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Sal vs. r-z

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wowrzmdy, stop suckering out on the challenge...who cares about your dignity...its on a frickin website...what dignity do you have...not a lot of people know you anyways...i think your scared...stop being a fun-sucker...Sal is jus trying to spice the freestyles up...like old days...ppl like you ruin fun...


Barely intelligible, from the man himself, delivered straight to you

I hope something written at your level might help you face the truth

The basic rules: talk **** then prepare for the fight

Not run off, not pussy out, not declare it a night

You scared at the sight of true emcees, I see through

That twinkle in your eye, you ain't built for beef, boo

You got some serious issues, I'll even offer to solve them

Hell why don't we start with your childhood problems

No friends growing up, all the others ignored you?

Who's the class act that didn't let your mother abort you?

Must have hated your life, biding your time, waiting to die

Prayed to the sky every night, now God's on your side?

Not today, sorry man you left your camel untied

And decided to take it upon yourself to incite

One of the greatest, one of the dangerous, one of the sages

Happy to leave you with a fragment in one of your cages

Mix a thug with temptation, that's a winning equation

In perpetual motion because sinning's contagious

It's in my blood to strike, so why you think that I'm beefing?

And if I ain't come to fight I'm still sinking my teeth in

It's too late for peace talks, the damage is already done

Meanwhile your dumbass saying:




I think I already won!

Nah ******, you better check yourself before you assume

Before you resume reopening the door to your tomb

It's time for you to man up, it's time to pick up the slack

It's time to not weasel out and slip through the cracks

Let's skip to the past, remember the first time we talked?

The first time you got called out, and the first time you walked?

Tail between your legs, hesitant to debate

Hypocritical statements, a testament to your trait

I left it at that, I'll give the benefit of the doubt

But next time you slip up I'm stomping you out



Rules to abide by:


1 - Not too much profanity


I mostly keep to the rules, so you got no basis to edit me

Well until I call you a ***** to your face unregrettably

This time my kicks ain't clean like I'm sitting in mud socks

And I come packing punches like there's fists in my lunchbox

For r-z, you'll be hardly missed in the threads

Big mouth, off beat and thick in the head

Listen instead of trying to dismiss what I said

And banning whoever makes you reach for the tissues again

Reminisce for a sec, b_blah paid the price for what?

Constructive criticism, explaining that you whine too much

That's a ***** move, something a homo mod would do

I guess when it comes to that gay ish, I'd expect a lot from you

So now I'ma put all my chips in your slaughter pool

You signed the death wish, blood's thicker than water fool

But let's look at it from your perspective, put myself in your shoes

Into your mind's views, into women's size two's

I'm sorry, I guess I didn't realize he hurt your feelings so bad

So I'll give you a crash course in nurtured healing for fags

It's simple, grow yourself a backbone and why not a pair too

Then make sure the wind doesn't ruin your hair-do



oh shut your foul mouthed so-called free styling mouth.

You are amateurish at best.


And you have lost even before me writing a single line. Stop being a foul loser.


Amateurish at best? Son you better purchase a vest

Verses of text tear straight through your purse and your chest

Cause you can't flow like the boss, or get the crowd on your side

Thousands have tried and, to date, every coward has died

If you ain't talking proper to me, you'll get properly beat

Cause by the time I run out of curtains, the rugs are probably clean

No need to pinch yourself if you think this a dream

I'll reach through the monitor and smack your face in the screen

And now the only one to blame for all the damage you caused

Is you, so just shut the **** up and manage your loss

But you'll find I'm a nice guy, this can still be easily solved

Undo what's been done and apologize to both parties involved

Cause I can be your best friend or your worst nemesis

A pacifist philanthropist, and a hurt-supremacist

The hearse's edifice, with personal prejudice

The first intelligent verse with emphasis

On life as a whole, cash money hoes

A half empty soul, I'm a thirsty pessimist



ok this is going no where.


I'm not playing around, I'm just conversating about

How you can't keep hiding behind your moderator account

I can drop a targeted rap and not endanger the crowd

Wipe the floor with or without cooperation allowed

I'm just airing you out and I'm hoping the time's right

I'll be back maybe tomorrow if you still haven't opened your eyesight

After 84 bars, homie I've stolen the limelight

Just don't bother dropping a rap that don't even rhyme right

Trash your illiteration, put it with the rest of the prose

Back hand your girl, put her with the rest of the hoes

Catch me on CNN, AK'd up with Westerners posed

I'm not just better than most, I'm the best of the pros

Go back and actually read this if you question my flow

But make it quick, before some dumb ***** edits my post

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touché tummyfish, nicely done

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^what are you doing here?

not spamming or being gay

unfortunately the same cannot ever be said of you

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This time my kicks ain't clean like I'm sitting in mud socks

And I come packing punches like there's fists in my lunchbox


:thumbup: This simile made me smile.

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hmmm...good stuff have2admit^

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umm I don't get it....is that some kinda rap song?!

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no, it's prose which just happens to rhyme

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