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Tulu Vs. oMA

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haha ok i challenge tuluva bhuta to a battle

this one's gonna be direct jabs at eachother, as opposed to both of us writing about a subject.


hmmm i won't put any other rules down. oh and it'll go for two rounds. i'll go first, and tulu can finish off. as for voting, it'll depend on when tulu gets here, but its gonna be a due date, instead of "who gets to # votes first".


and each post has to be exactly 16 lines.


lets get it onnnnn :box:

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alright, I accept, but I may not get back to you today, I have to go to a piano competition. (Feel free to use that as fodder).

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ooh. this should be good

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uhhh i dunno what to do..should i post today or just post tomorrow?

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yea sorry, gimme a few minutes, i just started

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sorry, i just realized i didn't set a limit. lets say 16 lines.

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this clown tulu, used to be a titan

but tonight he'll be blazin once i ignite him

cuz i'm here to put the flame back in this rivalry

i'm sittin here freestylin but ma style ain't for free


charging top dollar for my weakest attempts

ma fans wait outside, camping out in tents

just to see me dish out my rhythmical dents

just to get a glimpse of your rapid descent


sidesteppin your jabs, goin for the knockout

this is gettin intense, i know you're gonna walk out

my spit is like fire, adding fuel to the flames

ma lyrical train got you soiling your Hanes


lyrics that grip skulls more closer than your skin

my mind navigates depth like a sub, yours can't even swim

watch me build my reputation with a passion

son, you deliver rhymes as if they were rationed

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Hey man, you're whiter than me, even though your brown blood is pure

When I take your ass to town, mate, you'll be acting demure

I'll shishkabob your pansy-ass rhymes with my lyrical skewer

Just watch me, yo, I'll make this filthier than a sewer

I ain't gonna "walk out," man, your rhymes are down and out

***** please, you like Linkin Park, we know you've been fishing for brown trout

And man, don't even tell me that's egg white on your chin--

I didn't think you'd be gay enough to go down on Chester Bennington

Hey yo, your accent is weird, and so's that little skeet ass beard

I bring the rips and jibes, man, cause in this forum I'm feared

You want to "meet me in real life?" ****, man, that's so weird

Now in these last four lines, yo, watch me kick it into fifth gear

You call your self "rafey box," does that mean you have lady parts?

Man, now I realize that those weren't real ass farts

So, for all our sakes, man, be discreet when you queef

I don't pay no obeisance to no flag with no maple leaf.


Haha-- jokes guy. Sorry if this is too dirty, mod mems, but it says viewer discretion advised.

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aw man that's it, now its personal, chundra

sh*t i'd make you sweat even in the tundra

ye, call me whitewashed all you want

don't like the way i look? continue to taunt

but the only brown trout i fish for is your sister's

son i know you love me, your lockers full of my pictures

yea you use your imagination when you eat the icing on your poptarts

sayin i got lady parts, when you're the one with baby parts?

my lyrics break a hater's eyesockets, eardrums get torn

as my mind churns out lyrics, and demons are born

ye keep goin with the homo jokes now that it's your turn

i'm unbreakable, you're Columbia the way you crash and burn

yeh, make fun of my beard while you rockin a perm

egg white on my chin? b*tch, you're the one guzzling sperm

heh, don't talk about my flag when yours rocks a bunch of stars

stupid kid, i'll smack you back to tuluva with my bars

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Baby parts? Yeah-- my ****'s like an infant's arm or leg, for sure

You could say that about yourself, if the baby was premature

Yo, I got what it takes, man, my rhymes got allure

Just step in the arena, and I'll sling your ass back to Shikarpur

You don't know if you're from the Sindh, or from a Punjabi pindh

but if you slander my rhyming skills, you know that you've sinned

Insult my kin all you want, but get ready for the riptide

Don't get mad, just because your genitals are on the inside

I'm rockin no perm, man, I would think you would doubt it,

although it looks like it down south, ask your mom about it

Your rhymes are really sub-par, so I guess that you wrote 'em

I figure that you're probably typing with a mouthful of scrotum

You're just like Our Lady Peace, dawg, your rhymes are clumsy

You should bow down before me, you get such inspiration from me

You ain't Superman, but you might as well be dead

I ain't guzzlin' no cum, you're the one giving head.

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