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Found 4 results

  1. Muslim Forever

    Noah and the Age of the Prophets

    Salamualaikum, This is going to be a long question/rant type of question but I hope I don't inundate you with a big burden (pun intended, you will understand later on). My question is about the age of the Prophets that came before Muhammad (s.a.w). I was reading about Islam when I came across this: List Of Prophets Names with Their Ages The Age of Prophet Adam Alaihi Salaam is: Nine Hundred and thirty (930) years The Prophet Noah-Nooh Alaihi Salaam is also called Prophet Nuh and his Age is: Nine-hundred and fifty (950) years The Age of Prophet Shoaib Alaihi Salaam is: Eight-hundred and eighty-two (882) years The Age of Prophet Saleh - Saaleh Alaihi Salaam is: Five-hundred and eighty-six (586) years The Age of Prophet Idris - Idrees Alaihi Salaam is: Three-hundred and fifty-six (356) years The Age of Prophet Hud Alaihi Salaam is: Two-hundred and sixy-five (265) years The Age of Prophet prophet Zakariya Alaihi Salaam is: Two-hundred and seven (207) years The Age of Prophet ibrahim Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and ninety-five (195) years The Prophet Sulaiman-sulaimaan Alaihi Salaam is also called Prophet solomon and his Age is: One-hundred and fifty (150) years The Age of Prophet Ayyub - Ayyoob Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and forty-six (146) years The Age of Prophet Ya'qub - Ya'qoob Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and thirty-nine (139) years The Prophet Ishmael - Ismaael Alaihi Salaam is also called Prophet Ismail and his Age is: One-hundred and thirty-seven (137) years The Prophet Musa - Moosa Alaihi Salaam is also called Prophet Moses and his Age is: One-hundred and twenty-five (125) years The Age of Prophet Ya'qub - Ya'qoob Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and thirty-nine (139) years The Age of Prophet Ishaq - Ishaaq Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and twenty (120) years The Age of Prophet Harun - Haaroon Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and nineteen (119) years The Age of Prophet Yusuf Alaihi Salaam is: One-hundred and ten (110) years The Age of Prophet Yahya Alaihi Salaam is: Ninety-five (95) years The Age of Last Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam is: Sixty-three (63) years source: Book of Tareekh al Islam My question is how reliable are these ages and what's the source of them? Now I understand that in the Qu'ran, there is mention of Noah's age as 950. I'm willing to believe that Noah by himself lived 950 years but it's hard for me to reconcile that everyone in those days lived that long. Quran 29:14: Quote: YUSUFALI: We (once) sent Noah to his people, and he tarried among them a thousand years less fifty: but the Deluge overwhelmed them while they (persisted in) sin. Now my question is, how do we reconcile this with modern science and the Islam that I believe in if I firmly believe evolution to be true in the way that Yasir Qadhi believes Allah (swt) inserted Adam (a.s) into the earth with the Domino theory? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SFvsYCai1E) I've had no success searching for past answers on reddit. People have told me to take the verses metaphorically or to say that Nuh (a.s) lived for 950 years but not to believe that others lived that long and this was a blessing on Nuh (a.s). I'm fine with the latter, it's just I don't understand how his family comes into play here and if they lived that long. Please someone help me insh'allah. (If you want, you can pm me for more information.) P.S. I don't want ahmadiyya conclusions please.
  2. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-telescope-reveals-largest-batch-of-earth-size-habitable-zone-planets-around Seven earth-like planets in our own solar system outside our solar system ... then imagine how many there are far away. Edit: They're not in our solar system.
  3. Muslim Forever


    Yeah I saw a few of these and thought I might share: Stuck in a conversation and don't know if your partner is interested in it? If you fold your arms during a conversation and your partner does too, he/she is most likely interested in the conversation. If someone doesn't like you, ask to borrow their pencil. Its this cool physiological effect that makes people like you better. Buy stuff in bulk instead of a stand or vending machine. You will save money by a lot. Cats are stress relievers. Lemon Juice fades freckles. To win Paper,Scissors, Rock- Before playing show some subliminal moves that think you are going to make. Example- Clench fist continuously. Men throw Rock the most and Women throw scissors. When shaking fist for the count, do fast and hard. This makes them hesitant and makes them repeat moves. Use packaging peanuts to attract house mice for traps as other alternatives such as cheese and peanut butter attract other vermin. Put smelly shoes in a plastic bag and put them in a freezer over night. The smell is caused from bacteria which will die when put in the freezer. If there's something you have to remember for tomorrow, put a weird object in a weird place. It will make you remember by triggering your memory. When going out to eat at a fast food place, ask for no salt on the fries. They will probably be made fresh. Instead of opening a banana at the stem, flip it over and pinch it at the stem. Monkeys use this to open bananas. Touching your palate with your tongue makes brain free go away faster. The same applies to irritation that leads to sneezing. When you wake up in the middle of night to do something, cover one eye so that it will be covered until you return to darkness. The eye that was closed will keep its ability to see well in the dark and not bump into anything. This is one of the reasons pirates wore eye patches- so they could see better at night. If you are opening a gate with a remote, point it upwards under your chin. Your skull works as a close second to a parabolic reflector which gives you some extra distance. To go directly to your floor on the elevator, even if other buttons have pressed, press your desired level and close door at the same time. You should go directly to that floor. (works 70% of the time on older elevators) If your lock is frozen, use instant hand sanitizer on it. The high alcoholic content can break down ice. Persistent acne can be combated by sleeping with a freshly washed towel over ones pillow at night. This keeps your face clean all night. Flossing regularly can add up to 6 years of life expectancy by destroying bacteria that causes inflammation that cause stroke or heart attack. You can fix scratched cds using peanut butter:http://www.instructables.com/id/Fix-any-CD-with-Peanut-Butter/ If you need to do something, tell your friends you are gonna do it. The fear of failure in front of friends motivates you. Do you guys have any?
  4. *Suns set, days done_nights come, I'm 21* My eyes been blinking,and my minds been thinking Tired of the drama lifes been bringing Cuz like living with an endless curse drama never ends only gets worse Growing up Gambling with the devil, I lost And now I'm sitting here wondering what it'll cost Almost everything I ever built didn't last And That's why I'm obsessed with leaving the past daddy graduated out of prison, so I'm listening whispering wise words that be glistening Directing my thoughts and opening my eyes To a point were I could detect truth from lies Depression is the consequence of keeping in the tension So intend to mention tensions that are beyond your comprehension So now _____ my smile , only god knows my throes Living life wondering why thorns are attached to a rose Why beautiful women get cheated on And nasty pathetic men never think they wrong why the media pushes a trend or a fashion Consequently generating in you a false passion Why celebrities who are failures by their own confession Are designed to be the focal point of our attention Why the projects are really government projects If that flew over your head, forgive me for my logic ...my simple logic Why single moms with two kids are meant to fend for themselves So when mommys at work kids are meant to tend to themselves I'm not a psychologist But that's my analysis if you can't fathom it, its intellectual paralysis Its Distracting your mind,and muddling your thoughts So you passing through life with your brain tied in knots For you my slick words got no meaning Like giving life to a man who's breathing And Like what greed did to macbeth Ignorance will kill you before yourdeath There's no life in a person who nods his head to everything that's told to him And only a dead man buys everything that's sold to him Free yourself and get off the hook Turn off your TV and read a book To conclude I need you to please note That with every line and rhyme that I wrote I'm not preaching you im preaching me And Before its reaching u it reaching me This is slick hik spare your wishes and pray for me Cuz none of you are entering the grave with me please do like my page for daily quotes i would really appreciate it https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daily-Slickness/311241465586171