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Found 16 results

  1. Everyone always judges me because of where i'm from. They always tell me that there is no way i'm Muslim, simply because of the area i'm located in. This shirt doesn't completely solve my problem, but it will definitely get me started. I'm posting this here so any of my brothers or sisters can check it out as well.https://teespring.com/proud-muslim-any-countrylet me know what you guys think. I will post pictures when it arrives in the mail.
  2. hajjandumrahusa


    If a person dies before performing obligatory Hajj or if one vowed to perform Hajj but died before fulfilling one’s vow, his heir must assign someone to perform Hajj on behalf of the deceased. All the sequential expenses in this regard must be paid out of the deceased’s property, as indeed must be any debts left by him. Read More Info: www.LinkTours.com/Blog
  3. Muslim in Hijab vs Christian in a dress Rap Battle Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCIjQT4XUnY
  4. sanajamal

    ilink Tours Posts

    The Prophet ﷺcame to his companion Abu Bakar Siddiq (R.A) and told him about the permission God gave them to migrate from Makkah to Madina. The people of Makkah had all propaganda prepared against the Muslims and the Holy Prophet ﷺ. On the other hand, these people were also familiar with the nobleness, truthfulness and the trustworthiness of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Yet they were convinced to plot against him ﷺ. Thus, it was decided that the Muslims of Makkah will all be migrating to Madina. Read More Info : Migration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  5. Islam is a religion that strikes the root of evil and wants to set up an equitable and fair society. A Muslim should earn his living in Halal ways. He ought to understand the fact that whatever he does, it is known t o Allah swt. He will be responsible for his actions on the Day of Judgment. As a Muslim we are endeavoring each day to build up the profound characteristics that are fundamental in this world and hereafter. However, we also require material things in this world, and we require the way to pay for them. Islam being a complete code of life guides us with regards to obtaining and spending wealth. Read More Info: http://www.cheapumrahpackage.us/blog/earning-and-spending-money-the-islamic-way/
  6. hajjandumrahusa

    The Historical Mount Uhud

    Just outside madinah stretch out Mount Uhud. This jagged hill of desert rock cuts a stark outline against the light blue sky. Against this stony backdrop, the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ forces came up against the Makkan army which results in losing the fight and many martyrs. This is a mountain from the mountains of Paradise. Read MOre Info:Mount Uhud
  7. hajjandumrahusa

    Islamic Ideological Foundation of Education !

    Islam is the religion of the righteousness. It is a complete code of life for the people who follow. Islamic ideology serves as a tool to collect all the Muslim on a platform where they follow their religious, social and moral beliefs and values. The Islamic ideology is enshrined in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Islam taught us the difference between what is right and what is wrong. You always need a teacher to tell you how do something, Isn’t it? That is why Allah sent His messenger to explain us the true meaning of life. Muhammad ﷺ not only used his words but also gave practical examples of everything. Read More Info: Islam
  8. munirayousufzai

    The Spirit of Islam

    The pilgrimage i.e. Hajj represents the spirit of Islam. Allah has acknowledged the Holy Kaaba as a sign of Islam so that each Muslim from all the corners of the world can communicate himself to this blessed place by offering prayers in its way and set up a bond with Allah and His believers. This once in a lifetime compulsion helps make a strong message towards non-Muslims make known the power and harmony of Islam and its believers. More Info: Secrets of Hajj
  9. Hi there, I'm going around spreading word of this petition that could help to take down Islamophobic pages on Facebook. If anybody can sign that would be much appreciated. Also, shares would be great. Thanks! https://www.change.org/p/bring-down-islamophobic-pages-on-facebook-for-good
  10. sanajamal

    The Spirit of Islam

    The pilgrimage i.e. Hajj represents the essence of Islam. Allah has declared the Holy ka’aba as a symbol of Islam so that every Muslim from all the corners of the earth can relate himself to this sacred place by offering prayers in its direction and establish a bond with Allah and His believers. This once in a lifetime obligation helps generate a strong message towards non-Muslims reveal the power and unity of Islam and its believers. Read More Info: Secrets of Hajj
  11. If you haven't already come across www.salamwave.com, I highly suggest visiting it for streaming to live radio and on-demand playlists for quality nasheeds, islamic lectures, quran, and community stations. There's something for any moment of your day!
  12. ayesha.ansari

    Quran Therapy

    An Islamic app developed by ‘QuranReading’ academy designed for providing home based Quranic solutions or cure to various diseases or disorders. The app is easy to use sports various great features which are discussed below: Download Quran Therapy to Cure Diseases For Android Features -Body parts After the splash screen of the app, you are welcomed by a screen which displays the various body parts or joints which are most prone to diseases and ailments. These body parts/joints are displayed in the form of squares across the screen. -Diseases Tapping on any of the buttons will display you a list of the diseases or disorders pertaining to that body part. Tap any one of them and you’ll be taken to a screen containing three tabs. -The three tabs The three tabs are ‘symptoms’, ‘dhikr’ and ‘cure’. The first one tells you of the symptoms of that disorder, ‘dhikr’ tells you of the verses of Quran that one should recite while suffering such disease while the ‘cure’ tab tells the homemade remedies to them. By reciting the verses in ‘dhikr’, you will achieve sawab and blessing of Allah for remembering Him in such hard times. -Ayat-e-shifa and references Swipe to the right and you’ll see buton by this name. This will contain six ayahs (verses) from the Quran which serve as supplications to Allah in such hard times. There is also a reference tab which informs you of the sources of the verses and quotes used in this app. Download and install this beneficial Islamic app to cure yourself from disorders using easy and convenient Islamic methods.
  13. freedomarist

    Isn't Feminism Ruining Families?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDz9ipJCdgE Agree?
  14. Muslim Forever

    Hi I am new.

    Hello, I am a new person to this website and I just wanted to salamulakim. Thanks everybody.
  15. Homegroup Presents... 'Parenting from an Islamic Perspective' Dates: Sunday 22nd and 29th January 2012 Time: 10am - 7pm Venue: London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel E1 1JX Speakers: Ustadh Ramiz Ibrahim, Ustadh Abu Aaliyah, Ustadh Abu Muntasir, Ustadh Babar Mirza Price: £35 per person (includes full course notes and refreshments) Topics covered: Key Skills in Parenting- including praising and discipline, instilling manners, building bonds with your child and more... Education - including choosing the right educational environment, how to encourage your child to excel academically, understanding life at school and more... Health & Lifestyle - including importance and implementation of diet and exercise, effects of internet/TV and more... Relationship Between Parents - including roles and responsibilities, attitudes towards one another and child and more... Faith and Social Competence - including maintaining a Muslim identity in Britain, parental guidance from The Qur'an and Sunnah, what and how to teach your children, Islamic responsibilities towards children and more... Previous feedback: '''I am really happy inshAllah I will understand my children much better'' ''This session was very useful and has helped me a lot and will benefit my children inshAllah'' ''The whole session was very beneficial, helped me a lot in making informed decisions about schooling and my children'' ''Very well constructed and excellent speakers'' ''This course has to be repeated, everyone needs to benefit'' When asked to rate how strongly attendees 'would recommend this course to others' 94% stated 'very strongly' Places are limited See poster below for more information. For further details or to reserve a place visit: www.home-group.co.uk or email: info@home-group.co.uk or phone: 07984557777