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Found 9 results

  1. *The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “In Paradise, there is a gate which is called Ar-Rayan through which only those who observe fast (fasting) will enter on the Day of Resurrection. No one else will enter through it. It will be called out, "Where are those who used to observe fasting?'' So they will stand up and proceed towards it. When the last of them will have entered, the gate will be closed and then no one will enter through that gate.''[Muslim] For more information https://www.islamkingdom.com/en
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I'm not sure what to start with, but here's my situation : I got married few months ago with a wonderful man. He's honest, kind, respectful, he always helps people, gives charity, he wouldn't harm anyone (not even with words). He really is a good guy. However, the main reason he converted was to be able to get married with me. He always says he doesn't like "religions" (he grew up being Christian but gave it up years ago because he wasn't convinced at all by the Bible..), that they are misused, manipulative, and that there too many things he disagrees with. He doesn't say that about Islam (probably out of respect) but I'm sure he thinks the same. He does believe in God, he just thinks religions might have been manipulated by "men" and he's not sure he can embrace everything in Islam. He's admirable by many many things in Islam though (if not most of it) and he does believe in prophets. Truth is, from my point of view, he shares the same values as Islam. He's very healthy, he doesn't drink or smoke (he never liked it, even before converting), he stopped eating pork, he's a hard-working person and as I said earlier, he really is a honest, generous and good person. However, he doesn't pray (but my brothers born Muslim don't neither, and I'm not very disciplined myself, so can I really blame him/judge him?) and he keeps saying that he doesn't understand the purpose of Ramadan for someone who has no addiction or bad habits and who tries everyday to do good. He also thinks it's not healthy to fast from 6am to 9-10pm while working from 8am to 6pm + 3hours of public transportation...actually he thinks spending the whole day without drinking nor eating is simply unhealthy and that it's hypocrisy to say the opposite when in my country people work less hours in ramadan, sleep a couple of hours during the afternoon and eat too much and unhealthy food in Iftar... I am planning on doing Ramadan, like I always did (somehow, in my country Ramadan has more "importance" than praying, socially). And I read on many forums that a new convert shouldn't be forced into practicing, that it's okay to do it little by little over years, and that one should actually start by its own person and "lead by example", but I'm very scared he would never be convinced by fasting Ramadan... Can I have your insights on this topic please? Thank you!
  3. All Praises be To Allah ,, Who revise the month of Ramadan with blessings and special forgiveness. Get ready for the this month and participate in every activity that give you satisfaction and pleases Allah. most preferable activities are fasting, Quran reading and Learning, prayers, helping poor and needy. http://www.quranreading.com/blog/ramadan/get-prepared-to-gather-blessings-in-ramadan/
  4. Every Muslim is well familiar with the significance of Qibla. Qibla is a specific direction where Muslims bow for worship of Allah. For the easiness of Muslims quranreading.com developed many Islamic apps for Muslims. One of them I am going to discuss today is Find Qibla Direction. If you are at anonymous place, and want to offer prayer and don’t know the exact direction of Qibla then you are advice to use Find Qibla app direction, guides you which way of Qibla is. This app is available on android as well on IOS. Both users can get the maximum benefit of this app. Time to discuss its features. Features: Find Qibla Direction is feature rich application. I will discuss all of them in detail one by one. Qibla Compass: Qibla Compass points out the direction of Qibla. Whatever the direction of your phone it will shows you the exact direction of Qibla. By default dial of Qibla compass is white, you can change dial color of your own choice by selecting Dial options from settings. Qibla compass locator will also shows you the degree. Distance from Qibla: Another great feature of this application is that it shows you the distance from your current location to Qibla of Muslims. Salat Timings: Another additional feature provided in this app is salat timings. This application will provide you the timings of all five salat. Get your current location via GPS and shows you the timings. Another feature in salat timings is you can set alarm for each salat. Then alarm will awake you on the timing of salat. It is your choice to set alarm on or off for each salat. You can change the alarm tone in setting tabs. Another Great service provided by this application is that if you do not have internet connection you just type your location in search field it will shows you the exact timings of salat. Other Features: This application is very easy to use, user friendly and highly responsive. Final words: Quraneading.com developed many Islamic applications for Muslims. You can download Qibla direction mobile app for your android as well as for your Iphone. Download it now and offer your prayers on time. Download Find Qibla Direction for Android and Download Find Qibla Direction for Iphone
  5. Ramadan the greatest month ever Ramadan and Qur'an, they are the best combination ever, Ramadan is the best time of a year to start and finish Qur'an with love and excitement, in this holy month there are a lot of good deeds could be done by Muslims to help others like serving Iftar and suhoor to the needy at rahman tables everywhere, Ramadan is a great opportunity for Muslims everywhere to redeem themselves and ask Allah for forgiveness about any wrongs or bad deeds they've done. So readingQur'an and praying are the best thing to do in the holy month beside fasting of course. Muslims love praying Taraweeh prayers as a sunnah from the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), to gain more rewards from Allah in the holy month, and more light to their hearts. Ramadan is the best month a year for Muslims around the world.
  6. Ramadan is the month of Quran that is perfect Guidance and knowledge for whole humanity and it is also the month of sacrifices, patience, discipline and generosity. All Muslims must obey this month and must do all good things that could please Allah. The most important is the prays/ Duas that must be continue during the Ramadan with relevancy of Different Ashra's. As this is for second Ashra: http://www.quranreading.com/blog/ramadan/three-ashra%E2%80%99s-of-ramadan-and-their-duas/
  7. Hello all! I have recently created a Ramadan edition parody of the song I'm So Fancy entitled "I'm So Hungry". Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think! You can find the video here: goo.gl/SeGuQg Enjoy! Heidi
  8. Salam Brother and sisters , I came to know that Taraweeh is as much important as The Fast in (Islam) ramadan, So all Sahaba,s and Itself Muhammad S.A.W did it on regular basis, so it is a blessing month and it beneficial to observe it also. http://www.quranreading.com/blog/islamic-knowledge/facts-about-the-origin-of-taraweeh-salah/
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