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Found 1 result

  1. Salam aleykam. MM doesn't have enough threads about zombies. Who gives a crap about boring gender threads and girls who do this and boys who do that, when the zombie apocalypse is upon us? By zombie apocalypse, I'm not referring to the day that the dead rise to eat the living. That doesn't make any sense from an Islamic perspective, although it does make for some awesome movies. However, a zombie apocalypse of the 28 Days Later sort is actually possible, since there's no supernatural element. A rage virus that destroys humanity? I think we've already been infected... So here are some relevant points to consider before delving into the topic of survival in a world of chaos. The December 21st, 2012 obsession is only going to get more intense. Even if absolutely nothing civilization-ending were supposed to occur, global hysteria will have risen so high that people will go nuts trying to save themselves. In this way, the Mayan prediction of the world ending could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the fear of it could drive people to madness, a madness that results in the breakdown of society as we know it. 12/21/2012 and Dajjal: Some years ago I shared an intensely vivid dream with a person of knowledge. The dream was momentous, because a couple of months after I'd had it, the first half of it came true, leaving me to wonder if the dystopic future in the second half of the dream would also come to pass. I'm wary of explaining it in detail, due to internet paranoia... but to summarize, things only got worse for the mozzies in this future, I (along with many others and some people I knew) were put in an internment camp on the west coast, I staged an uprising and we all escaped, and some other stuff. Due to certain details in the dream, the person I spoke to was very interested in it. He told me that many Muslims had been having similar dreams, and amongst the circles of the very pious, there was talk of Dajjal's emergence in the not too distant future. Allah has warned us that the Dajjal will be the biggest fitna the world has ever seen (up til old yuj and majuj arrive…), and such a fitna will change everything. The person I spoke to, way back in 2005, told me that some very knowledgeable Muslims suspected that the Madhi is already alive, (but not yet announced as such), and that the end of the Mayan calendar coincides with either the emergence of Dajjal, or something that happens that makes him emerge. Since last spring, my life has been touched by nearly every fitna possible (as per my gender, race, nationality etc…) including some things that seem impossible. My life has always been chaotic, but the past year it’s been more ridiculous than ever. Fitna, fitna, fitna. The whole world is suffering, and Muslims especially. MM hasn’t even escaped from the fitna. A couple months ago, a conversation with a non-Muslim friend about the apocalypse led me to take another look at the minor and major signs. It had only been about a year since I last looked into it, but since then, more signs have appeared and I’ve understood a sign I never did before: The slave-woman will give birth to her master. I suddenly realized that it must be referring to surrogate pregnancy, when wealthy first-world couples rent the wombs of poor and fertile third-world women (usually in India). The surrogate (or slave-woman) gives no genetic material to the child, only acts as a vessel for gestation and delivery. Upon delivery, the child is taken and given to its parents. Here the slave-woman literally gives birth to her master, the privileged first world child. I literally cried when I realized it, because I felt with certainty that Allah s.w.t. had guided me towards understanding it. Before and during Dajjal’s emergence, there will be three droughts, with the third being so severe that no rain falls for a year (all the animals die during this time and I’m trying to prepare myself for that). I suspect that the drought in Somalia may be the first of the three droughts. Many people are familiar with the hadith where the Prophet s.a.w. points to a distance and tells the sahaba r.a. that soon the people of Iraq will have no food or money because of the Romans (aka, the West). After the Prophet s.a.w. says this, he points to another direction and says the same thing about Syria. It’s easy to put two and two together and get that the terrible bloodshed that has been occurring in Syria will lead to “Western intervention” of a brutal kind. Poor Syria, my eyes fill just thinking about how much more they will suffer. So, I’m pretty sure that life in general is going to get a lot worse for a lot of people, especially Muslims. Now where do zombies come into all of this? I can say with pride that I’ve been a fan of the zombie genre since childhood. I’ve literally been watching zombie movies for over 20 years. My oldest brother was into zombie movies, and my oldest brother is really cool, so I always enjoyed hanging out with him, and my younger brother (who also watched the zombie movies) and I became somewhat obsessed with them. By the time I was 10, I’d already seen every Romero movie and all of the gory Night of the Living Deads from the 80’s, along with documentaries on voodoo zombies. As much as I hate hipsters, I’m happy that one of them decided that zombies were cool, since it really brought the genre into the mainstream. Believe it or not, there was a time when I would start talking about zombies and people would give me weird looks and change the subject. Now, that doesn’t happen as often. The zombie genre can be used to imagine and plan for a dystopic future. Even though most of the characters on the Walking Dead make extremely stupid decisions that infuriate me, watching the show is still enjoyable because it makes me consider how I would fare in such an apocalyptic scenario. Yesterday my friend came over, and her, my husband and I talked about what we would do in the zombie apocalypse. We realized we could have fun working on our weaknesses and improving our strengths if we did so while “planning for the zombie apocalypse”. I’ve taken to thinking that the only way my life makes any sense is if its been a constant string of fitna designed to prepare me for a fitna so great that an ordinary life would leave me helpless to survive. Call it the zombie apocalpyse, or call it Dajjal, shouldn’t we all be preparing ourselves for the possibility of chaos? So, I thought it would be fun to make a thread where we could look at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual weaknesses, and make real-life changes. We could all be assigned duties for what our roles would be in the chaotic scenario. Personally, I think I’m well-suited to be the medicine woman. I’ve been diagnosed with pretty much everything, and I know a lot about medication, both pharmaceutical and natural. I just got Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine, and I’m planning on undertaking a serious study of it, inshAllah. I also have a lot of random information, and while my pop culture facts won’t be of much use during z-day, I know a lot of random stuff that could come in handy. So, what’s your skill? What are you going to do to prepare for the day when all hell breaks loose?
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