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Found 3 results

  1. Okay folks, so I think we need a FRESH and current thread to talk about cooking, preparations for cooking and recipes! And to discuss curry methods of course. One thing which really helps me is that about once every two months, I get 15kg of good quality white onions, peel, slice and fry them. Then process them into a paste. Then create individual use portions for freezer bags. This cuts my cooking time by A LOT since so many recipes (even non desi ones like pasta sauce) require fried onions as a base. It also means I'm not using my food processor daily. I do it all in one day and am set to go. In a similar vein- I also get a ton of fresh root ginger and raw garlic. Peel and crush with a little salt and olive oil and put into ice cube trays. This means I can literally pop it into a dish for fresh-tasting flavours without the daily work. I used to find I would avoid putting garlic into dishes which actually needed them because I was too busy/it was too inconvenient peeling and crushing two at a time (getting that raw garlic smell on your fingers too). So what are some of your tips? Best recipes? Special dietary requirements?
  2. salam ladies, So question is, what kinda topics do you think kids should know about? i'm making a non-fiction booklet for the kids, where they analyse/interpret/produce different types of non-fiction texts and my secret agenda is to add in lotsa different topics to encourage them to open their minds/have debates.. Soo..... gimme some ideas? These kids are aged 14-16
  3. Salams Everyone, I grew up on sushi, and before I got married I ate it at least once every week with my family. My husband is allergic to certain seafoods, so I ended up cutting down on sushi so we could both eat together in mutual happiness. A month passed sans sushi (longest I've ever been without sushi in all my life), when all of a sudden I had mild heart palpitations and breathlessness. Everyday I'd feel dizzy and light-headed, and visions of sushi floated in front of my eyes. If I even saw a picture of it, I'd get a little hysterical. One night it became so severe that I had a nightmare where I was crossing the desert and I was dehydrated and dying of hunger because the California rolls that I was trying to hold in my hands kept disappearing. I woke up in a cold sweat and from what my husband tells me, I was saying "I need sushi, I need sushi". I laughed it off in the morning, but that night it became even worse that I told him to go and get me sushi immediately or I wouldn't be able to breathe. :/ He was really concerned, but obviously no restaurants would be open at 3:00AM at night. The next day we went out for sushi, and I felt so RELIEVED. It was like a burden had been taken off my back, and I could breathe and sleep again. This was over two or three weeks ago. I'm pretty fine now, alhamdulillah, but would it be taxing on my body if I fasted from sushi for too long? Is this even normal? Is this sushi withdrawal syndrome? Shrimphead PS: No, these aren't "those" cravings. It's only for sushi, nothing else.
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