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Found 20 results

  1. Holy Quran Is The Last Scripture From Divine And Most Readable Book In The World. It Is The Sources Of Inspiration For Whole World. It Contain Guidance For All Over The People. Quran Was First Explained By Holy Prophet And Then It Was Explained By The Companions Of The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. Quran Tafseer In Urdu Audio Is Available At Dawate Islami Website.
  2. Do you know When was Surah Fatiha sent? if you interested in that so visit this link and you can learn many more things.
  3. shehzad3

    Surah Baqarah

    What is the importance of Surah Baqarah, and what are its benefits?
  4. shehzad3

    Surah Al Fatihah

    Do you know how many ayat in surah Fatiha and How many Names of surah Fatihah and what are the names of Surah Fatihah if you interested in that so visit this link and you can learn many more things.
  5. You get the opportunity to update your local mosjid jamaat timing and earn sawab e jaria. Also you can set alerts for salah with mesmerizing adhan sounds while the compass helps you find the qibla direction even in the offline mode if you’re not sure about it. Muslims365.com provides the App that helps with punctuality, renders authentic information, assists in accountability, highlights events, escalates motivation & also maintains a user profile. Download Muslims365 App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.muslims365 No Ads, No Charges
  6. All Praises be To Allah ,, Who revise the month of Ramadan with blessings and special forgiveness. Get ready for the this month and participate in every activity that give you satisfaction and pleases Allah. most preferable activities are fasting, Quran reading and Learning, prayers, helping poor and needy. http://www.quranreading.com/blog/ramadan/get-prepared-to-gather-blessings-in-ramadan/
  7. Are Women Like Tilth? Dr Keith L. Moore Explains The Comparison of Women And Tilth From The QURAN. Laws For THE STATUS AND ROLE OF WOMEN According To BIBLE Comparing With QURAN & HADITH.
  8. Living in Indonesia, country with largest Muslim population in the world, I’ve been a Muslim all my life. I automatically become a Muslim because my parents are Muslim. I didn’t walk thru process of ‘searching’. I accept Islam they way it is. And I didn’t questioned it. The 5 times praying ritual started become a soul-less routine. Because that’s what you’ve been told to do since you were a kid. You didn’t seek for it but you get feed. Sometimes you didn’t know what you eat, so you just chew, just because everybody else eating it. Then come one moment in my life, when I just felt that I’m ready to go to the Holy Land of Makkah, visiting Ka’bah, performing Umrah (Lesser Pilgrimage). People said it’s the personal ‘calling’ from God. This is the same kind of feeling when I put hijab for the first time in year 2000. It was my first year of college, where I’m so ready to ‘have fun go mad’ with my buddies, yet the unexplainable feeling told me to wear hijab and behave. And that’s it. And proclaim to mankind the Hajj (pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to perform Hajj). Quran Surat Al-Ĥaj 22:27 This is my first time to Arab. I went there with a group of people in a tour. I don’t have any idea of what will happen, I decide to just go with it. Our first stop was in Medina. The Prophet’s mosque: Nabawi, looks very beautiful, grand and elegant. Some girls stopping at the gate, rubbing the golden carving, crying, say salaam to the Prophet Muhamad (PBUH) and mumble some prayers. To enter the mosque, I must get my bag checked for any camera or mobile phones with camera in it. Of course, I still bring all of it in my bag, and the officer lady in blacks won’t let me enter the mosque. I walked back to my hotel to put my camera and back to the mosque, realizing that I just lost my roomates, Siti & Dani. Now, I’m alone in a huge mosque, on my first day in Medina. I started to kind of worried. And like an answer, a smiley Indonesian lady sit right beside me. She stayed in the same hotel with me. And she share her valuable experiences while she was in Makkah. Alhamdulillah, indeed I’ve meant to meet her. And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge. QS Surat Ar-Rūm 30:22 My mom told me that I would see Muslims all over the world. All with their different skin colors and cultures that might amazed me. A lot of new things also would surprised me. But I must not think bad about them, because it is believed something could happen to me as a warning. My mom really scared me off that when I saw a dark skin lady with moustache, I said in my heart, “Oh my God, she looks like a man!” And then I immediately said, “Astaghfirullahaladzim, please forget that I ever said that ya Allah!” Hehe. I become more aware of what I’m thinking of. I think I already a positive thinker, but turned out I still make some unneccessary comments inside. This is really good exercise of self-reminder. Talking about Nabawi mosque won’t complete without mentioning Ar-Raudah. This is an area in the heart of the mosque which extends from The Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) tomb to his pulpit. It’s like a little piece of heaven, and if you pray there and ask for anything, Insha Allah your wish is granted. Women have special schedules to enter Raudah. My group went there at night around 11 pm. We’re among the last groups. People said it’s difficult to pray there because it’s packed, yes it was packed, but Alhamdulillah I manage to pray longer. I pray for myself first, hope God have mercy and forgive me, then on to the more ‘world kind of wishes’. Then I pray for my family and friends. I can’t help my tears in this place. I felt so close with my Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is the place where he used to walk, pray, and I missed him so much. I said to my mom, that I won’t shop a single thing on my Umrah journey. Indonesian are well known to be overshopper and I don’t want to be in the same list. Until I heard the sellers said, “Khamsa Riyal. 5 Riyal!” And I was like, “What?! That cute scarfs only 5 Riyal??” And the rest is history ) The flow of performing Umrah is more and less like this: you wear Ihram clothes (wear two garments of unsown white cloth for men) from the Miqat (stated places where you say your intention to perform Umrah), Perform tawaf (circling the Ka’bah, inside Masjidil Haram, 7 times), perform Sa‘y (walking from Safa – Marwah 7 times) and then shaving or shortening your hair. When I walk from Hotel to perform Umrah to Masjidil Haram, I’m drowned in a lot of thoughts. I just can’t wait to see Ka’bah. I see a lot of Ka’bah still pictures back home, and now I finally would see it myself. I walk slowly, and I can see Ka’bah appear. Formed as a simple but attractive black cube, it’s the center of moslem’s prayer around the world. I stop for a moment. My tears just fall down. Mixed of unexplainable feelings. I’ve been seeing this moment in my dreams. The moment when I see Ka’bah for the first time. It’s a dream come true. I’ve been trying to understand the philosophy of Tawaf (Circumambulation). Circumambulation means to go round something, orbiting. When I love someone, I’d orbiting around him as an expression of love, and a prove that I’m ready to sacrifice everything for my beloved. I’d be ready if he needs me. And that’s how I understand Tawaf. Symbolic way to Show that I love and detached everything just to be around Allah. Walking for Sa’y from Safa – Marwah 7 times really hurts my (lazy) feet (3.15 km total). I can’t imagine how Siti Hajar running in the exact place, without air conditioning and all the facilities I have right now, to look for water for her boy Ishmael. This is where ZamZam water show up on the spot where Ishmael kick his feet and it never dried ever since. I felt a sense of relieved after I get my hair cut. That means I’m already finished performing umrah and I can ‘release’ my Ihram state. Alhamdulillah. For 9 days, I’ve been focusing and dedicating myself to God. Praying in the mosque & reciting Quran, are the only activities. And a lot of people have the same thoughts. Masjidil Haram always packed with people. If we’re late coming to the mosque, we must struggle to find a place to sit. It’s happening a lot of times that I even dream of wade through each other in the mosque. What a weird dream ) People asked if I get some sort of miracles that often happened there. Well, one of the best thing that happened was, when my newly born wisdom tooth kicking thru my gum, I felt excruciating pain that it’s hard to even open my mouth, let alone eating. All my body felt sick and feverish. Since I can’t eat tablets, I refused to go to the pharmacy ) Then I pray to Allah to cure me, and drink ZamZam water with the intention to cure it. The pain is magically disappear the next morning! Alhamdulillah, I finished reading tafseer of the whole Quran when I was there. I could also see places mentioned in Al-Quran, such as Jabal Uhud and many more. I felt like I found myself once again and I finally can relate more to what I’ve read on Quran, and found soul in my prayers. This get me a whole new idea to learn Arabic especially for Quran study.
  9. The Prophet ﷺcame to his companion Abu Bakar Siddiq (R.A) and told him about the permission God gave them to migrate from Makkah to Madina. The people of Makkah had all propaganda prepared against the Muslims and the Holy Prophet ﷺ. On the other hand, these people were also familiar with the nobleness, truthfulness and the trustworthiness of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Yet they were convinced to plot against him ﷺ. Thus, it was decided that the Muslims of Makkah will all be migrating to Madina. Read More Info : Migration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  10. This study attempts to categorize and show how the theme of religious freedom is found in the Qurʾān. I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts on that. ________ Translations mostly from Abdel-Haleem, and all footnotes are from him. 1. Differences in people's beliefs are bound to happen Verses that point out that the difference between people in matters of belief is a divine will from his Will, and hence it is something that happened and will continue to happen until the Day of Judgement. ________ We favoured some of these messengers above others. God spoke to some; others He raised in rank; We gave Jesus, son of Mary, Our clear signs and strengthened him with the holy spirit. If God had so willed, their successors would not have fought each other after they had been brought clear signs. But they disagreed: some believed and some disbelieved. If God had so willed, they would not have fought each other, but God does what He will. Qurʾān 2:253 ________ We sent to you [Muḥammad] the Scripture with the truth, confirming the Scriptures that came before it, and with final authority over them: so judge between them according to what God has sent down. Do not follow their whims, which deviate from the truth that has come to you. We have assigned a law and a path to each of you. If God had so willed, He would have made you one community, but He wanted to test you through that which He has given you, so race to do good: you will all return to God and He will make clear to you the matters you differed about. Qurʾān 5:48 ________ If you find rejection by the disbelievers so hard to bear, then seek a tunnel into the ground or a ladder into the sky, if you can, and bring them a sign: God could bring them all to guidance if it were His will, so do not join the ignorant. Qurʾān 6:35 ________ Follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord, there is no God but Him. Turn away from those who join other gods with Him. If it had been Gods will, they would not have done so, but We have not made you their guardian, nor are you their keeper. Qurʾān 6:106107 ________ Say, The conclusive argument belongs to God alone. Had He so willed He would have guided you all. Qurʾān 6:149 ________ All people were originally one single community, but later they differed. If it had not been for a wordᵃ from your Lord, the preordained judgement would already have been passed between them regarding their differences. Qurʾān 10:19 ᵃ : Postponing judgement. ________ And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed all of them entirely. Then, [O Muḥammad], would you compel the people in order that they become believers? Qurʾān 10:99 ________ If your Lord had pleased, He would have made all people a single community, but they continue to have their differences except those on whom your Lord has mercy for He created them to be this way, and the word of your Lord is final: I shall definitely fill Hell with both jinn and men. Qurʾān 11:118119 ________ If there were ever to be a Qurʾān with which mountains could be moved, the earth shattered, or the dead made to speak [it would have been this one],ᵃ but everything is truly in Gods hands. Do the believers not realize that if God had so willed, He could have guided all mankind? As for the disbelievers, because of their misdeeds, disaster will not cease to afflict them or fall close to their homes until Gods promise is fulfilled: God never fails to keep His promise. Qurʾān 13:31 ᵃ : Or [they still would not believe]. ________ God points out the right path, for some paths lead the wrong way: if He wished, He could guide you all. Qurʾān 16:9 ________ If God so willed, He would have made you all one people, but He leaves to stray whoever He will and guides whoever He will. You will be questioned about your deeds. Qurʾān 16:93 ________ We have appointed acts of devotion for every community to observe, so do not let them argue with you [Prophet] about this matter. Call them to your Lordyou are on the right pathand if they argue with you, say, God is well aware of what you are doing. Qurʾān 22:6768 ________ If it had been Our will, We could certainly have given every soul its true guidance, but My words have come true. I shall be sure to fill Hell with jinn and men together. Qurʾān 32:13 ________ If God had so pleased, He could have made them a single community, but He admits to His mercy whoever He will; the evildoers will have no one to protect or help them. Qurʾān 42:8 ________ 2. Judgement between people in their differences in belief is in the Day of Resurrection and not in this earthly world Verses that show that the decision and final judgement between people in their differences in belief isn't in this abode but it is in the abode of the Hereafter. ________ The Jews say, The Christians have no ground whatsoever to stand on, and the Christians say, The Jews have no ground whatsoever to stand on, though they both read the Scripture, and those who have no knowledge say the same; God will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning their differences. Qurʾān 2:113 ________ God said, Jesus, I will take you back and raise you up to Me: I will purify you of the disbelievers. To the Day of Resurrection I will make those who follow you superior to those who disbelieved. Then you will all return to Me and I will judge between you regarding your differences. Qurʾān 3:55 ________ The [hypocrites] wait to see what happens to you and, if God brings you success, they say, Were we not on your side? but if the disbelievers have some success, they say to them, Did we not have the upper hand over you, and [yet] protect you from the believers? God will judge between you all on the Day of Resurrection, and He will give the disbelievers no means of overcoming the believers. Qurʾān 4:141 ________ We sent to you [Muḥammad] the Scripture with the truth, confirming the Scriptures that came before it, and with final authority over them: so judge between them according to what God has sent down. Do not follow their whims, which deviate from the truth that has come to you. We have assigned a law and a path to each of you. If God had so willed, He would have made you one community, but He wanted to test you through that which He has given you, so race to do good: you will all return to God and He will make clear to you the matters you differed about. Qurʾān 5:48 ________ You who believe, you are responsible for your own souls; if anyone else goes astray it will not harm you so long as you follow the guidance; you will all return to God, and He will make you realize what you have done. Qurʾān 5:105 ________ Say, I stand on clear proof from my Lord, though you deny it. What you seek to hasten is not within my power. Judgement is for God alone: He tells the truth, and He is the best of judges. Say, If what you seek to hasten were within my power, the matter would be settled between you and me, but God knows best who does wrong. Qurʾān 6:5859 ________ He is the Supreme Master over His subjects. He sends out recorders to watch over you until, when death overtakes any of you, those sent by Us take his soul they never fail in their duty. Then they will all be returned to God, their true Lord. The Judgement truly belongs to Him, and He is the swiftest of reckoners. Qurʾān 6:6162 ________ We settled the Children of Israel in a good place and provided good things as sustenance for them. It was only after knowledge had come to them that they began to differ among themselves. Your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection regarding their differences. Qurʾān 10:93 ________ [Prophet], follow what is being revealed to you, and be steadfast until God gives His judgement, for He is the Best of Judges. Qurʾān 10:109 ________ The Sabbath was made obligatory only for those who differed about it. On the Day of Resurrection your Lord will judge between them as to their differences. Qurʾān 16:124 ________ As for the believers, those who follow the Jewish faith, the Sabians, the Christians, the Magians, and the idolaters, God will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection; God witnesses all things. Qurʾān 22:17 ________ On that Day control will belong to God: He will judge between them. Those who believe and do good deeds will be admitted to Gardens of Delight, while those who disbelieve and reject Our revelations will receive a humiliating torment. Qurʾān 22:5657 ________ And whoever invokes besides God another deity for which he has no proof then his account is only with his Lord. Indeed, the disbelievers will not succeed. Qurʾān 23:117 ________ He is God; there is no god but Him; all praise belongs to Him in this world and the next; His is the Judgement; and to Him you shall be returned. Qurʾān 28:70 ________ [Prophet], it is your Lord who will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning their differences. Qurʾān 32:25 ________ Say, God! Creator of the heavens and earth! Knower of all that is hidden and all that is open, You will judge between Your servants regarding their differences. Qurʾān 39:46 ________ [They will be told], This is all because when God alone was invoked you rejected this, yet when others were associated with Him you believed [in them]. Judgement belongs to God the Most High, the Most Great. Qurʾān 40:12 ________ Whatever you may differ about is for God to judge. [say], Such is God, my Lord. In Him I trust and to Him I turn, Qurʾān 42:10 ________ How can they believe in others who ordain for them things which God has not sanctioned in the practice of their faith? If it were not for Gods decree concerning the final Decision, judgement would already have been made between them. The evildoers will have a grievous punishment Qurʾān 42:21 ________ Neither your kinsfolk nor your children will be any use to you on the Day of Resurrection: He will separate you out. God sees everything you do. Qurʾān 60:3 ________ Indeed, to Us is their return. Then indeed, upon Us is their account. Qurʾān 88:2526 ________ 3. Compulsion and coercion is prohibited, and it is the way of the unbelievers and believers are its victims Verses that prohibit compulsion in religion and that show that it is the way of the unbelievers and not Prophets and their followers who use different methods such as compulsion, torture, slaughter, stoning, expulsion from homes, ...etc to oppress believers to make them revert from their religion. ________ There is no compulsion in religion: true guidance has become distinct from error, so whoever rejects false gods and believes in God has grasped the firmest hand-hold, one that will never break. God is all hearing and all knowing. Qurʾān 2:256 ________ And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed - all of them entirely. Then, [O Muḥammad], would you compel the people in order that they become believers? Qurʾān 10:99 ________ He said, O my people have you considered: if I should be upon clear evidence from my Lord while He has given me mercy from Himself but it has been made unapparent to you, should we force it upon you while you are averse to it? Qurʾān 11:28 ________ His peoples arrogant leaders said, Shu'ayb, we will expel you and your fellow believers from our town unless you return to our religion. He said, What! Even if we detest it? Qurʾān 7:88 ________ With the exception of those who are forced to say they do not believe, although their hearts remain firm in faith, those who reject God after believing in Him and open their hearts to disbelief will have the wrath of God upon them and a grievous punishment awaiting them. Qurʾān 16:106 ________ [The people of Shu'ayb said to him:] They said, Shu'ayb, we do not understand much of what you say, and we find you very weak in our midst. But for your family, we would have stoned you, for you have no great status among us. Qurʾān 11:91 ________ [The father of Abraham said to him:] His father answered, Abraham, do you reject my gods? I will stone you if you do not stop this. Keep out of my way! Qurʾān 19:46 ________ [And the people of the two of Antakiya said to their prophets:] but they answered, We think you are an evil omen. If you do not stop, we shall stone you, and inflict a painful torment on you. Qurʾān 36:18 ________ [And one amongst the companions of the cave said about his polytheist people:] Indeed, if they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their religion. And never would you succeed, then - ever. Qurʾān 18:20 ________ [And the people of Noah said to him:] So they said, Noah, if you do not stop this, you will be stoned. Qurʾān 26:116 ________ [And in the Qurʾān the attrocities of Pharaoh such as his execution and slaughtering of those who believed with Moses were mentioned in many instances.] Remember when We saved you from Pharaohs people, who subjected you to terrible torment, slaughtering your sons and sparing only your womenthis was a great trial from your Lord Qurʾān 2:49 ________ damned were the makers of the trench, the makers of the fuel-stoked fire! They sat down to watch what they were doing to the believers. Their only grievance against them was their faith in God, the Mighty, the Praiseworthy, to whom all control over the heavens and earth belongs: God is witness over all things. Qurʾān 85:4-9 ________ The disbelievers said to their messengers, We shall expel you from our land unless you return to our religion. But their Lord inspired the messengers: We shall destroy the evildoers, and leave you to dwell in the land after them. This reward is for those who are in awe of meeting Me, and of My warnings. Qurʾān 14:1314 ________ [And about the people of Lot:] The only answer his people gave was to say, Expel Lots followers from your town! These men mean to stay chaste! Qurʾān 27:56 The only response his people gave was to say [to one another], Drive them out of your town! These men want to keep themselves chaste! Qurʾān 7:82 ________ [Prophet], consider the leaders of the Children of Israel who came after Moses, when they said to one of their prophets, Set up a king for us and we shall fight in Gods cause. He said, But could it be that you would not fight, if it were ordained for you? They said, How could we not fight in Gods cause when we and our children have been driven out of our homeland? Yet when they were commanded to fight, all but a few of them turned away: God has full knowledge of those who do wrong. Qurʾān 2:246 ________ [And about the expulsion of the Prophet from Makkah:] And indeed, they were about to drive you from the land to evict you therefrom. And then [when they do], they will not remain [there] after you, except for a little. Qurʾān 17:76 And [remember, O Muḥammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and God plans. And God is the best of planners. Qurʾān 8:30 You who believe, do not take My enemies and yours as your allies, showing them friendship when they have rejected the truth you have received, and have driven you and the Messenger out simply because you believe in God, your Lord not if you truly emigrated in order to strive for My cause and seek My good pleasure. You secretly show them friendship I know all you conceal and all you reveal but any of you who do this are straying from the right path. If they gain the upper hand over you, they will revert to being your enemies and stretch out their hands and tongues to harm you; it is their dearest wish that you may renounce your faith. Qurʾān 60:12 ________ [About the believers amongst the followers of Muḥammad ] those who have been driven unjustly from their homes only for saying, Our Lord is God. If God did not repel some people by means of others, many monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, where Gods name is much invoked, would have been destroyed. God is sure to help those who help His cause God is strong and mighty Qurʾān 22:40 [... and about it:] Their Lord has answered them: I will not allow the deeds of any one of you to be lost, whether you are male or female, each is like the other [in rewards]. I will certainly wipe out the bad deeds of those who emigrated and were driven out of their homes, who suffered harm for My cause, who fought and were killed. I will certainly admit them to Gardens graced with flowing streams, as a reward from God: the best reward is with God. Qurʾān 3:195 The poor emigrants who were driven from their homes and possessions, who seek Gods favour and approval, those who help God and His Messenger these are the ones who are true [shall have a share]. Qurʾān 59:8 But God forbids you to take as allies those who have fought against you for your faith, driven you out of your homes, and helped others to drive you out: any of you who take them as allies will truly be wrongdoers. Qurʾān 60:9 Fight in Gods cause against those who fight you, but do not overstep the limits:ᵃ God does not love those who overstep the limits. Kill them wherever you encounter them,ᵇ and drive them out from where they drove you out, for persecution is more serious than killing.ᶜ Do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque unless they fight you there. If they do fight you, kill them this is what such disbelievers deserve but if they stop, then God is most forgiving and merciful. Fight them until there is no more persecution, and worshipᵈ ᵉ is devoted to God. If they cease hostilities, there can be no [further] hostility, except towards aggressors. Qurʾān 2:190193 ᵃ : The Arabic command la ta'tadu is so general that commentators have agreed that it includes prohibition of starting hostilities, fighting non-combatants, disproportionate response to aggression, etc. ᵇ : The Muslims were concerned as to whether it was permitted to retaliate when attacked within the sacred precincts in Mecca when on pilgrimage (see Q.2:196). They are here given permission to fight back wherever they encounter their attackers, in the precinct or outside it. ᶜ : Persecuting you unlawfully is worse than you killing them in the precincts in self-defence. The article al- in Arabic sometimes takes the place of a pronoun, as here their persecution and your killing them, it is not the generic al-, cf. Q.2:217. See also Q.2:217 below. ᵈ : Worship at the sacred mosque. ᵉ : Cf. Q.8:39 and note ᶜ to Q.2:191 above. . They ask you [Prophet] about fighting in the prohibited month. Say, Fighting in that month is a great offence, but to bar others from Gods path, to disbelieve in Him, prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and expel its people, are still greater offences in Gods eyes: persecution is worse than killing.ᵃ They will not stop fighting you [believers] until they make you revoke your faith, if they can. If any of you revoke your faith and die as disbelievers, your deeds will come to nothing in this world and the Hereafter, and you will be inhabitants of the Fire, there to remain. Qurʾān 2:217 ᵃ : To persecute people for believing in God is a worse offence than for the aggrieved party to fight back in the prohibited month. This further explains verse 191. ________ [And concerning the persecution of prophets and messengers mentally and physically, the Qur'an points out that everyone of them suffered from these, ...] but We have always appointed adversaries from the wicked, for every prophet: Your Lord is sufficient guide and helper. Qurʾān 25:31 [... and they range from threat to death, passing by torture, expulsion to humiliation. We'll list here some few examples: Starting with Abraham:] They said, Burn him and avenge your gods, if you are going to do the right thing. But We said, Fire, be cool and safe for Abraham. They planned to harm him, but We made them suffer the greatest loss. Qurʾān 21:68-70 The only answer Abrahams people gave was, Kill him or burn him! but God saved him from the Fire: there truly are signs in this for people who believe. Qurʾān 29:24 ________ [And about Noah:] So they said, Noah, if you do not stop this, you will be stoned. Qurʾān 26:116 ________ [And Pharaoh threatened Moses with prison:] [Pharaoh] said, If you take a god other than me, I will surely place you among those imprisoned. Qurʾān 26:29 ________ [And Lot was threatened with expulsion from his home:] but they replied, Lot! If you do not stop this, you will be driven away. Qurʾān 26:167 ________ 4 The Human being is free and responsible for his actions Verses that point out that the human being is free in his choice of the religion he wishes, if he wills he believes, and if he wills he disbelieves, and that he is responsible for his choice in front of God . --------- Say [Prophet], Disbelievers: I do not worship what you worship, you do not worship what I worship, I will never worship what you worship, you will never worship what I worship:ᵃ you have your religion and I have mine. Qurʾān 109:1-6 ᵃ : If you keep to your present gods (see Zamakhshari, al-Kashshaf, vol. iv) ________ Say, Now the truth has come from your Lord: let those who wish to believe in it do so, and let those who wish to reject it do so. We have prepared a Fire for the wrongdoers that will envelop them from all sides. If they call for relief, they will be relieved with water like molten metal, scalding their faces. What a terrible drink! What a painful resting place! Qurʾān 18:29 ________ Whoever accepts guidance does so for his own good; whoever strays does so at his own peril. No soul will bear anothers burden, nor do We punish until We have sent a messenger. Qurʾān 17:15 ________ We said, Get out, all of you! But when guidance comes from Me, as it certainly will, there will be no fear for those who follow My guidance nor will they grieve those who disbelieve and deny Our messages shall be the inhabitants of the Fire, and there they will remain. Qurʾān 2:3839 ________ So if they believe like you do, they will be rightly guided. But if they turn their backs, then they will be entrenched in opposition. God will protect you from them: He is the All Hearing, the All Knowing. Qurʾān 2:137 ________ if they argue with you [Prophet], say, I have devoted myselfᵈ to God alone and so have my followers. Ask those who were given the Scripture, as well as those without one, Do you too devote yourselves to Him alone? If they do, they will be guided, but if they turn away, your only duty is to convey the message. God is aware of His servants. Qurʾān 3:20 ᵈ : Literally submitted my face. ________ Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to God. We have commanded those who were given the Scripture before you, and We command you, to be mindful of God. Even if you do ignore Him, everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him, and He is self-sufficient, worthy of all praise. Qurʾān 4:131 ________ Now clear proof has come to you from your Lord: if anyone sees it, that will be to his advantage; if anyone is blind to it, that will be to his loss [say], I am not your guardian. Qurʾān 6:104 ________ Say, People, the Truth has come to you from your Lord. Whoever follows the right path follows it for his own good, and whoever strays does so to his own loss: I am not your guardian. Qurʾān 10:108 ________ [say, Prophet], Worship no one but God. I am sent to you from Him to warn and to give good news. Ask your Lord for forgiveness, then turn back to Him. He will grant you wholesome enjoyment until an appointed time, and give His grace to everyone who has merit. But if you turn away, I fear you will have torment on a terrible Day: it is to God that you will all return, and He has power over everything. Qurʾān 11:2-4 And Moses said, If you should disbelieve, you and whoever is on the earth entirely - indeed, God is Free of need and Praiseworthy. Qurʾān 14:8 ________ Say, Everyone does things their own way, but your Lord is fully aware of who follows the best-guided path. Qurʾān 17:84 ________ I am commanded to recite the Qurʾān. Whoever chooses to follow the right path does so for his own good. Say to whoever deviates from it, I am only here to warn. Qurʾān 27:92 ________ [Prophet], stand firm in your devotion to the upright religion, before an irresistible Day comes from God. On that Day, mankind will be divided: those who rejected the truth will bear the burden of that rejection, and those who did good deeds will have made good provision for themselves. Qurʾān 30:4344 ________ We endowed Luqman with wisdom: Be thankful to God: whoever gives thanks benefits his own soul, and as for those who are thanklessGod is self-sufficient, worthy of all praise. Qurʾān 31:12 ________ Whoever directs himselfᵇ wholly to God and does good work has grasped the surest handhold, for the outcome of everything is with God. As for those who refuse to do this, do not let their refusal sadden you [Prophet] they will return to Us and We shall tell them what they have done: God knows all that hearts contain Qurʾān 31:2223 ᵇ : Literally his face. ________ it is He who made you [people] successors to the land. Those who deny the truth will bear the consequences: their denial will only make them more odious to their Lord, and add only to their loss. Qurʾān 35:39 ________ If you are ungrateful, remember God has no need of you, yet He is not pleased by ingratitude in His servants; if you are grateful, He is pleased [to see] it in you. No soul will bear anothers burden. You will return to your Lord in the end and He will inform you of what you have done: He knows well what is in the depths of [your] hearts. Qurʾān 39:7 ________ Say, It is God I serve, dedicating my worship entirely to Him you may serve whatever you please beside Him. Say, The true losers are the ones who will lose themselves and their people on the Day of Resurrection: that is the most obvious loss. Qurʾān 39:1415 ________ Indeed, We created man from a sperm-drop mixture that We may try him; and We made him hearing and seeing. Indeed, We guided him to the way, be he grateful or be he ungrateful. Qurʾān 76:23 ________ by the soul and how He formed it and inspired it [to know] its own rebellion and piety! The one who purifies his soul succeeds and the one who corrupts it fails. Qurʾān 91:7-10 ________ By the enshrouding night, by the radiant day, by His creation of male and female! The ways you take differ greatly. There is the one who gives, who is mindful of God, who testifies to goodness We shall smooth his way towards ease. There is the one who is miserly, who is self-satisfied, who denies goodness We shall smooth his way towards hardship and his wealth will not help him as he falls. Our part is to provide guidance this world and the next belong to Us so I warn you about the raging Fire, in which none but the most wicked one will burn, who denied [the truth], and turned away. The most pious one will be spared this who gives his wealth away as self-purification, not to return a favour to anyone but for the sake of his Lord the Most High and he will be well pleased. Qurʾān 92:1-21 ________ This is a reminder. Let whoever wishes take the way to his Lord. Qurʾān 73:19 - 76:29 but truly this is a reminder. Let whoever wishes to take heed do so: Qurʾān 74:5455 This is a message for all people; for those who wish to take the straight path. Qurʾān 81:2728 ________ 5 Obligation to use the mind, to think and ponder, and prohibition from blindly following the religion of one's parents And such verses have a clear relation to the fourth category, since they show that one should use reason, to observe, understand and ponder, and to be independent in his thinking, and not blindly follow a religion just because of a custom or it being the religion of his/her parents. And that's what makes one free & responsible in his decision. These verses are extremely abundant. According to one estimate, these verses constitute more than 1/8 of the Holy Qurʾān. I'll mention briefly some of these verses, but to find more of them, one may either open up a random page of the Qurʾān, or use indexed dictionnaries of the Qurʾān such as the one of Muḥammad Fouād ʿAbd al-Bāqī (freely available here), or one may search for the following keywords and their derivatives: عقل, فكر، عبر، نظر، أولي الألباب، ذكر، سير (السير في الأرض)، and the words آباؤنا وآباؤنا، and other similar expressions such as علم. To keep things short in this list, I'll include just two verses from each keyword. ________ But when it is said to them, Follow the message that God has sent down, they answer, We follow the ways of our fathers. Even though their fathers understood nothing and were not guided? Qurʾān 2:170 ________ when it is said to them, Come to what God has sent down, and to the Messenger, they say, What we inherited from our forefathers is good enough for us, even though their forefathers knew nothing and were not guided. Qurʾān 5:104 ________ in the alternation of night and day, in the rain God provides, sending it down from the sky and reviving the dead earth with it, and in His shifting of the winds there are signs for those who use their reason. Qurʾān 45:5 ________ [We sent them] with clear proofs and written ordinances. And We revealed to you the message that you may make clear to the people what was sent down to them and that they might give thought. Qurʾān 16:44 ________ who remember God standing, sitting, and lying down, who reflect on the creation of the heavens and earth: Our Lord! You have not created all this without purpose You are far above that! so protect us from the torment of the Fire. Qurʾān 3:191 ________ There is a lesson in the stories of such people for those who understand. This revelation is no fabrication: it is a confirmation of the truth of what was sent before it; an explanation of everything;ᵃ a guide and a blessing for those who believe. Qurʾān 12:111 ᵃ : There are two interpretations of this phrase: (i) everything to do with the story of Joseph; and (ii) everything to do with religion. ________ God alternates night and day there truly is a lesson in [all] this for those who have eyes to see Qurʾān 24:44 ________ Say, Look at what is in the heavens and on the earth. But what use are signs and warnings to people who will not believe? Qurʾān 10:101 ________ So let man observe from what he was created. Qurʾān 86:5 ________ who listen to what is said and follow what is best. These are the ones God has guided; these are the people of understanding. Qurʾān 39:18 ________ Have you not considered that God sends water down from the sky, guides it along to form springs in the earth, and then, with it, brings forth vegetation of various colours, which later withers, turns yellow before your eyes, and is crumbled to dust at His command? There is truly a reminder in this for those who have understanding. Qurʾān 39:21 ________ and We restored his family to him, with many more like them: a sign of Our mercy and a lesson to all who understand. Qurʾān 38:43 ________ He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding. Qurʾān 2:269 ________ Say, Travel throughout the earth and see how He brings life into being: and He will bring the next life into being. God has power over all things. Qurʾān 29:20 ________ All the messengers We sent before you [Muḥammad] were men to whom We made revelations, men chosen from the people of their towns. Have the [disbelievers] not travelled through the land and seen the end of those who went before them? For those who are mindful of God, the Home in the Hereafter is better. Do you [people] not use your reason? Qurʾān 12:109 ________ 6 The purpose of Prophets and Mesengers Verses that restrict the functions of Prophets and Messengers (Peace be upon them) in preaching and da'wa, and to give a clear warning, without any type of compulsion or coercion, and that negates the idea that the Messengers have to be guardians and watchers over people. ________ if they argue with you [Prophet], say, I have devoted myself to God alone and so have my followers. Ask those who were given the Scripture, as well as those without one, Do you too devote yourselves to Him alone? If they do, they will be guided, but if they turn away, your only duty is to convey the message. God is aware of His servants. Qurʾān 3:20 ________ Obey God, obey the Messenger, and always be on your guard: if you pay no heed, bear in mind that the sole duty of Our Messenger is to deliver the message clearly. Qurʾān 5:92 ________ The Messengers duty is only to deliver the message: God knows what you reveal and what you conceal. Qurʾān 5:99 ________ Whether We let you [Prophet] see part of what We threaten them with, or cause you to die [before that], your duty is only to deliver the message: the Reckoning is Ours. Qurʾān 13:40 ________ Those who worshipped others alongside God say, If God had willed, we would not have worshipped anything but Him, nor would our fathers. We would not have declared anything forbidden without His sanction. Those before them said the same. Are the messengers obliged to do anything other than deliver [their message] clearly? Qurʾān 16:35 ________ But if they turn away [Prophet], your only duty is to deliver the message clearly. Qurʾān 16:82 ________ Say, Obey God; obey the Messenger. If you turn away, [know that] he is responsible for the duty placed upon him, and you are responsible for the duty placed upon you. If you obey him, you will be rightly guided, but the Messengers duty is only to deliver the message clearly. Qurʾān 24:54 If you say this is a lie, [be warned that] other communities before you said the same. The messengers only duty is to give clear warning. Qurʾān 29:18 ________ [And the messengers said: (c.f. Q.36:13-18)] Our duty is only to deliver the message to you, Qurʾān 36:17 ________ If they still turn away [remember that] We have not sent you [Prophet] to be their guardian: your only duty is to deliver the message. When We give man a taste of Our mercy, he rejoices in it, but if some harm befalls him on account of what he has done with his own hands, then he is ungrateful. Qurʾān 42:48 ________ so obey God and the Messenger. If you turn away, remember that Our Messengers duty is only to make plain his message. Qurʾān 64:12 ________ We send messengers only to give good news and to warn, so for those who believe and do good deeds there will be no fear, nor will they grieve. Qurʾān 6:48 We only send messengers to bring good news and to deliver warning, yet the disbelievers seek to refute the truth with false arguments and make fun of My messages and warnings. Qurʾān 18:56 ________ Has it not occurred to them that their companionᵃ is not mad but is giving clear warning? Qurʾān 7:184 ᵃ : This refers to the Prophet . ________ Say [Prophet], I have no control over benefit or harm, [even] to myself, except as God may please: if I had knowledge of what is hidden, I would have abundant good things and no harm could touch me. I am no more than a bearer of warning, and good news to those who believe. Qurʾān 7:188 ________ So [Prophet] are you going toᵃ abandon some part of what is revealed to you, and let your heart be oppressed by it, because they say, Why is no treasure sent down to him? Why has no angel come with him?? You are only there to warn; it is God who is in charge of everything. Qurʾān 11:12 ᵃ : Literally Perhaps you will . . ., but this is a challenging figure of speech. ________ Say [Prophet], People, I am sent only to give you clear warning. Qurʾān 22:49 ________ [And Noah said:] I am here only to give people a clear warning. Qurʾān 26:115 ________ You, [O Muḥammad], are not but a warner. Qurʾān 35:23 ________ It has not been revealed to me except that I am a clear warner. Qurʾān 38:70 ________ Say, I am nothing new among Gods messengers. I do not know what will be done with me or you; I only follow what is revealed to me; I only warn plainly. Qurʾān 46:9 ________ Say, God alone has knowledge of this: my only duty is to give clear warning. Qurʾān 67:26 ________ We sent down the Qurʾān with the truth, and with the truth it has come down [Prophet], We sent you only to give good news and warning Qurʾān 17:105 ________ We sent you only to give good news and warning. Qurʾān 25:56 ________ And those who disbelieved say, Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord? You are only a warner, and for every people is a guide. Qurʾān 13:7 ________ [Prophet] say, I am only here to give warning. There is no god but God the One, the All Powerful, Lord of the heavens and earth and everything between, the Almighty, the Most Forgiving. Qurʾān 38:6566 ________ They ask you [Prophet] about the Hour, saying, When will it arrive?, but how can you tell [them that]? Its time is known only to your Lord; you are only sent to warn those who fear it. Qurʾān 79:42-45 ________ I am commanded to recite the Qurʾān. Whoever chooses to follow the right path does so for his own good. Say to whoever deviates from it, I am only here to warn. Qurʾān 27:92 ________ So [Prophet] warn them: your only task is to give warning Qurʾān 88:21 ________ So all of these verses restrict and limit the function of Messengers to preaching, warning, and to give good news, using expressions such as إِنَّمَا and expressions of negation and restriction. And there other verses that negate that Messengers use or should employ compulsion and coercion, or be guardians over people, ...etc ________ So [Prophet] warn them: your only task is to give warning, you are not there to control them. Qurʾān 88:2122 ________ We know best what the disbelievers say. You [Prophet] are not there to force them, so remind, with this Qurʾān, those who fear My warning. Qurʾān 50:45 ________ Now clear proof has come to you from your Lord: if anyone sees it, that will be to his advantage; if anyone is blind to it, that will be to his loss [say], I am not your guardian. Qurʾān 6:104 ________ What lasts with God is best for you, if you are believers: I am not your keeper. Qurʾān 11:86 ________ Whoever obeys the Messenger obeys God. If some pay no heed, We have not sent you to be their keeper. Qurʾān 4:80 ________ If it had been Gods will, they would not have done so, but We have not made you their guardian, nor are you their keeper. Qurʾān 6:107 ________ If they still turn away [remember that] We have not sent you [Prophet] to be their guardian: your only duty is to deliver the message. When We give man a taste of Our mercy, he rejoices in it, but if some harm befalls him on account of what he has done with his own hands, then he is ungrateful. Qurʾān 42:48 ________ yet your people still reject it even though it is the truth. Say, I have not been put in charge of you. Qurʾān 6:66 ________ Say, People, the Truth has come to you from your Lord. Whoever follows the right path follows it for his own good, and whoever strays does so to his own loss: I am not your guardian. Qurʾān 10:108 ________ We have sent the Scripture down to you [Prophet] with the Truth for people. Whoever follows the guidance does so for his own benefit, whoever strays away from it does so at his own peril: you are not in charge of them. Qurʾān 39:41 ________ As for those who take protectors other than Him, God is watching them; you are not responsible for them. Qurʾān 42:6 ________ Your Lord has the most knowledge about all of you: if He pleases He will have mercy on you, and if He pleases He will punish you. [Prophet], We did not send you to take charge of them. Qurʾān 17:54 ________ Have you seen the one who takes as his god his own desire? Then would you be responsible for him? Qurʾān 25:43 ________ And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed - all of them entirely. Then, [O Muḥammad], would you compel the people in order that they become believers? Qurʾān 10:99 ________ It is not for you [Prophet] to guide them; it is God who guides whoever He will. Whatever charity you give benefits your own soul, provided you do it for the sake of God: whatever you give will be repaid to you in full, and you will not be wronged. Qurʾān 2:272 ________ Some of them look at you: but can you guide the blind if they will not see? Qurʾān 10:43 ________ Though you [Prophet] may be eager to guide them, God does not guide those who misguide [others],ᵃ nor will they have anyone to help them. Qurʾān 16:37 ᵃ : C.f. verse 25 : On the Day of Resurrection they will bear the full weight of their own burden, as well as some of the burden of those they misled with no true knowledge. How terrible the
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  16. Salam Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf both affirmed that there are scientific miracles of the Qur'an, and that more will be affirmed later. Here's the summary of the results of the 2011 scientific conference on the Qur'an and Sunnah/hadith: http://www.scribd.com/doc/102112150/Quran-Sunnah-Science-Conference-2011 Note especially from page 99- 104 where they study dogs. Wasalam
  17. Glimpses from Surah Adh-Dhariyat Invitation to the Hereafter How to communicate with the Quran: Allah SWT has created everything in perfect order, including the Qur’an. Quran is a message from Allah, we have to know how to read it in order to understand the messages. One of the ways to derive real pleasure from the Qur’an is to understand its order and organization. Allah SWT revealed Qur’an on our beloved Prophet SAW over a period of twenty three years. During this time the verses were revealed according to the situations that arose; these verses were later compiled into surahs (chapters) and these surahs were then organized in a certain order—all under the guidance of Jibreel AS according to the will of Allah SWT. About 2/3 of the Qur’an was revealed in Makkah and it mostly deals with two major issues, faith and sacrifice; 1/3 of the Qur’an that was revealed in Medina deals with laws and rules/regulations according to the needs of the developing Muslim society at the time. However, the compilation of Qur’an is vastly different from its revelation. Majority of the longer surahs at the beginning were revealed in Medina and deal with laws and rules of the deen; the middle of Qur’an contains stories of the Messengers and Prophets which deal with the development of faith; but as we get closer to the end of the Qur’an the verses become shorter and more precise, and surahs deal with the issues of hereafter, with the description of heaven and hellfire, and warnings against disobedience and rejection of the message of Allah SWT. Qur’an has its own unique continuum with each chapter’s ending introducing the beginning of the following chapter. Being the word of Allah SWT, Quran is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom—every believer can find answers to his questions and quench his thirst of knowledge in this ocean. The key of this is humbleness and humility as the pious scholars have mentioned that Qur’an reads you before you read it (meaning you will receive messages according to your intention, humbleness and state of your heart.) Receiving Messages from the Qur’an: When you read Qur’an and Allah SWT allows you to receive a message, communicate with Him. Stop and repeat the verses and make du’a for Allah SWT to allow you to live and spread this message. The message you receive could be a glad tiding or a warning against your actions or lifestyle. After that Allah SWT wants you to believe in Him, trust Him, and perform actions according to the message you received. These actions could both be internal and external. Internal actions are intention and sincere determination of continuous good deeds, and external actions are good deeds. This requires complete emotional commitment, sincerity, humbleness, and honesty. Once these traits are intact, Allah will be the greatest in the heart and sacrifice will be easy. If these traits are not inculcated deeply in the heart, meaning the person is not ready yet and has to continue fighting against Shaytaan and his nafs (desires, temptations and negative personality traits). Surah Adh-Dhariyat: In this article, we will look at surah Adh-Dhariyat and the general messages that we can derive from it, bi-idhnillah. Surah Adh-Dhariyat was revealed in Makkah and is located towards the end of the Qur’an so its theme is hereafter. As I mentioned earlier, the ending of a surah is the introduction of the following one. Surah Qaf is located before Surah Adh-Dhariyat and introduces it to us with the following verses: And listen for the Day when the Caller will call out from a place quiet near,- The Day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in (very) truth: that will be the Day of Resurrection. Verily it is We Who give Life and Death; and to Us is the Final Goal-The Day when the Earth will be rent asunder, from (men) hurrying out: that will be a gathering together,- quite easy for Us. We know best what they say; and thou art not one to overawe them by force. So admonish with the Qur'an such as fear My Warning! (50: 41-45) Allah SWT started Surah Adh-Dhariyat with the mention of His qudra (power) and He swore by it. In the Arabic language, swearing is done to bring attention to an important matter as well as a final ultimatum towards it, and this is what Allah SWT has done here. By the (Winds) that scatter broadcast; And those that lift and bear away heavy weights; And those that flow with ease and gentleness; And those that distribute and apportion by Command;- Verily that which ye are promised is true; And verily Judgment and Justice must indeed come to pass. (51: 1-6) Allah SWT swore by His qudra to emphasize the reality and importance of the hereafter, and He SWT continues to do that for the next few verses until all of a sudden the message changes and the story of Ibraheem AS is mentioned. Allah SWT mentions the miraculous birth of Ishaq AS who was born to Sarah and Ibraheem AS at a very old age—another display of the power of Allah showing that nothing is impossible for Him SWT. The message that we can derive from this story is that Allah fulfills His promise to His slaves who sacrifice all that they have for the love of their Lord SWT. Ibraheem AS was given the gift of Ishaq—referred to as the knowledgeable boy in the Qur’an—after he showed willingness to sacrifice Ismaeel, his first born son for the pleasure of Allah SWT. Allah SWT first granted him and his son the honor of rebuilding the Ka’bah and then went on to grant Ibraheem AS another son from whom many more Prophets came. (When they did not eat), He conceived a fear of them. They said, "Fear not," and they gave him glad tidings of a son endowed with knowledge. But his wife came forward (laughing) aloud: she smote her forehead and said: "A barren old woman!" They said, "Even so has thy Lord spoken: and He is full of Wisdom and Knowledge." (51: 28—30) Allah SWT continues this message of His power and strength by mentioning the destroyed nations of the past who didn’t heed the call of the Prophets sent to them and were arrogant over the signs of Allah SWT. Nations like those of Lut, Pharaoh, ‘Ad, Nuh and Thamud who mocked the signs of Allah SWT were ruined and turned into signs for the future generations. (Abraham) said: "And what, O ye Messengers, is your errand (now)?" They said, "We have been sent to a people (deep) in sin;- "To bring on, on them, (a shower of) stones of clay (brimstone), "Marked as from thy Lord for those who trespass beyond bounds." Then We evacuated those of the Believers who were there, But We found not there any just (Muslim) persons except in one house: And We left there a Sign for such as fear the Grievous Penalty. And in Moses (was another Sign): Behold, We sent him to Pharaoh, with authority manifest. But (Pharaoh) turned back with his Chiefs, and said, "A sorcerer, or one possessed!" So We took him and his forces, and threw them into the sea; and his was the blame. And in the 'Ad (people) (was another Sign): Behold, We sent against them the devastating Wind: It left nothing whatever that it came up against, but reduced it to ruin and rottenness. And in the Thamud (was another Sign): Behold, they were told, "Enjoy (your brief day) for a little while!" But they insolently defied the Command of their Lord: So the stunning noise (of an earthquake) seized them, even while they were looking on. Then they could not even stand (on their feet), nor could they help themselves. So were the People of Noah before them for they wickedly transgressed. (51: 31—46) Notice the precise message of the verses: act of disobedience by the people and Allah’s punishment on them. There are no excuses or details involved anymore. At the time this surah was revealed, the believers were severely tortured in Makkah and no door seemed to be open for them to escape from these atrocities. At a time like this, Allah SWT is strengthening their faith by reminding them of what happened to arrogant nations before them and also emphasizing His power and the truth of His promises so as to reaffirm their faith and encourage their patience. Allah SWT is telling us that we need Him and that He SWT doesn’t need us. Allah SWT reminds us of His existence in everything around us, including our own selves and then gives us the following advise/command: Hasten ye then (at once) to Allah.(51:50) He SWT is the one who created us and He knows our weaknesses; one of which is anxiety about provision. He SWT doesn’t want us to be distracted from His message so He assures us that He is the provider and He will provide for us. If you work for Allah, Allah promises to provide for you; at this point, worry for future, disability, lack of education or strength all become meaningless and only the Qudra of Allah SWT remains. Allah SWT relieves the worry of provision from His slaves in the following words: I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. No Sustenance do I require of them, nor do I require that they should feed Me. For Allah is He Who gives (all) Sustenance,- Lord of Power,- Steadfast (for ever). (51: 56—58) This takes us back to the beginning of the surah where Allah SWT proclaimed that He is the All-Powerful and His promises will come to pass. In Surah Adh-Dhariyat Allah SWT invites humanity to His oneness, declares His unlimited and unimaginable abilities, reassures of His sustenance to His slaves and leaves the door of akhirah open to whoever wants to walk through it. And it is among the choicest blessings of Allah on a person to be able to reject duniya (world, this transitory life) with all its temptations and choose akhirah. May Allah allow us to be among these chosen ones and open our hearts and souls to receive the message of Qur’an. Ameen. From here.
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