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Summer where you at?


The Megan thing is weird. I feel like something is missing there. She seems too okay/ happy. I get that it could be her own response to PTSD and what not but ten years of abduction, which at the beginning at the very least should have been really hectic and she sleeps easy or they show her to sleep easy? I suppose more will come out as the season progresses. So great to finally see Meredith doing something. They put her on the back burner (surgery wise) for so long. Alex and Jo, ugh I can't say anything else there. I hate them as a couple and I feel that Alex deserves so much better than Jo. She is annoying and whiny and everything is about her. The Maggie/ Jackson thing is just gross and annoying. And now Amelia has a tumour (which I assume only she would be able to successfully remove) and I suppose they are going to use the tumour as the reason for her behaviour in the last few weeks which is such a damn copout. Amelia needs to take responsibility for her decisions. She very rarely does and expects people to feel sorry for her more often than not. Yes, I know her father was killed in front of her and that was traumatising which led to the spiral with drugs but she didn't have a ♥♥♥♥ty upbringing either. She needs to be held accountable for actions towards Owen and how she has treated him. God, I miss Christina. At least there she never led him on and then changed her mind, she was at the outset clear and honest with him. I'm not saying can't change her mind, but if she just spoke to Owen and told him what was going on I think he would understand and they could work on it but simply saying I don't want kids anymore is just BS. Also, why the hell is there no brown doctor still? I see the hijabi pops up here and there but still no brown doctor?


How to Get Away With Murder:

looks like it will be an interesting season. I like how they do the time lapses and go back and forth. I wonder how Laurel found out her father killed Wes though.

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Finished Stranger things 2. 

It's like you're in another world when you watch it. It was set in the 1980s so that adds to the vibe.

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