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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys this is gonna sound real dumb but I don't know much about IT and hope some of you might be able to help. I've looked online and checked if someone wanted remote access to my laptop they would just go to control panel and tick the RA box. I've had a look and nothings been enabled. When I rang a it support company they just told I should format it. But I've made no backup of my programs from when I first bought it so wouldn't that just do nothing if I backed up now and reinstalled? They offered to wipe it at a cost but I thought I could just do that. Other question why would a laptop startup manual be needed? The culprit in question took this from me. It was just a few pages with specs and stuff. I only just suspected this because they use RA for work and once id listed a ebay item they somehow knew about. I was busy looking for something when I found the manual. By the time I came back for it they'd taken it. This person has all my life harassed me so I cannot just ask them. I realise I sound paranoid but its bothering me. I'm sorry I am the maniac muslim here.
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