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Found 7 results

  1. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    1 -Availability of water; 2- Occurrence of any one of the nullifiers of wudu’, like passing wind. 3- Occurrence of what necessitates bathing, like having a wet dream. 4- Absence or discontinuation of any reasons, e.g. sickness etc, that make at-tayammum permissible instead of wudu’. source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/tayammum-dry-ablution
  2. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    1. Delaying a ghusl until the time of a prayer is about to leave. 2. For a female not to pray an obligatory prayer after her menstrual cycle stops. For example, her cylcle stopped before the period of zhur was over and the time ramaining for that prayer was enough to pray one raka’a of prayer. In this case it is obligatory on her to take a bath and pray zhur. The Prophet ﷺ said: “He who performs a raka’a of Subh prayer before the sun rises, has met (the time for) Salatul Subh. And he who performs a raka’a of Asr prayer before sunset, has met (the time for) Salatul ‘Asr.” [ agreed upon], source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/al-ghusl
  3. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    1. During the scarcity of water or its unavailability Allah, The Most Exalted, says: “... and you find no water, perform At-Tayamum.” (Al-Ma’idah:6) But it’s said that a person is not considered as having a lack of water when he has not searched for it. 2. When one is incapable of using water, even when it is available For example, a sick and/or an eldery person who cannot move and has no one to help him/her perform wudu’. 3. When one fears he will be harmed by using water Examples include: a- A sick person whose use of water (for pruificaton) may aggravate his sickness; b- A person experiencing extreme cold and does not have the means to warm water, coupled with a strong fear that he may fall sick from the use of cold water. This is because the Prophet ﷺ approved of the action of Amr Ibn Al-‘As when he led his people in prayer and he had performed at-tayammum due to the extreme cold.[ narrated by Abu Dawud.] c-Someone far away from others or on a long journey with no water except a little for him to drink and he is not able to get other water. source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/tayammum-dry-ablution
  4. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    💦1- If a womans hair is braided, she’s not obliged to undo her braids to perform a ghusl. This applies to purification from a menstrual cycle or janabah. 💦2- It is recommended for the woman to take a piece of cotton/tissue, put musk on it and wipe the path the blood used to take after she has bathed due to her menstrual cycle stopping. 💦3- If a muslim makes a ghusl to purify himself from major hadath and prays, his prayer is valid, whether he intended wudu’ with it or not. 👉https://www.al-feqh.com/en/al-ghusl
  5. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    SOURCE: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/purification-of-water-in-islam
  6. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    Ghusl1- The hands are washed twice or thrice.2- The private parts are washed.3- The hands are beaten on the ground or against a wall two or three times.4- Wudu’ is performed with the exclusion of the head and feet.5- Water is poured on the head6- The remaining part of the body is washed.7- The legs are washed after moving slightly to the side.👉https://www.al-feqh.com/en/al-ghusl
  7. happy way

    Happyway Thoughts

    Ramadan the greatest month ever Ramadan and Qur'an, they are the best combination ever, Ramadan is the best time of a year to start and finish Qur'an with love and excitement, in this holy month there are a lot of good deeds could be done by Muslims to help others like serving Iftar and suhoor to the needy at rahman tables everywhere, Ramadan is a great opportunity for Muslims everywhere to redeem themselves and ask Allah for forgiveness about any wrongs or bad deeds they've done. So readingQur'an and praying are the best thing to do in the holy month beside fasting of course. Muslims love praying Taraweeh prayers as a sunnah from the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), to gain more rewards from Allah in the holy month, and more light to their hearts. Ramadan is the best month a year for Muslims around the world.