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Dont Die without HER

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I found this poem very touching, thought i'd share it with the rest of you :)





Source : http://the-deen.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9303#9303


Don't Die Without Her

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Merciful.



Have you heard about the love story


Between the Muslim man and HER ?


She accompanied him all the way to Glory;


Many ups and downs, yet they were together.


His life for her was an easy and desired sacrifice.


She was so invaluable, she had no price.


For him she was the greatest of God-send gifts.


In gratefulness he daily prays and his hands he lifts.


Many have tried to steal her and snatch her from him.


Yet he managed with much pain to save her for all for him.


Often, when he faults, she rebukes him for not being faithful,


For deserving to be punished, just to make him more mindful.


Have you heard about the love story


Between the Muslim man and HER ?


She accompanied him all the way to Glory;


At times happy at times sad, yet they were together.


Finally, Death knocked at his door, asking for his departure


From this ephemeral world, bond to an eternal adventure.


Towards the dark and fearful grave he had to transit at once.


Far from this world and all he had, far from his dear ones.


O my respected father, may I request your company,


To guide and reassure me on such a difficlt journey ?


To construct your world my son, I have toiled night and day,


My mission stops here, you have now to go your own way !


O loving and caring mother, will you come with me ?


How can you let me go away alone, won't you miss me ?


Son, I gave you birth, and for you dedicated my life, pain after pain


I wish to come with you, if only I could, but I fear it will be in vain !


Through ups and downs you have been my partner, O faithful wife.


Won't you be faithful another time, and come along, down to that other life ?


That is but the unshakable course of destiny, O my beloved husband,


My responsibility is not yet withdrawn, I have yet other things at hand !



O my wealth, I amassed you for a whole life, day after day, piece by piece.


Come with me dear down there, and buy me some precious peace.


Are you foolish enough, O mam, to trust me ? Don't you see how I lead astray ?


Farewell from far ! I have other hearts to conquer and still others to betray !



Sons, relatives, friends, to all he turned, and their company he did request,


None could accompany the poor man, even if in convincing them he tried his best.


Wait !!! There is one here who willingly came with him, as faithful as ever,


It was HER, smiling and comforting him, saying she will save him forever.


Have you heard about the love story


Between the Muslim man and HER ?


She accompanied him all the way to Glory ;


Even after his death, they were together.


She brought along with her in the tomb lots of presents,


Useful and strong weapons against the grave's torments.


But for his sins he had to pay; many of his duties he had neglected in mirth.


He finally had to burn in hellfire, for God's wrath he had attired on earth.


Humiliated and distressed, he was thrown in blazing fire.


For years immemorial he had flames as abode, and God's ire.


And guess whom he had as company ? It was still HER "


"Why are you here ?", he asked. I don't find this place for you proper.


How can I leave you alone and distressed, O faithful Muslim,


When you never left my company, even when life was dim ?


For me you struggled night and day, be it against yourself.


You got hurt and wounded, just to kill of yours that evil self.


I have been the bridge between you and your Lord,


And a means to offer for His sake all you can afford.


If I leave you here, while hell will forever chastise,


Then who will make you taste the bliss of paradise ?


The man was finally graced and purified for eternity


Only because he was in such an auspicious company.


He was blessed by the satisfaction of the Most Clement;


And forever he lived in paradise, in unimaginable merriment.


Have you heard about the love story


Between the Muslim man and HER ?


She accompanied him alll the way to Glory;


He went to paradise only because they were together.


SHE is only means to paradise, so look for the charms.


Keep her company always, and make sure you die in her arms


You ask who she is, and where you can find HER ?


'Eemaan' she is called, FAITH. Don't die without HER !

Author: Unknown

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gorjus poem!^^

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ok seriously


little too strong of a response, Why did it have to be a woman, or feminine? HER, unless I really missed something. Usually it's symbolism for lust that men have or some sort of desire. But placing a gender on faith and surrounding the message with it pointlessly just covered up the real point. If you could replace the wife with HER and have her trying to help and have the rest that he asks for as the world(mom could be wealth(family line passed), friends could be status(represent how they fit in society), son could be power(given authority and respect by relationship son doesn't chose)) It would give it better story placement and the characters could be meaningful.

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