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Came across a video on how to kill German roaches.


"Meanwhile in Germany, how to kill Jewish roaches." :lol:


Related video on how to get rid of roaches.



step 1 raise foot and place over roach

step 2 drop foot with excessive force

step 3 twist foot left and right

step 4 repeat as neccisary

" :lol::fear:



i put a spider in my room

:D it kills some of the roaches but idk kuz the spiders like right across my bed and its scary so i cary axe with me wen i sleep

" :lol:



I have only one skinny spider in my room but the poor guy can't do all the job by himself :-/

" rofl



step on them

if that doesnt work

use flamethrower"


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^lol yeah that last one did crack me up but I did it silently :ph34r:


Han Solo is from Star Wars. The reference is that the girl looks like Jabba The Hutt who had a bounty on Han Solo who was put into carbonite when he was caught. Or something like that. (Been a while since I've seen Star Wars).


This is Jabba, well part of him, Jabba was a pretty big guy:


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