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because Marriage is the Muslim's favorite topic


yeah... i've always wondered why. and i think it's because we can't date. so yeah. lol. but it gets annoying pretty fast.

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What age would you marry at?

Would you marry....? (older or younger than you?)

Youth and Marriage

Young Old Marriages


Arranged/Love Marriages:

arranged/"love" marriage

Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage.




7-year marriage?

Divorce in Egypt every six minutes

"I Married A Total Stranger"

Man to marry robot?!

Never showed her face in 30 years off marriage


Dating/Gay Marriage:

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society


gay marriage

Girlfriend + Boyfriend= marriage?!


Interracial/Intercaste Marriages:

India in low caste marriage plan

Intercultural/interracial marriage-Barrier or Bridge?

Interracial Marriages

Marriage-marrying someone of another race/culture

Muslims for interracial/intercultural marriage


Islamic Marriage Questions:

2 Women witnesses=1 Male witness?

"A woman is like a private part "

"Man can marry four - why women can`t marry four?"

Marriage of The Prophet (SAW) and A'isha (RA)

Marriage without Consumation

Meaning of this hadith please someone?

Muslim women marrying Non-Muslims

Was Aysha's (ra) young age of marriage a problem?

Who has more rights over a man?


Marriages Jokes:

marriage jokes


Marriage search jokes


Marriage Tips/Information/Guides:

10 Tips on How to Be a Successful Husband

10 Tips to be a Successful Husband

An Observation on Marriage

Choosing A Good Spouse in Marriage

Marriage for Mu'mins

Marriage helps depression

Muslim women marrying Non-Muslims

Privacy in marriage

preparing oneself for marriage

Questions for your Pot. Spouse

Questions to ask before getting married

Responsibilities within Marriage

Recipe for a Successful Marriage

rights in marriage for women

The Marriage Process in Islam...

The Muslim Marriage Guide

The purpose of marriage...


Polls (and things similar to polls):

About marriage...

Are Muslim matrimonial sites successful?

Poll: Beating wives?

Poll: Commitment

Poll: Cousin marriages

An inter-faith marriage question

marry me and i'll sponsor you?

Poll: MMMatrimonial Services Poll

Poll: religious differences and marriage

Would you marry a sister in nikab or a guy with a beard?



4 wives?

Is it permissible to marry more than one woman?

more woman then men- mistress or wife

***NEW BOOK***Polygynous Blessings: Musings of a Muslim Wife***

Polygyny Help Requested (Closed)

Prophet's wives....why so many when qur'an says...



Temporary marriage:

Act I(Closed)

Act II(Closed)




Being single

How far can love go?


Marriage =]

Not marrying

parents and marriage

The Wedding Thread

Where in the world, are the Muslim youth getting their ideals about love, marriage and family?

Yet another marriage thread.


Might a mod please update? This idea was totally awesome. I'll help search, if you want.

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Article By Samantha Siddiqui: 7 Etiquettes of Seeking a Spouse: An Islamic Perspective



Eek I could never get married if this were how I'd have to do it. How can you possibly actually know someone based on 'businesslike meetings and being direct'. There's more than just meeting a checklist of things; there's also just plain getting along and enjoying each other... no? There's a middle ground between going full on dating vs. doing it how they do 'back home'. But to each their own.

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