ - Opera Mini, Chrome - iSpending (I think the little i before Apple stuff is cute, don't you?) - Run Lite (it's a game) - Economist, BBC, Globe & Mail - iQuran, prayer timings thing - Instagram (is this worth it? :S). And something called Camera Awesome! but I don't know how to use it - Adobe Reader and this Office reader - FB, obviously - Genius Scan, which is REALLY COOL! - Some barcode reader thing - Some iHandy calibration thing which I personally think is proving to be useless Any other snazzy recommendations? 3. How do I download mp3 files directly from the internet phone browser onto an iPhone? I used to be able to do it in my Nokia. I want to download ringtones (there're these realllly cute ones for if your Mum or Dad call you, they're on my old phone but like I said the Bluetooth thing isn't working), and anyways whenever I click the "Download" button it just opens as a Music file and I dunno how to download it!!!!!!!!!! 4. Is there an easy way to just EXIT stuff? I mean, I have to double click that round button at the bottom, then all my open apps pop up, THEN I have to hold an icon and exit it one by one. I want to just exit Facebook by pushing a button that says exit WHILE I"M ON IT. Does anybody know if that's possible? And that's actually it!! Thanks so much in advance! Hope you're all well! -- Lilypad
  2. Salams Ya'll, I need to find that old Nasheed that goes something like this: It's for the kid's Islamic class I teach. I've got these so far for the rest of the Pillars of Iman. Unfortunately some of them have music, but the kids will be singing it without music. I love that lyrics for this stuff. - Articles of Faith - Prophets Song - Last Day Song - Destiny Song (Couldn't find anything not scary, so I thought this pretty much covers what I taught them.) - Shrimphead