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Found 2 results

  1. abdulmajeed31

    Haram Foods in Islam

    Summary of what Allah says in Surat Al Maa’ idah: Forbidden are food for you of dead animals (al-maytatah) blood of any animal, flesh of a swine‚ and meat of that which has been slaughtered in name of other than Allah‚ or has been slaughtered for false deities, etc. And, on which Allah’s name isn’t manifested while slaughtering‚ also the animals that have been killed by stragling or by a vicious blow‚ or by a plunging fall‚ or by goring of the horns‚ and that which has been eaten partially by any wild animal. Any cattle which even though is permitted‚ but not slaughtered according to Islamic rules or is dead already is haram. Halal Animal that has eaten impure food is prohibited and so is its milk‚ until the impure food leaves its system. Swine’s flesh and blood are strictly prohibited. Also is the animal slaughtered in the name of anyone‚ but Allah ﷻ. Food and drinks that contain narcotics or intoxicated ingredients are Haram in Islam .i.e. Alcohol‚ heroine and other drugs. Pig and any food that contains pig meat is Haram. Animals that have fangs and birds that have talons are also prohibited to consume in Islam. Resource: Blog Dawn Travels
  2. ferrero rocher

    Do you laugh at your own jokes?

    Do you laugh at your own jokes? Out loud? Or quietly in your head? I do all the time in my own way. Out loud mostly. Sometimes I even laugh when there is no jokes to laugh at. I find the world a funnay place. And I find people funny. Especially you. And you. Of course if I didnt find my own jokes somewhat funnay I wouldnt say them. Hah. And I like chips, not the American ones, the English ones.