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Rules of Islamic Books/Lectures Summary & Review Section

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I put up this section in hopes of getting a deeper discussion going of books and lectures. Lately people are just posting random links or whatever with little to no discussion.


A semi-okay example of a lecture discussion: I started one up for a lecture by Imam Zaid here: Rise and Fall of the Ummah. (will be finished in summer inshAllah)


A semi-okay example of a book discussion: Standing Alone in Mecca


In both cases I didn't really do much discussion but there are proper summaries and enough triggers to ripen proper discussion which is the main idea for the section. If you are going to open a thread on a book then you must:


1) Include a picture of the book cover OR lecture series cover is possible.


2) Provide a link where book or lecture series can be purchased.


3) Provide a summary in the first post OR chapter summaries and commentaries in subsequent posts.


4) Foster discussion


I hope this can get the section revived again inshAllah B)

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