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  1. For all of us who haven't experienced the birth situation. What way is better? I was thinking that in a water birth, the water may numb the pain and the baby will be less traumatised than in a hospital. Then again, I could be way off and naive about that. The benefits of a hospital - the pain relief medication & less mess? does that even work or is it a placebo? does it hurt? The reason why I ask is that I've asked for pain relief before by the hospital and they've put a needle attached to the top of my hand and called it a sedative...and the most painful part was that they put that thing through my skin for the entire time. Okay, so the next option is at home birth the most natural way. Of course, this can be dangerous in the case of a C-section...but it's how many women have given birth. Some nurses are really crap so I can't rely on them.