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Sal vs. B3L13V3R

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If Sal didn't have punchlines, you'd still get your ass hustled and wrecked

Cause I'd be dropping my punches with brass knuckles instead

You don't wanna have your first and last tussle with death

Or get thrown in the trunk in a black duffle turned red

Or get cut up in the cyphe, so just give up on your life

I break all expectations, I don't just live up to the hype

That's why most people down with Sal now, a pro bono fad

And whoever ain't can kiss my ass, no homo, fag

Cause the most they can do is just hope to get rid of me

But my d(awesomeness)/dt approaches infinity

Which means it increases from letter to letter

So how could I ever fall off? I just get better and better

My flow unrelentless, ain't no one can end it

Hosted an open mic night and no one attended

Cause beating me is long and hard, and that's no pun intended

Now you better take notes cause no one ever came close

And if you wondering why most of the time I ain't post

It's cause time is money and *****es like you waste both

But I drop lines as a reminder every now and again

That this ain't even a battle, it's just Sal FTW

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the main man sal actualy put a post up to have a battle online

his repertoire keeps getting bigger

firstly a homo and now also a clown

it took him a week to come up with that rhyme

psyching himself up to get in the frame of mind

boosting his shattered ego with asslickers he pays with bj's

they take good care for him in return like everydays his birthday

abused as a kid so he nows needs reassurance

opening his mouth because he cant deal with silence

remeber these lyrics

Those who know don't talk.and those who talk don't know a thing

thats true lyrics not them half baked limericks

put your hands up and admit your a goner

you've lost your way and your escape is humour

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Sals lyrics were sik still........


but eh the other brotha's not comin at him with the metaphors it's more real


and as for MEMZ kissing major bumcheeks...SHUHHHHHHH YAA MOUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you bumlicker


sal dissed you silly bak in the days...SO DID I !! DONT MAKE ME POST THAT AUDIO MERKAGE I DID FOR U ..WASTEMAN



anyways big up both of them and people stop suckin next mans gluteus cuz u dont want him to gunn you *CoughMEMZcough*

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