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Found 1 result

  1. When I was in undergraduate studies I remember all I wanted was lecture notes. I never read a manual for any of the courses I did and I went to class to listen to the lecturer and copy all them lovely lecture notes that enabled me to never have to read a course manual in my life. But now that the role has changed, I find that students don't want to copy notes (they actually want notes but they don't want to copy them, they want it emailed to them) but the problem with that is that they won't come to class. Now, that would be fine but these guys need the lectures cos they don't understand the material as it is. So if they never come to class they won't learn a thing. They also don't want to sit for double periods and I remember sitting through an entire double on many occassions, a full 1.5 hours. I understand that concentration spans are a problem but they're moaning after 10 minutes. And even with a break they want to leave early. They don't want to do the work assigned for tutorials and basically plagiarise when you give them an assignment. I dunno what to do. The student of today is VERY different to the students that existed during my time. (And I was a lazy student!!!). My supervisor says that students when I was around were still about the same as it was when she was around, but this generation seem to be something else. What I would like is to hear from you guys what you want to get out of a lecture and maybe I can get some ideas that will help me try to reach these kids. What are/were your experiences of lectures and what worked for you?