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So, we really need to Investigate Islam

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Well howdee doodle dandy- what have we got here?


I trust brothers and sisters you remember Zilam? That fun loving guy- he was SO cool infact that he would say 'salam' and end his sentences with 'insha'Allah'-? Well our forum friend is championing other causes since he abandoned (did he jump or was he pushed?! :o) our humble little home here.


Namely, all he wants to do is to take up his "duty to fight satan and expose his lies and Islam is one of the biggest ,fattest lies satan ever made. " and it comes in the form of the 'Truth about Islam'- www.investigateislam.com where we can treat ourselves to 'proof' of the sexual perversions of 'Muhammad' (salAllahu alayhi wa salam- he is saved from their slander) and my newbie favourite: 10 Reasons Why Islam is Not from God. (Abridged here for readability)


Reason #1:

Islam cannot be from God because the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, did not pass God's first test for a prophet. Deuteronomy 18:21-22 tells us that God will authenticate those He sends as a prophet by having them perform signs. Muhammad gave no sign as required by God.


Reason #2:

Islam cannot be from God because Muhammad's teaching does not pass the second test God gave for a prophet. Deuteronomy 13:1-4 tells us that no prophet will bring a revelation that is in conflict with previous revelation. His revelation must agree with the previous revelation of God. Deuteronomy 13:1-4


What a contrast. Jesus says to love, forgive, and pray for your enemies. The Qur’an says to kill them. If that isn’t a different doctrine than what was revealed, nothing is.


Reason #3:

Islam cannot be from God because it denies the Godhood of Jesus. In the Qur’an, Muhammad takes great pains to deny the deity of Jesus. It demeans Jesus and makes him just a man. In Philippians, Paul asserts that Jesus existed in the form of God.


Reason #4:

Islam cannot be from God because Muhammad frequently changed his revelations to suit circumstances. The classic example is Muhammad’s teaching on drinking. When he was just beginning to teach, before Muhammad gained a significant following he said that it was alright to drink.


As his power base grew, he presented a stronger position. It was not acceptable to have had any intoxicants close enough to prayers to fog the mind.


When his position was strongly established, he forbade the use of intoxicants entirely.

His final revelation calls the use of intoxicants "Satan’s handiwork." This puts him in the awkward position of having had Allah approve of "Satan’s Handiwork’ when he said that there was "some profit for men" in the use of intoxicants.


Does God vacillate on sin?


Reason #5:

Islam cannot be from God because its appeal is to man's lower nature rather than his higher nature. Compare the Biblical appeal of heaven to the Quranic appeal of heaven. The Qur'an makes a large portion of its appeal to the fleshly appetites and sensibilities of man.

Which makes its appeal to the higher nature of man? The Bible does.


Which is more likely to be from God - that which appeals to man’s higher nature, or that which appeals to his baser nature? The Bible is more likely to be from God than the Qur'an because its appeal is to man’s higher nature, while the appeal of the Qur'an is to man’s lower nature.


Reason #6:

Islam cannot be from God because its morality is inferior to the morality taught by the New Testament. In examining the contradictions between the Bible and the Qur’an, we encountered Jesus’ teaching that we were to love and pray for our enemies while the Qur’an says to fight and kill your enemies. There is a tremendous gap in the standard of morality between the two standards. Which is more likely to be from God, the high standard of morality, or the low standard of morality?


Reason #7:

Islam cannot be from God because it is based upon a document, the Qur'an, made after God said revelation was finished.


Reason #8:

Islam cannot be from God because it is based upon the Qur'an which has internal contradictions. Any revelation from God will be consistent within itself. It will not contain internal contradictions. Since the Qur’an does contain internal contradictions, it cannot be from God, and any religion that is based upon it is not from God.


These are internal contradictions that indicate the origin of the Qur’an was not the mind of God, but the mind of man, Muhammad.


Reason #9:

Islam cannot be from God because the Qur'an frequently contradicts the Bible.


The Qur’an advocates the beating of wives who are perceived to be misbehaving. The Bible teaches that man is to love his wife and treat her as his own body.


Surely God will not change his mind about such a significant principle in husband and wife relationships. The Quranic ideal is contrary to the teaching of the New Testament.


Reason #10:

Islam cannot be from God because it denies the crucifixion of Jesus.







Okay, I write all this not to begin a crusade/hate campaign against Zilam- infact, in all the ways that matter, this thread is nothing to do with Zilam whatsoever though it bears his name. What he stood for is merely symptomatic of the kind of deception and slander which commonly masquerades under the guise of 'Christian Outreach' (their version of dawah). It doesn't take anyone particularly worldly or well-cultured to know that missionary/evangelical tactics of 'conversion' lie- for the most part- in emotionalism and playing in insecurity and vulnerability. They do not have an understanding of God that makes sense to man's logic or reason- they rely on analogies (egg? water/ice/steam?) and the 'it's a beautiful mystery, we will never understand' in order to buy people over.


Tawheed eliminates all of this. Islam is the only religion which comes with uncorrupted, pure, rational Tawheed.


From somebody who was well recieved, well liked, and WELL DEFENDED when the heat turned up- the insincerity of this individual has exposed itself as Allah (swt) promises that He is the best of planners no matter what they plot and plan. The site bears the beautiful artwork of the Qur'an as it's head banner, yet has pages and pages of ugliness mostly centred around direct and shameless slander on Rasulullah (sal Allahu alayhi wa salam).


Safeguard your Islam brothers and sisters- I swear by Allah I'm not speaking from paranoia or 'overkill' here- I've had personal (and disgusting) experiences with those who try to spread their falsehood through such covert and underhand means. There is no frank and open debate- there is just psychological warfare preying on the minds of the those weak(er) in faith- whether it comes in the form of our 'fun loving guy' Zilam or open hate like extreme right-wing facist groups- it's all the same. Just as the solution is all the same- learn your deen and start at the roots. Learn about your Creator, learn His Names, Attributes, His Rights over you, and your rights over Him (and whether you even HAVE rights over Him :P), then learn about your Rasul- what he bought, how he bought it and why he is the most person whose love is most deserved from all of creation.


They desire to extinguish Allah's Light with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His Light, though the unbelievers hate it. He sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth to exalt it over every other religion, though the idolaters hate it. (Surat as-Saff: 8-9)


My apologies for the length.

I love you all fee sabeelillah.








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Wait so did Zilam actually make that site or contribute any sort of written article or piece that you're linking us to?

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You know what is so sad?

The fact that they have to deceive people to get them interested in their faith. With the deceptive title and Islamic imagery in the background to make people think that they are looking at an islamic website.


So pathetic and disrespectful! At least we dont have to go through such incredibly lowly and self-derogatory means to preach our faith.

I thank Allah all mighty for making me a part of a religion that preaches tolerance and respect for other religions, and the fact that we don't need to hide our true intentions when we spread our message.


And Im not saying all Christians are like that, not at all...many Christians I know are true advocates of their religion and do not partake in such disgusting affairs.

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There was this excellent, excellent little speach/lecture/talk thing by Abdul Raheem Green today on PeaceTV and he made is crystal clear using logic to show that Islam is the only Religion that believes in One God, and that can be the only truth.


I feel sorry for the people who reject the truth, man what are they going to say judgement day, standing before Allah.

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I was watching a talk by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat yesterday on peace channel on this very subject of how christians repute islam. Ill try and find that talk online and post it here insha'Allah.


EDIT: if you youtube ahmed deedat, some very interesting videos come up.

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I dont get it, where does zilam fit into all of this? :unsure:

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No he didn't, he just advocated it. I think Zimi's trying to show that it shows a double persona on his part. One of respect to our faith, and one of complete disparaging.

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I cant believe that site..

who actually does this.. i went to


the Muhammed tab > about muhammed > when prophet married aisha/ and then all the other ones.

and omg..



who goes so deep to spread hate on us..


made me cry..


May Allah guide us all and help those who do this...


i cant help but feel anger..


i love being a muslim...


and sis.. how did you find out that zilam advocate the site?



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